Finish gel for nails: types, characteristics, manufacturers, instructions for use, application technique and drying time

At the moment, there are a large number of tools that allow you to create a durable and beautiful manicure. To keep it as long as possible, you should use a gel polish finish. It is the means by which to complete the creation of manicure. For a firm grip between the varnish and the nail, UV rays should be used. For these purposes, a special lamp is sold.

gel polish finish

What is a finishing gel?

As already mentioned, a similar gel is used to complete the nail extension procedure. It is necessary in order to secure the nails as much as possible. The main advantage of this tool is to increase the service life of the created nail and fix the design on it. In addition, the gel gives shine.

Topcoat is used both with acrylic and gel extensions. When using it, you do not need to polish the nail, and there is no need to apply a fixative. Often it is used as a basis.

Gel buildup is biphasic, three-phase and single-phase. At the first stage, the material is hitched with the nail. On the second, it is shaped. In the third stage, the nail is fixed, and he will have to shine. In all phases, the finish gel takes an active part.

To choose the right varnish, you should take the choice responsibly. If the gel is of poor quality, it will only ruin the work of the mater. The nails will glow yellow and will not look neat. Also, poor-quality gel can lead to nails cracking and breaking off. It is important to use only varnishes from trusted brands.

What are gels?

Gels may or may not have a sticky layer. Some models give a glossy glow, others - matte. As a rule, masters prefer to use those gels that do not have a sticky layer. They are easy to use, they are liquid. Freezes the applied layer in 2-3 minutes. Also, you do not have to remove the sticky layer. Before applying it, you do not need to degrease the nail. Over time, a yellow tint will not appear.

It is necessary to take into account the nuance that if 30% of the nail or more occupies a drawing, then you can not do without the gel gel without a sticky layer. To fix the design, it is better to use a transparent varnish. Some mothers recommend taking a finish with a sticky surface. If you skip this step, the pattern will quickly become cracked.

If the mater uses a gel with a sticky layer, then you can remove it only after the nail has cooled down. Then the pattern will shine. In addition, this approach provides resistance to mechanical damage. So that there are no spots on the coating, you need to buy only high-quality gels.

Gels also have varieties. If the sticky layer is thick, then the varnish has a viscous consistency. The drying process in the lamp takes less than two minutes. Often, such a gel is used in order to fix defects in nails.

Matte finish gel should be applied in two layers. Each is dried for at least 2-3 minutes. Use it when working with acrylic, and gel, gel polish. The mother-of-pearl version has interspersed in various colors (gold, silver, blue and so on). Separate topcoats are available for gel polishes. They have a sticky layer. They give extra strength.

nail gel finish

What are top gels used for?

Top-finish for gel polish is used quite often. It allows not only to make the nail more durable, but also adds gloss. The top is applied in a thick layer, in contrast to the base coat or regular gel polish. To dry a nail in a UV lamp, you should spend about 3 minutes. In the LED lamp 30 seconds are enough. If the finish is improperly dried, then after a while the nail will lose its luster and spots will appear. After drying, remove the sticky layer.

matte finish gel

Best gels

Now there are a huge number of coatings. Many masters are confused and can not pick up good options for the finish gel for nails.

Of the inexpensive coatings, Irisk should be noted. Such a top does not have a sticky layer. It protects against cracking and chipping. Great reviews are received from Kodi gels. Use them for both acrylic and gel nails. Shine and long term wear of nails provides gel from EzFlow. It can be used not only when working with gel and acrylic, but also with fiber-glass technology. Sustainability can be achieved with a Lightbox top. It gives shine and does not leave a sticky layer. Planet Nails gels are popular due to the fact that they do not turn yellow, perfectly seal the material, create gloss and provide excellent adhesion to the material.

Separately, you need to highlight the finishing gel from Avon. This coating can be used without a base and fixative. You can dry it without an ultraviolet lamp. The manufacturer assures that the varnish will last for a long time and will help if the girl has brittle and thinned nails.

Masters advise to purchase products only from trusted companies, especially since it is not worth buying spill gels. Thanks to the glossy and matte finish gel, you can increase the resistance of nails up to 2 weeks.

Finish gel

Finishing gel is cracking: because of what?

Such a problem is not uncommon; even competent and professional craftsmen face it. Cracks can occur when the coating is poorly dried. Check the condition of the lamp. Sometimes the cause of this effect may be the application of too thick a layer of gel. You need to try using a thinner coating.

Many cheap gels crack, turn yellow. This spoils the look of the manicure. If the bubble is open, dust or any foreign particles could get into it. After drying, they give a negative effect and violate the integrity. It’s best not to use damaged gel anymore, but to buy a new one.

top finish for gel polish

Application Technique

When applying the finish layer, you must carefully cover the entire painted surface. Do not forget about the ends. If they are not processed, then after a while in these places the gel will begin to exfoliate. Topcoat must be completely airtight.

If the gel is with a sticky layer, it must be removed, otherwise the nails will be covered with dust. Wash either with a lint-free cloth soaked in a special liquid or with a degreaser. Some of the options available are designed to remove the dispersion layer.


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