What to wear with jeans: practical tips

Today we’ll talk about denim. It is familiar and everyday, without it no wardrobe is unthinkable. Denim pants can be worn for all occasions.

what to wear with jeans
Let us turn briefly to the past. The history of jeans originates long before the appearance of Levi Straus himself, who played an important role in the development of jeans wear. After all, he created the famous work overalls. However, the history of the fabric itself goes back centuries, to 300 AD. In the French city of Nimes, a new canvas was first invented. It was called that - the twill from Nimes. Before this material was used for jeans one and a half thousand years later, it was used in the manufacture of sails. By the way, it is worth mentioning that the sails of the ship on which Christopher Columbus sailed to India were made of twill from Nimes.

In 1873, the famous Levi Straus was awarded a patent for the production of "jumpsuits for working without straps with pockets for a knife, watches and money." By the beginning of the 19th century, jeans had become an overalls for gold diggers and cowboys. They were much better than leather ones, as they let in air, and besides, they could often be washed. Well, in the 1960s of the last century there was a boom - a real “jeans revolution”. Former working clothes conquered all the catwalks. A never-fading fashion and practicality of jeans forever won the hearts of the capital's fashionistas.

This is the story of the famous material, similar to the story of Cinderella, who accidentally hit the ball, but soon became the queen - like sailing cloth turned into a fashion standard.

jeans story
Often girls are concerned about the question: "What to wear with jeans?". Do not despair, you can wear jeans with almost anything, depending on their cut. A classic pair of jeans is always relevant and does not go out of fashion, which makes this clothing universal.

Trendy hipster jeans are a favorite youth uniform; they can be slightly widened down or baggy, straight or very narrow. Butkat is jeans that have a slightly lowered waist, they gently hug the hips and expand slightly from the knees. This style is suitable for almost all ladies. What to wear with jeans of this cut is a matter of fantasy. This is where you can safely apply casual style, which is considered both feminine and free.

fashion and practicality

Now we want to give some tips for different types of female figures. If you have wide buttocks - buy jeans without back pockets; if you are puffy - buy well-fitting, comfortable trousers of a dark color, without signs of baggy and any folds; and if you're skinny, buy straight jeans with a low waist, straight cut. Do you have a small tummy? Choose high-waisted jeans. Distracting attention from narrow hips will help pants that are narrowed down. Given these wishes, you can hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize the desired.

What to wear with jeans? Yes, anything! Any T-shirts, T-shirts, blouses, tunics ... Follow your intuition and sense of taste when in doubt what to wear with jeans. And they will certainly make you feel comfortable and confident in any life situation.

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