How to make a drywall arch with your own hands: a professional solution

Today with constantly updated materials you can create truly amazing things in the design of apartments. Arched became very popular.

How to make a plasterboard arch yourself
openings that fill the apartment with special splendor. Many are interested in this topic, how to make an arch of drywall with your own hands? Indeed, in fact, drywall is the most profitable and flexible material for this role, it can be easily processed and is not very expensive at a cost.

Alternatively, you can perform the arch using plaster using a template, but this is not very practical. It is much easier to make a drywall arch without using templates, but just following some recommendations.

Arch preparation and arch creation process

It all starts with the preparatory work. As a rule, the arch in most cases is installed instead of the door block. The working area and the opening are thoroughly cleaned of dust and other debris. For those who do not yet know how to make an arch: parts that will be fastened on the sides of the opening are made from drywall with their own hands. You must do the following:

  1. Mark on drywall sheets that match the width of the sides of the opening. To make a circle for an arch or, in other words, an arc, you need to prepare a pencil, awl and lace.
  2. Then, focusing on the radius of the future arch, make two loops at the desired distance. The awl and pencil are threaded into loops, then the awl is stuck in a sheet of drywall, and an arc is drawn with a pencil, while the lace should be pulled.
  3. The second part of the arc is drawn according to the finished template of the first part. Next is the frame for the arch.

Gradually, the topic that interests us, how to make an arch of drywall with your own hands, is already becoming

make a drywall arch
more understandable, and you have an idea where to start, however, you still need to make a drywall frame.

The execution of the arch frame

The frame plays here almost the main role, since it is actually the basis on which the elements of drywall are attached. The frame is made of a profile on a metal base. In order for the sheet to bend, the side parts are cut from it. For a more accurate fit, as a template, you can use the prepared sidewalls for the arch.

After the frame is made, you can fix it in the doorway, and then screw the finished sidewalls to the frame. We nullify the topic that interests us, how to make an arch of drywall with your own hands, and finish the lower part of the curved surface.

There are several options with which you can bend drywall, without breaking sheets. So:

  1. In the first case, use the dry method, when the bend does not exceed the radius
    how to make a drywall arch yourself
    curvature of 30 cm. To do this, make small cuts on the sheet, which should not damage the bottom layer of paper. It is necessary to go deep a few millimeters per sheet. Then the sheet is slowly broken, then attached to the frame with screws. All previous incisions are putty.
  2. The second way is to soak the sheet, when moistened, the sheet can bend, and after drying, leave the shape into which it was artificially deformed. With this option, you can make an arch for the opening without problems.

Perhaps now we have completely dispelled doubts about how to make a drywall arch ourselves. You only need to be guided by small but effective rules, and you will get the expected result.


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