Cash registers "Barcode-M": instruction, photo

Shtrikh-M cash registers are in demand among private entrepreneurs and domestic companies, which, according to the law, must use cash registers (KKT) in their activities. The device in question provides the recording and storage of the necessary information in the storage units. Further, the information is transmitted to the territorial tax service at the place of work through the fiscal report operator.

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How to turn on the cash register "Barcode-M"?

The first models of equipment of this brand are connected as follows:

  • First they go into the PC system under the administrator account, install the device driver according to the tips.
  • Connect the device to a laptop or computer via a USB connector.
  • After installing the driver, they activate the test application as administrator.
  • In the settings menu indicate the necessary parameters. Sometimes it is necessary to turn on the hardware search first, and then install the additional driver and find out on which port the device is located.
  • Then they go to the table, where they select “1” in “Network Interfaces”, and then the “Barcode-M” cash register is rebooted.
  • Open the network connection section.
  • An adapter of type RNDIS is configured according to the recommended parameters.
  • To enable data transfer to the server of the fiscal operator, a checkmark is placed in front of the corresponding inscription.
  • Indicate in the appropriate section the name of the fiscal operator and its TIN.
  • Using installer hints, note the Subtotal application.
  • In the downloaded material, open the settings menu and go to the "KKM" section.
  • At the next stage, the fiscal registrar is connected , the Subtotal login and password and the outlet are indicated.
  • At the finishing stage, the driver of the cash register “Barcode-M” must be noted, payment codes (0 and 1), click on the settings icon (blue gear), enter all the parameters.
  • Pressing the “Finish” and “OK” buttons confirms the entered data, after which the device restarts and is ready to work.

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Cash registers "Barcode-M" are available in several variations, we will consider each of them in more detail, the review will begin with the Online model. The device includes:

  • RS-32 module.
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi unit.
  • 3G
  • Host USB.

This type of cash register works with a USB flash drive. Power is supplied by the built-in battery with a rated voltage of 7.4 V and a capacity of 1.4 A / h. Additional recharging is carried out using the adapter. About 500 checks can be printed in one charge cycle.


This version of the cash register "Barcode-M" belongs to the category of budget accounting equipment. The device operates using a check tape, the width of which is 57 mm. Connection - USB / RS. The model is suitable for objects with low or medium load. The average price is 26-28 thousand rubles.


This modification is rightly ranked as a serious cash register equipment, aggregates with a tape width of 80 mm. The device is characterized by the presence of a thermal head, which has increased resistance to wear. The unit is connected to choose via USB or RS. Price range - from 26 to 30 thousand rubles.


The tape barcode "Barcode-M" of this modification has a width of 57 mm. The device is reliable, has a high-quality assembly, and is suitable for use in stores and other retail outlets with an average load. The unit is connected traditionally in two ways - via RS or USB. The cost of the device varies within 35 thousand rubles.

how to turn on the cash register bar m

Light 01F

Cash register equipment of the type "Barcode-01F" is operated by companies and individual entrepreneurs only if a special fiscal drive is present in the case. This modification can be used without problems in regions remote from communication networks. Such an opportunity is regulated by relevant standards and criteria established by representatives of federal authorities. The main difference between the device is the ability to function offline.


The cash register "Shtrikh-M", the photo of which is given above, is one of the most popular models of a fiscal registrar. The device has options for transmitting information to the territorial representation of the tax service. In addition, it is possible to automatically cut the tape, the thickness of which is 80 mm. The principle of operation is direct thermal printing.

Mini 02F

This KKT complex is ranked as the latest generation of registration technology. The device was developed on the basis of a Japanese-made thermal printer. In fact, the Shtrikh-M cash registers of this series are a software and hardware complex that replaced the outdated Mini model. The features of the unit include an increased productivity resource and a stylish design. The modification is reliable and durable, the minimum service life is at least 10 years. In addition, the device is capable of printing and reading a QR code.

Cash Register Mercury Barcode M Error E154


The main models of the Shtrikh-M cash register were considered above, which, depending on the "filling", functionality and sizes, have different costs. In addition, the following important factors affect the price of the device:

  • Type of model.
  • Functioning mode.
  • Place of purchase.
  • Its main purpose.

The manufacturing company offers cash register control equipment at a cost of 23 to 35 thousand rubles. Most devices have all the necessary options for the smooth transfer of information to the tax service.

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Frequent errors and their correction

Below are the codes of the main errors in the work of the CKT “Shtrikh-M” and methods for their elimination:

  • 001 - bus failure (perform KKM zeroing).
  • Ep003 - faulty timer (reprogram the date and time or change the corresponding processor).
  • 007 - violation in the data structure - Clear 5 is slaughtered.
  • 009 - failure during recovery after emergency deactivation - can help to conduct all faces in turn.
  • Ep010 / 011 - problems with date settings - carry out the correction of the required parameter.
  • The error of the Mercury Shtrich-M cash register E-154 is “the check is closed, the operation is not possible” (they select position 1-IT in the “Select-1” mode).
  • NBU - there is no receipt tape (refueling of the material of the required width is required).
  • Overheating - often occurs due to the burnout of the controller on the board.
  • AP - battery discharge (requires recharging).
  • 026 - incorrect operation (it is necessary to perform manipulations anew, according to the instructions).
  • 027 - interruption of an action (press the "C" button).
  • 036 - register overflow (it is required to remove the restriction on the amount of the transaction).
  • 046 - lack of goods in the database (it is necessary to program a new product or enter another number).
  • 050 - error in the tax base (Clear 5 should be slaughtered and the cash register reprogrammed again).


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