The ruling circles of society. Their culture

The problem of the culture of the ruling circles cannot be ignored just because their representatives make up the top of society and in some way act as an indicator characterizing the state of the whole society. First you need to figure out who is in this group.

The ruling circles of society - who are they?

Let us turn to dictionaries and textbooks. The ruling circles of society in the modern world can be represented in the form of several groups depending on the spheres of influence. Among them are: economic, cultural, political and others. Each group has its own circles. In the economy, these are the financial oligarchy and top managers, in the cultural, media owners, in the political, representatives who hold senior positions in the state, as well as a number of figures who are behind the scenes.

ruling circles of society

The ruling circles of society unite diverse interests. They provide the necessary connections between the owners of the media, banking institutions, business to manage the society. This group organizes and supports the activities of the state machine, forming political parties and a number of other organizations. Creates a layer of leaders who are called upon to govern the country. Formed power guarantees a privileged position for the ruling circles. She strengthens her position with the help of an appropriate ideology that justifies her dominance.

Cultural portrait of those in power

This characteristic forms the political image of the national elite and is practically independent of such criteria as the form of territorial structure or government of the state. However, it acts as a tuning fork for the entire political life of the country. Many years of experience in the activities of those in power show that nothing is capable of influencing so much government decisions as values ​​and internal attitudes, as well as ideas about what is possible and unacceptable in politics.

All this forms a culture, which is a kind of indicator and best describes the ruling circles of a state.

As a matter of fact, it is precisely it that can well be considered a real engine of social transformations. A system of standards and priorities hidden from the eyes, which gradually manifests itself in the daily activities of the ruling elite, and ultimately is formed in a special management style that is unique to it. It has its own national characteristics and as an example one can consider one of the most interesting.

American establishment

In various sources, a summary of the essence of this concept does not go beyond the scope of our object. It is nothing but the ruling circles of society. The establishment is literally translated using words such as “institution,” “establishment,” “foundation.”

american establishment

US ruling circles ensure the stability of the social and political systems that have developed there, regardless of who comes to power. The latter, according to political scientists, is “structural” and is always firmly held in the hands of that “anonymous force” that forms the state’s internal and foreign policy strategy, subordinating its interests to its own.

The problem of the culture of the ruling circles today remains relevant for any of the countries of the world, since it is this characteristic that reflects their ability and willingness to serve society, its interests, putting them higher than their own.


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