"Business Youth": feedback from participants and employees

Recently, various educational seminars and trainings, often conducted by people who are absolutely far from the area in which they broadcast truths, have become widespread. It is very difficult to distinguish ordinary scammers, whose purpose is only to get the most profit by any means possible, from teachers who are really able to give useful knowledge that can be applied in practice and achieve a positive result.

One of these "teachers" involved in various kinds of trainings and training seminars through distance technologies is the project "Business Youth". The reviews of employees and opinions about him are diametrically opposed - from declaring it to be true in all instances to declaring it an organization of a sectarian orientation.

about the project

The company "Business Youth", whose reviews characterize it as a global international community of young entrepreneurs, successfully developing in 35 cities of Russia and the CIS, includes many unique training programs, offices in various cities, coworking centers and a large staff of qualified employees such as high-class lawyers and accountants, videographers and photographers.

For staff and students regularly organize joint trips and entertainment events, holidays in Russia or abroad. Over the years, the company has developed a huge network of contacts, including suppliers, warehouses, points of sale, interested people in all corners of the world.

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During this time, many people got acquainted with the Business-Youth project, their real reviews speak of its practical orientation, since it includes many effective educational programs, seminars, trainings and master classes.

The history of the project "Business Youth"

The founders of the educational project, the company "Business Youth", are two young entrepreneurs - Mikhail Dashkiev and Petr Osipov. Having experience in various fields of activity (at one time one of them was engaged in the promotion of educational programs, and the other was involved in a marketing company providing services to medium-sized businesses) and relevant education, at some point they felt the strength and desire to organize a project on teaching people an innovative approach to creating their own business. That is how the company “Business Youth” came about, reviews of which appear both positive and negative.

Initially, it was a small group, which the founders themselves called the "circle of anonymous entrepreneurs." Over the three years of the Business-Youth project, the review of which by the founders themselves indicates that the number of training personnel has grown to eighty trainers and about two hundred ordinary employees, up to seventy thousand people have passed through their hands, eleven of them were paid for paid programs thousand (according to the company).

Goals and objectives of the project

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Training seminars of this company are aimed at assisting novice entrepreneurs in creating and promoting their business. Trainers are set up to create high motivation for creating a successful project with high incomes and transfer existing experience, practical tips that will allow students to realize their wildest dreams, applying the knowledge gained in the classroom.

Trained on the Business-Youth project, real reviews of which show that practical methods helped them to open and promote both their own small business and serious business locally, share their experiences and best practices in joint trainings. All actions are aimed at giving an impetus to a person to revise his life positions in order to transfer him from a "lazy-inert" state to the position of action, making money.

The founders of the Business-Youth company, whose review of the results of this project speaks of their ambitious plans, see the goal of the activity in launching irreversible reactions in the minds of the inhabitants of our country, which should spread like creative explosions with creative ideas about business and the environment. That is, their distribution should go exponentially from person to person. This project was created in order to help creators, creators and entrepreneurs get public support.

Educational programs

To realize their main goals, the adherents of the Business-Youth project undergo training in two areas: intensive and coaching. An extensive supply of material takes place over a two-day intensive period. This is the main Business-Youth training, reviews of which characterize it as an opportunity to get a boost of energy and new knowledge, including effective beliefs and a whole arsenal of the best business weapons (useful techniques, methods, templates). Intensive is aimed at transmitting information about what and how to do to obtain a result in entrepreneurial activity.

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The acquired knowledge is trained at the two-month coaching of the Business-Youth company, a review of which many successful students proclaim this method one of the most effective among the educational programs of the company. This training takes place over eight sessions, lasting three hours, once a week.

According to the founders of the Business-Youth company, coaching, reviews of which declare it as the core product of this project, is a whole complex that ensures maximum achievement of the result. It combines training in ready-made templates, instructions, documents, technical tasks and a mentoring system, when more experienced participants take care of and help newcomers get in the way, easier, suggesting how to better formulate an individual task and ways to solve it. In addition to the above seminars, the company conducts training courses for entrepreneurs and other duration and focus.

Online Learning: Is It Effective?

In addition to attending regular trainings, those who wish can get information of interest on the company’s website, where many different free products are presented, including video tutorials, examples of successful cases and other information materials that may be of interest to beginning entrepreneurs. Many trainers also conduct training and consultations through closed groups in social networks. A large number of students are starting to develop their business through online communities. Those who are interested in the Business-Youth project can also leave feedback or suggestions on their official websites. In this way, maintaining close interaction between the trainer and the students is achieved, which is a positive point in the learning process.

Employees of Business-Youth, whose reviews are mostly positive, are constantly expanding the range of educational products to gradually fill existing business niches, creating new business courses for those who are already engaged in a profitable business, but want to effectively expand it, and for people of any social stratum who have a special education, but do not dare to apply it, and for those who are not knowledgeable in business at all.

The company "Business Youth": feedback from participants

Its activity causes a mixed opinion among the participants. Despite some negative reviews, Business Youth is still praised. The positive aspects of the training include real assistance in creating motivation for doing business, which gives impetus to its development (“energize”). Another advantage is the presentation of information in a structured and concentrated form, which, although not unique, can be a revelation for completely ignorant beginners. Especially served in one place, which makes it unnecessary to look for valuable information among obscure economic terms.

