How to install a water heater yourself

How to install a water heater
Each person, wanting to create comfort in the house, is faced with the following questions:

  1. How to install a water heater?
  2. How to hold water in the house?
  3. How to insulate the room?

So let's answer in order. In this article we will consider the first question: how to install a water heater? Before connecting this unit to the water supply, select the appropriate device.

Features of choice

Upon arrival at the store you can find a large assortment of boilers and instantaneous water heaters. Your choice should be based on some points, this:

  • the principle of operation of the device (electric or gas);
  • heating method (storage or flow);
  • cost;
  • volume and power.

Before deciding how to install a water heater, it is necessary to consider these parameters. The most convenient device is the flow model, which joins the gas system. However, not everyone has gas, so you have to purchase electrical devices. Thus, before answering the question of how to install a water heater in the country, you should decide on the features of its connection.


Before starting to connect the device to the water supply system, it is necessary to prepare the following tools:

  • How to install a water heater in the country
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • soldering iron for pipes;
  • screwdriver and pliers.

Also, when buying a boiler, you should be given spare parts for fasteners in the kit. The storage water heater requires placement in a place where it will not interfere. There are two ways to fix it:

  • install a metal bar on which the tank is put on;
  • attach hinges to the wall, and then attach a bracket to the boiler, by which it can be hung.

How to install a water heater - decide for yourself, the main thing is that it is securely fixed.


To connect the device, it is necessary to perform two stages of work: bring a pipe for water supply to the device and connect it to the mains. After the work done, you can use the boiler for its intended purpose. Of course, the owner does not always install a storage water heater. Sometimes it’s much more profitable to connect a geyser. In this case, the device must be connected to several sources:

How to install a water heater in the bathroom

  • water utility (for heating water);
  • gas system (for heating);
  • electricity (for the ability to turn on / off the device).

Now there are many models of gas columns, but all of them are powered by electricity, and the process of heating the liquid is carried out using gas. You can also install an electric instantaneous water heater. It has its advantages and disadvantages. The pluses include the ability to quickly heat the liquid to the required temperature.

How to install a water heater in the bathroom?

If you have the opportunity to purchase a instantaneous water heater, it is best to install so that hot water flows directly into the shower faucet or into the faucet above the bathtub - this will allow you to instantly take a warm shower. Of course, an electric instantaneous water heater also has its drawbacks, for example, it cannot be connected in the "Khrushchev" and other old buildings, where the power grid can not withstand high voltage. There are also low-power water heaters that can be installed as nozzles on a tap.


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