DIY room decor. Decor ideas, photo

Do-it-yourself room decor is the easiest way to make a house more stylish and cozy. Thanks to this simple event, you can completely transform the home and make it original. There are a huge number of interior decoration options. It remains only to choose the right one.

DIY room decor

General information

Do-it-yourself room decor is not some kind of hyper-complicated task, as some people think. If you wish, you can transform your home in a fairly short time. To do this, you need to make some efforts, as well as show imagination.

Preparatory stage

Before you start decorating a room with your own hands, you need to formulate the main tasks and clearly present the result that you want to achieve. You can start by looking at the simplest. The decor of the room (photo will be presented below) is facilitated by changing curtains to new ones and moving furniture. Thus, you can refresh the room and add bright colors and novelty. The decor of a children's room with their own hands involves the addition of its interior with new objects. As for the bedroom, you can use unusual lamps, original floor vases, new sofa cushions and so on. Do-it-yourself room decor is a real space for creativity. You can buy an original watch, a flower in a beautiful pot, and hang your favorite photographs on the walls as part of a picture.

Furniture decoration

This is a great way to add some freshness to your interior. It is worth noting that even beginners will be able to cope with this task. For example, you can decide to replace the old upholstery on the chairs. You will need a special furniture stapler. You can use natural fabrics, tapestry, artificial leather or silk.

DIY room decor

Wall Decoration: Basic Options

Decor ideas can be gleaned from anywhere. Wall decoration is considered a more complex way of transforming the room. Such a room decor (the photo illustrates one of the possible designs) has many variations. For example, you can paste the walls with special wallpaper for painting. Then they can be easily decorated with the most unusual ways. You can even draw drawings on the wallpaper. Painting is one of the most complex and beautiful ways of decorating walls. Before starting this event, you need to thoroughly prepare. In particular, we are talking about puttying and coating the walls with a special primer. Not everyone can boast of artistic talents. In this case, you can use stencils. They need to be applied to the wall and outlined with a pencil. Only after that the contours are accurately outlined with paints. At present, wall decor ideas are very popular. The main thing is that they harmoniously fit into the interior and combine with other objects. For example, a drawing that occupies only one wall is suitable for decorating a living room. At the same time, it is recommended to use other options for the children's room. Bright fun drawings that will adorn all the walls are more suitable here. Before you start decorating a teenager’s room with your own hands, you need to discuss all the changes with the child in advance. Properly selected color will optically change the space for the better. Light shades will visually increase the room. Dark color works in a similar way, just the opposite.

photo room decor

Using appliqués

Decorating a room with your own hands is, first of all, working with walls. Applications are very original on them. In their manufacture, you can find the use of wallpaper residues. Or use special stickers. On the reverse side of the first, it is easy to draw any drawings. They can only be cut and then pasted. If the room has plain walls, then applications in light or dark color will look very original on them. As for the children's room, it is recommended to use brighter options. To do this, you can apply the remains of the wallpaper. Thus, the child’s room will be transformed beyond recognition. Children are sure to be delighted with applications with the characters of their favorite cartoons. In this case, it is better to use special stickers. They are currently sold freely in many stores. Nowadays, wall decoration using photographs in beautiful frames is becoming increasingly popular. The room, which is lovingly decorated with family shots, will always seem more comfortable and welcoming.

decor ideas

Creating a unique atmosphere

Combining photos of various sizes is considered a great move. They are glued to a Whatman paper or sheet of paper. You can safely experiment with the sizes of photos . The same applies to the shapes and colors of the frames. Compositions of small photographs, in the center of which are placed larger-sized photographs, look very original. As mentioned earlier, walls can be decorated in a variety of ways. You can take advantage of one huge photo, to which a suitable hat was previously selected. It is also permissible to cover the entire wall with pictures.

DIY bathroom decor

Using mirrors

These things are in every home. To change the interior of the bedroom with the help of mirrors is not difficult. Thus, you can give a kind of zest to the room. Sometimes it is enough to have only one mirror placed in the original frame. The latter can be made independently. The frame, which is made, say, of clothespins, looks very original. It is treated with acrylic paint. At the edges of the mirror, you can additionally apply glue and decorate it with beads. When it comes to decorating a room with mirrors, it is necessary to observe a measure. If you overdo it, the room can become uncomfortable.

Using paintings

This is another common option for decorating a room. Embroideries or paintings made of fabric, placed in suitable frames, look very good. A wide variety of variations are allowed. Pictures of fabric can consist of one single piece or small shreds. Options with large drawings look stylish and unusual. Even the most boring interior can be revived with embroidered paintings with matching frames. On the walls it is permissible to place several elements together. And you can one at a time. Sometimes you want something truly unusual and original. In this case, newspapers can be used for decoration. To do this, the desired image is drawn on a sheet of cardboard. It is completely pasted over with small newspaper pieces. It is necessary to wait for the unusual painting to dry . Then it is carefully placed in a frame and sent to the wall.

DIY kids room decor

Features of decorating the bathroom

In this room is often every member of the family. Do-it-yourself bathroom decor is very economical and simple. In order to completely transform this room, special vinyl stickers will be enough. They differ in that they can be used in high humidity conditions. Such stickers are made of waterproof material. They can last a long time. You do not have to worry that over time, these accessories will begin to peel off. Now the assortment of such stickers is truly wide. Buyers face a difficult choice. How to decorate a room? Yes, anything! Tropical fish, fancy shells, exotic plants. You can also place panels on the wall.

Alternatives Available

Mosaic is a more expensive and complex option. The corresponding canvas is usually placed instead of part of the tile. It represents a plot picture or ornament. In most cases, the mosaic for the bathrooms is made of glassy materials. However, the composition of more expensive varieties is somewhat different from this. It contains a metal that mimics silver or gold. When decorating a bathroom with a mosaic, remember: it must certainly be combined with the general concept. This applies both to the plot and to the style.

DIY room decor for a teenager

Other options

It's no secret that high humidity prevails in the bathroom. This factor seriously limits the flight of fantasy. However, if you make some effort, you can decorate this room with natural wood panels. In this case, oak elements will be especially appropriate. This is especially true for those interiors when marine motifs are traced in the bathroom.


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