Varieties of leopard manicure. How to make a leopard manicure at home

Do you think that leopard manicure looks really gone? You just do not know how to do it. Leopard print design can look aggressive, and can be a stylish addition to the image. Everything will depend on what color scheme you give preference to and what kind of decor will complement the manicure.

Leopard with gold

leopard manicure do

Such a manicure does not look cocky. On the contrary, he tunes in a romantic mood and talks about the refined taste of his owner. This leopard manicure will be easy to repeat at home. This will require gold broths, two-color varnish, sparkles and a brush. Be patient and get to work.

The first thing you need in order to create a leopard manicure at home is to wash your nails with a buff and degrease them. Now apply a base coat and dry everything well. The color of the main substrate must be chosen neutral. It can be beige or light pink. We cover them with all the nails. Next up is the design. With a thin brush with brown varnish we place chaotic spots on one of the nails. They must be of different shapes and sizes. We dry the nail, and in the middle of the brown spots should be put on a large point of gold polish. Dry the result again. Now you should cover the manicure with the finish. After that, glue the golden broth onto the viscous surface. If you donโ€™t have one on the farm, you can use the dots or a brush to place the same golden dots. They will also look spectacular. We cover the nails with a layer of top and dry the result.

Classic leopard

leopard manicure at home

This manicure looks very stylish. Moreover, they can be complemented as a plain outfit, and a dress with a leopard print. So that the manicure does not look too daring, a bright picture must be diluted with plain varnish. Let's start manufacturing. The first step to creating a leopard manicure will be the filing and degreasing of nails. Then you should cover two nails with yellow varnish, and three gray or any other at your discretion. It can be beige, brown, pink or terracotta. Then you should apply a drawing. To do this, you need two colors of varnish: brown and black. First, we draw small brown spots on two yellow nails, and then we should draw a border to each spot with black varnish. When the design is ready, it should be covered with a finish and dried.

Leopard and French

leopard manicure photo

Such a manicure looks impressive, but not at the expense of its predatory print, but at the expense of gold varnish. This design is not suitable for everyday wear, but at a gala event it will be appropriate. A leopard manicure with a jacket will be created according to the standard principle. First you need to saw off and degrease all the nails. Now it should be on the free edge of all nails, except one, to apply sparkles. You can make a standard jacket or stretch the varnish so that the smile is not clear, but blurry. One nail with a pattern should be painted as follows. Using a thin brush, draw the contours of leopard spots, and then paint over the space between the figures. We dry our nails and now we clarify the contour of the spots with black varnish. Dry the nails again, and then cover the manicure with the finish.

Burgundy leopard

leopard manicure

Such a manicure looks festive and playful. Only brave girls make it. You can see the photo of the leopard manicure above. How to make it? You should file your nails and degrease them. Then apply a transparent base to the nail plate. Now you need to select those nails on which the design will be located. We paint them with gold varnish. The remaining nails need to be covered with burgundy color.

We start drawing. We take a thin brush and on golden nails we draw spots with burgundy color. They should have a different shape and size. We emphasize the shape with black paint, denoting the contour. It remains to cover the nails with the finish. To make a manicure look presentable, you can use two types of tops. We cover the golden nails with a pattern with a glossy finish, and the burgundy nails with a matte finish. The difference of coatings will look advantageous.

Stylish leopard

leopard manicure under the dress

This manicure is perfect for a holiday party or for everyday wear. Spectacular nails can complement any outfit. Such a manicure for a leopard dress looks advantageous, it will also be stylishly combined with a dress without a print. Getting to work. We file and degrease the nails. Now you should apply the base. We cover three nails with black varnish, one with beige, and one we divide diagonally into two parts. The top will be black and the bottom beige. The substrate is ready, you can proceed to the application of the design.

With brown varnish on light nails we draw spots. They should be miniature. Now black outline the outline. Gold lacquer should draw a strip that will hide the joint on a two-tone nail. We complement the design with a white stripe. We cover everything with the finish. To make the manicure look stylish, on black nails without design, glue broths or golden rhinestones.

Lilac Leopard

leopard manicure

Such nails look stylish, but not cocky. A leopard print manicure in lilac colors is feminine and romantic. How to make it? We prepare the nail plates for work. Saw them and degrease. Now you should apply the base, and then the main color in two layers. The substrate is ready, you can proceed to the application of the design. We dip a thin brush in black varnish. Visually, each nail is divided diagonally. We begin to create at the free edge. Draw chaotic lines that form an uneven oval or circle. Dry the nails. Now we cover the design with the finish and arrange the rhinestones. They should be glued along a horizontal strip. We dry the nails and strengthen the rhinestones with another layer of the finish. We apply the top not on the whole design, but only around rhinestones. Dry the nails. Instead of rhinestones, you can use shiny tape.

Color leopard

leopard print manicure

This manicure is perfect for a schoolgirl or student. The girl will look festive and playful with such nails, but she certainly didnโ€™t do it. How to make a leopard manicure? It is necessary to process the nail plate and degrease it. Now you should apply a base or camouflage in one coat. And now you can move on to drawing. If you want to make a gentle manicure, choose pastel shades, but if you want to create something bright, in this case you should give preference to saturated colors. We draw red, green, yellow and turquoise spots on the nails. Then with the help of black varnish we outline the contour. There is no need to close the line; let gaps remain in some places. When the design is ready, you should cover the nails with the finish and dry them.

Red leopard

red leopard manicure

Such a manicure looks catchy and very defiant. This design is suitable for an important, but not the first date. How to make a red leopard manicure? It is necessary to prepare the nail plates in a standard way, washing them with a buff and degreasing. Now you should apply the base, and then the color in two layers. It is advisable not to make a leopard design on more than two nails. Otherwise, the manicure will be too colorful. We begin to apply the design. On beige nails we arrange red spots in a chaotic manner. We finish the contour with black or brown varnish. It remains to cover the nails with the finish, and the manicure will be ready. To make the design look more interesting, you can add all kinds of rhinestones or broths. But do not go too deep into details. If you want something brilliant, it is recommended to limit yourself to 5-7 accents.


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