Pink manicure for short nails: photos and original ideas

It would seem that now there is such a variety of varnishes and gels that a modest pink manicure for short nails should be a thing of the past. However, it is not. Having survived a short century of riot of paints on the nails, the ladies returned to the classics. Many are required to comply with the dress code, which requires wearing a short length and natural tones of varnish. Others prefer this type of manicure because of its versatility: it fits any clothing.

Manicure on short nails

The pink tone blends flawlessly with any skin, is suitable for any occasion and is relevant at any age. The fact is that there are so many shades of pink that every girl or lady of elegant age will find exactly her own.

You can diversify the gamut by combining calm nude tones with soft pink manicure on short nails. Unnamed fingers can be covered with white, cream, fawn, in general, any pastel and make a drawing on it or print stamping. Even if you just leave all the nails painted in the same tone, but select the ring or middle finger with a pattern, the impression will be different.

manicure on short nails pink

In the photo, all nails are covered in a pale pink tone (sakura color), and the nameless one is the color of tea with milk. Foils of different widths imitate rings strung on the nail. Itโ€™s important to add some confusion here, otherwise the design will look boring. Therefore, the rings are not parallel to the free edge, they merrily lay on the nail and, it seems, if their mistress waved her hand, they could slip off her finger.

If there is not enough length for a jacket

Sometimes nails canโ€™t grow to any significant length in order to fulfill a beautiful jacket. Different things happen. For example, a repair or a garden season. And if the baby is at home - you have to clean the length all the time so as not to injure the little man. But you need to go to the event and look your best. A manicure on short nails, the pink general tone of which is shaded by snow-white holes, will save the situation.

Leaving wells monophonic is no longer fashionable. It is necessary to decorate them with drawings. It can be stamping in a contrasting color with a small pattern. Then the holes will become the background for him. It is better to put the seal closer to the cuticle, so that there remains an unoccupied white space. This will add airiness to the composition.

pink manicure photo

Another way out in this case is to make a double jacket, where the thin line of the smile is made in contrasting tones. For example, all nails are covered with pale pink varnish, and a smile is blue pastel, which turns into dark blue or black.


Even the most ordinary pink manicure on short nails, a design made on just one nail, can turn into a style icon. In this case, all attention will be directed to the drawing and the nail will become an ornament. The rest will only serve him as a frame.

Sometimes rings and bracelets, designed to decorate your mistress and give her a status, give way to a successfully completed design. Modern technology allows you to create an imitation of precious stones, art casting, cameos, sculptural sculpting and much more.

soft pink manicure on short nails

For design, you can use paper strips for manicure. They are issued semicircular and corner. It is better to take those that corner. Sticking them in different combinations, you can easily design from rhombuses. Even if the master has good brush skills, manual work does not imply the identity of the images on both fingers. Stripes will help to cope with this.

For contrast, it is good to introduce silver or gold into the pattern. You can simply varnish with glitter having a good hiding power. It is permissible to use the gel by adding glitter to it. It is possible to put diamond dust on a dispersion layer of the gel with a fan brush.


A pink manicure with a hand-drawn pattern looks tender. It should be thin lines made with a hair brush. Light colors will be lost on a pink background, so it is better to take a dark color. It can be plum, cherry, purple or violet. Lines should not be straight or semicircular. This will create a division of the nail into parts, which visually shortens them. The brush should slide on the surface, periodically stopping and changing direction. It will turn out like a sakura branch. Two intersecting lines on one nail are enough. The accent can be a sticker of a heart, figure or flower. It is important that it is very small and in tone with the lines.

Stamping is well established - it is printing on nails with special quick-drying paints. It is produced in different types - both large and small drawings, canvas and imitation of structure. For the pink tone, you can pick up white lace, completely covering one nail and half the second. Or throw a black net on one nail, placing rhinestones at the intersections of lines.

Pink manicure

The photos of manicure presented in the article are successful examples of pink nail art. When you need to create a gentle image, the pale pink color of sakura is indispensable. Brides love him, he goes with any wedding dress. What if the brideโ€™s nails are short? Not every design can fit on them.

But, no matter how little space there is for a nail stylist, he can always highlight a cuticle with sequins or put rhinestones. Sometimes you can just make a gentle inscription. Sometimes it is very touching.

pink manicure on short nails design

Pink manicure, the photo of which is presented above, was made for the wedding. Therefore, stones are laid out in the cuticle area, and the inscription on the ring finger - I do means "Yes, I agree." These words are said by the bride when the person conducting the marriage ceremony asks her if she agrees to take the groom as husband.

The inscription is both red and white. And to the tone of the groomโ€™s tie. A prerequisite - it must be concise. Usually choose LOVE, I & YOU or "I" and a heart. There may be initial letters of the names of the bride and groom, connected by a plus sign.

Options for pink manicure

On short nails, oddly enough, dark polish looks good. It visually lengthens nails. This effect is achieved in that the cuticle area is clearly stained. Of course, manicure for this should be impeccable.

You can select one or two fingers in a dark tone, leaving the rest pink. What if you need to attend the event in one dress and at work in another? A compromise can be reached: take a dark tone, like on a weekend dress, and cover the rest with democratic pink.

pink manicure with a pattern

If you want shine, you need to put stones on light nails. If this is done on the dark, there will be a dissonance.

Let's play with the texture

Pink manicure on short nails can be made original by adding a different texture. There are varnishes and gels that mimic leather, marble, craquelure, velvet, satin and many other surfaces.

There is a "knitted nails" technology, in which a thick gel is applied with a brush, laying out the pattern. This technique is designed in the photo below. On one finger, intricate stains, in the curls of which rhinestones glisten. Reminds lace.

pink manicure for short nails

The rest of the nails are decorated with a simple jacket, and the white strip is very thin - the nails are short, the usual width of the jacket will not look on them. But, what is very important, the antennae of the smile are high up on the nail bed. This visually lengthens the nails and looks neater than a straight line.

The little finger imitates the structure of pink granite. It does not stand out from the general gamut, and the original texture gives elegance to the whole composition.

If the nails are very short

You can make a beautiful pink manicure for short nails. After all, the main thing here is neat, well-groomed fingers, with a healthy cuticle and the absence of burrs. Form is also very important. On very short nails, the oval shape will not look good, it will visually reduce the short nail plates. Better to choose a soft square.

beautiful pink manicure on short nails

If there is not enough length for this form, you will have to increase a couple of millimeters. It will be worn perfectly and the nails will immediately get a neat look. Such a short length can be made with soluble materials and there will be no problems with the removal.

As you can see, there is no reason not to do manicure on short nails. And do not be afraid of brilliance. You can perform it in many ways: from large stones to the finest diamond dust. Try these design options and they will surely please you.


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