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Many are attracted by the company “Business Youth”, the majority of participants' feedback on the activity of which positions it as a project not for “wimps”, but for those who want to develop and grow in a business plan and are ready to squeeze out 100%, communication and motivation, mutual support and joint resolving issues. The form of presenting information is also interesting for young people, since the seminars are held in an unofficial, even familiar atmosphere, reminiscent of humorous shows with jokes on the verge of what is permissible.

Project "Business Youth": negative reviews

Many of the opinions on the company on the Internet are negative. Visitors to trainings and course participants often note the lack of organization of trainers who may arrive late to the event. Some information provided for a considerable amount of money is not at all unique and is freely available in other sources absolutely free of charge. Some experts give incorrect or inaccurate knowledge, especially in the field of legislation and formal procedures. Incorrect methods and techniques designed to attract customers are also noted, which makes this company similar to a sect. People can spend all the money on training courses, get into debt, devote all free time to training, even if there is no real business development.

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According to the statistics of the employees themselves, almost 40% of the people who completed the training do not cope with the task and go out of the race at first. Others start their own business, but it either does not bring the expected income, or is blown away in a year or two. Some begin to feel dependent on attending trainings, tend to get on everyone, not caring about the development of their own business. In this case, one can rather talk about some psychological problems of such a person, lack of communication and family environment, when seminars and communication with colleagues begin to replace real life.

Company Employee Reviews

Some of the common opinions about Business Youth are reviews about the employer. Commentators point out such negative facts as the low wages of junior staff, a strict system of fines, which are imposed with pleasure even for minor offenses, in the absence of any incentives and bonuses for good work. Many note the impossibility of career growth for the employees themselves. All this leads to a large staff turnover.

Some also consider senior management and management incompetent in the organization of work with subordinates. There is an opinion among employees that they are specially taken for a probationary period, appointing him a low salary for a period, and then they are dismissed after it expires for fictitious reasons or without any explanation at all, so that they do not have to increase the level of payment.

Some of the newcomers leave themselves, having heard the stories of other employees about the consumer attitude towards them, the huge staff turnover, the confusion in work processes, the almost complete absence of career prospects and the fine system. All negative reviews are reduced to such statements. "Business Youth" evokes an ambiguous and sharply polar opinion regarding its activities and usefulness for students. The founders and supporters themselves are confident in the correctness of their ideas and the effectiveness of the taught knowledge and are aimed at further development and expansion of their business.

Future plans

The scope of the conceived case is impressive. The co-founders of the company plan to penetrate their educational products into all spheres of public life and cover as many layers of education as possible. The main directions then will be the development of the "Business World" - a global social network that is designed to bring together entrepreneurs from different parts of the country in all areas of activity. It is planned to create a Unified Knowledge Base, which will contain information about all participants, even from among the contractors and contractors. Therefore, it will be enough just a couple of times to click a computer mouse to get all the information of interest.

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People who have not yet entered adulthood will not be ignored. For their involvement, the Business Youth program has been developed, which will help unleash the potential of teenagers aged 11-17. These activities should help them in communication with parents, as well as with teachers.

To attract listeners of the older generation, the Second Youth project will be launched, which will help these people keep up with their contemporaries, do what they love, lead an active lifestyle, and master modern methods of communication.

The branch of the project “Business Scientists” is aimed at overseeing the commercialization of all patents and innovations received. Within its framework, it is planned to create several teams of businessmen and scientists to help realize their wildest ideas, which will contribute to the realization of their creative potential and will allow them to receive a decent reward. These innovations will be rolled in and developed through the "Business Plant", a place where the most dedicated employees will work, communicate and relax.

Positive aspects of the company

Anyone interested in participating in this project will easily find feedback on Business Youth. Negativity can be felt from them much more often, however, many note that with any result of training, it is possible to isolate the useful grain from this fact. A great influence on the outcome of applying the acquired knowledge is provided by the correct choice of the niche that the adherent seeks to occupy. Some are looking for an absolutely unpopular point of application of information, thinking that the lack of competition guarantees fast promotion and high income. However, this is the wrong opinion. There are areas of activity in which demand far exceeds supply, and the training courses teach how to search for such niches.

Trainers teach that you need to act immediately after setting the task, without waiting until all working schemes are invented and debugged “on paper”, that is, the main thing is to act, and to solve all problems already in the course of activity, as they become available.

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They also note such a moment that personal presence at trainings and coaches gives a greater incentive to go about their business now, rather than viewing cases and other materials at home. This can be explained by the beneficial influence of the environment, which can be considered as psychological support. Also, interpersonal communication will help to establish the necessary connections, find supporters for their work, get the necessary information that is not directly related to the topic of the seminar.

Thus, if a person has a strong desire to change something in his life, to start his own business, he has some free amount of money, then we can advise him to attend the trainings of this organization, since, albeit at a fairly high cost, it’s a rational they certainly contain. However, if there is no fanatical desire to devote all his time to promoting his own business, then patience and perseverance in applying the acquired knowledge may not be enough, then the money will be wasted. There are other educational products of this company and its followers that can give some practical advice absolutely free, and if there is an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire, then they may be enough to achieve the goal.

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