How to lengthen legs? Is it possible?

Legs for women are a matter of pride, of course, if the legs are beautiful. Men primarily pay attention to their legs, and then - to the rest.

There are many ways to determine the standard of female legs. For example, one of the methods is called Four Gaps. It is believed that even legs in position together should form four gaps.

There are several formulas with which you can calculate the length of ideal legs.

It is estimated that with a woman's height from 161 to 167 centimeters, the ideal leg length should be from 84 to 89 centimeters. With these parameters, the circumference of the thigh should be from 56 to 57 centimeters, and the lower leg should be from 34 to 35 centimeters.

If the height is from 168 to 174 centimeters, the length of the legs is from 90 to 94 centimeters, the circumference of the thigh is from 57 to 58 centimeters, the legs are from 35 to 36 centimeters.

If the height is from 175 to 180 centimeters, then the ideal leg length is from 95 to 100 centimeters, the circumference of the thigh and lower leg is from 58 to 59 and from 37 to 38 centimeters, respectively.

Is it possible to lengthen the legs?

Of course yes. There are several ways:

  1. The method of visual lengthening. To do this, you can use heels, tights to match the skirt, clothes with high waist.
  2. Dancing and ballet classes lengthen legs.
  3. Kickboxing classes lengthen your legs.
  4. Surgical path - we will bypass it.

How to lengthen legs with shoes and clothes?

High-heeled shoes will certainly lengthen your legs. For owners of thin calves, shoe models with a long toe are more suitable. Such models visually lengthen your legs by a couple of centimeters. But if the shoes and tights are the same color, then the entire lower body will seem longer.

In no case should you wear dark shoes, a dark skirt and light tights. Sandals with fasteners, ankle straps shorten and fill the legs.

Having familiarized yourself with these recommendations, you now know how to lengthen your legs visually by choosing the right clothes and shoes. As for the shape of the legs, here you can resort to dancing, correct it using jogging or Pilates.

Exercises for legs interest people as a way to help correct any flaws in the figure. Many help exercises that help align the legs, make legs slimmer, lengthen legs, clean the stomach, make it flat, tighten the hips.

Usually, the โ€œLeg Length Correctionโ€ exercise course is very popular with short women . For some reason, they often want to approach model standards. Until recently, it was believed that nothing can be fixed in this regard. But progress is constantly moving forward. There are quite effective methods. And even for people who are preoccupied with the obsession with how to lengthen their legs, there are special exercises. There are many examples with which they helped to become owners of โ€œlegs from the earsโ€.

Exercise plan for those who want to make their legs longer

I want to give advice in advance. Having set a goal and moving towards its achievement, act without fanaticism, since unreasonable loads on the body are the main cause of failures, injuries, and in any kind of activity.

So, how to lengthen your legs with exercise:

- regular running lasting half an hour will help, preferably in the afternoon or in the evening, you will have to run fast to warm up the muscles;

- after a run, you need to sit on something high and be in this position from 30 minutes to 1 hour, while the legs should not reach the floor, should hang in the air;

- it is advisable to wear weights from one kilogram when sitting on the lower legs;

- followed by exercises for stretching legs, there are a lot of such complexes, choose the one that suits you;

- when the time is approaching sleep, do exercises, while using weights for the lower leg;

- after these exercises, before going to bed, you need to sit in a high chair, again, so that the legs are in the air;

- you can go to bed and in a dream stretch your legs, hanging them from the bed.

So, the above briefly describes how to lengthen the legs, working on them physically. But these are only superficial recommendations. If you are ready for this, then you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the methodology, be patient and go ahead ... Patience and labor will rub everything!


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