Abandoned military installations. Original places for exotic tourism

Exotic tourism is now in unprecedented demand. For modern travelers, beaches at the end of the world and outlandish architectural buildings have long become boring; they crave new, unusual sensations and acquaintance with secrets. For this reason, more and more people choose original tours, visit ruined castles, abandoned military installations and various mystical places. What is interesting in them, and why are they so attracting more and more new guests?

From the past to the present

There are abandoned military facilities in every country, in Russia there are a great many of them. The legacy of the military power of the Soviet Union in the modern state turned out to be of little demand and quickly fell into decay. Today, entire cities and military garrisons remain open only to rain and wind, collapsing more and more from year to year. Most of the facilities were frozen during the reconstruction period, however, some of them were abandoned much later. Many objects have received the right to a second life, and in place of the forgotten ruins, real museums are organized, which lovers of extreme sensations can visit.

abandoned military installations

Garrison near Fedorovka

Abandoned military facilities near Moscow are visited by tourists of the new generation most often. Some of them have existed for several decades, others have appeared recently. One of these new facilities is a town located just 100 kilometers from Moscow. To get into it you have to withstand a path of 100 kilometers along the Volokolamsk highway. This closed military unit was created near the village of Fedorovka for the needs of a missile-launch complex. With the greatest desire, you will not be able to find it on any cards. The city has a small size and consists of almost collapsed five-story houses, which previously lived in the military. In addition to them in the settlement there are household and administrative buildings. The military city was abandoned in 2005 for unknown reasons and is relatively well preserved.

abandoned military installations photo

Submarine Base in Balaclava

Some abandoned military installations on the territory of the former Soviet Union deserve increased attention. A truly special is the abandoned submarine base in the Crimean city of Balaklava. On its territory, the repair of submarines, as well as the storage of significant stockpiles of weapons. The base was a powerful, fortified complex, which could withstand almost any military operations, withstand massive bombing and the use of nuclear weapons. In 1993, the sensitive facility was completely abandoned. Hundreds of thrill-seekers rushed to where previously only professional military men could be. Since 2003, the ruins testifying to its former power have been turned into a huge museum, accessible for visiting everyone.

abandoned military installations near Moscow

Abandoned military installations, photos of which are often found in sources, are rarely provided with a description. The thing is that to determine their true purpose is sometimes almost impossible. One of such bases is an abandoned part on the Kaluga highway near the village of Voronovo. The object is located in a quiet and picturesque place, which is not at all easy to reach, there are no good roads and clear signs. The bunker is located in the overgrown pit, so it does not immediately become noticeable. The ruins of buildings are overgrown with strong trees, and in the spring and summer they are almost buried in greenery. On the military territory there are mines, residential barracks, electrical substations. There is no exact information about why this bunker was created. Near the facility, many years ago, there were railroad tracks, which are now in complete disrepair.

abandoned military installations in Belarus

Military power amid wildlife

Abandoned military installations can look intimidating and picturesque at the same time. A striking example of this phenomenon is the abandoned hangar of one of the anti-aircraft missile systems. It is located almost at the intersection of the Minsk highway and the Bolshoi Moscow Ring, away from the busy highway. The hangar, walled into the hill, can be seen only when approaching, from the side it stands out little against the background of an endless field drowning in greenery. In summer, it is completely overgrown with grass and bright flowers. Inside, the hangar is completely empty, and something already does not remind of its former power. There are a lot of similar objects around the perimeter of the Big Moscow Ring and they are all surprisingly similar to each other. Unfortunately, every year their number is growing more and more.

Military installations in Belarus

Abandoned military installations in Belarus are also found at every turn. The most famous is the union of several dozen towers that rise into the sky to a height of about 350 meters. Climbing them is not an easy task, only desperate and physically hardy people who are not afraid of the wind, constant movement and solid height can decide on it. Climbing one of the towers can take at least 2 hours, but it's worth it. The view of the surroundings opens for many kilometers.

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