Rent a motor ship in Moscow for prom

Everyone knows that a responsible and important event needs to be prepared in advance. And the school graduation ball, without a doubt, is one of those. That is why we recommend taking care of the venue right now, especially if it is a ship.

Rent a motor ship in Moscow - better sooner than later

A lot of reasons to hurry up you can come up with, but they all come down to finding peace of mind, financial benefits and the possibility of choice. Let's talk about the main ones.

  • The capital of Russia is a huge metropolis, in which today there are about 2000 schools, gymnasiums and lyceums. Each school graduates from one to several classes with an average of 30 people. Add to this the growing annual demand, the wedding-corporate boom of the summer and you will get an obvious shortage of banquet ships. And therefore, the longer you drag out with the decision to rent a motor ship, the more you risk staying on shore or not getting what you want: a motor ship, day, time and number of hours.
  • Early motor ship rental in Moscow advantageous in that owners are much more willing to make discounts on their services for the sake of customer retention. And sometimes the discount is not expressed explicitly, but in the form of an additional unpaid hour of walk, cabin or service.
  • When the issue with the venue has been decided in advance, then you can calmly engage in the preparation of outfits, contests and entertainment and not worry about the graduation being ordinary and uninteresting. And if, having tried your hand, it came to the understanding that you can’t handle it on your own, then there’s still time to turn to specialists.

Caution scammers!

As with any profitable business, renting banquet vessels is teeming with businessmen who are not “clean at hand” and in order to protect yourself from them you should always:

  • personally inspect the selected ship;
  • check documents on state registration, navigation permits, acts of technical inspection of the vessel;
  • require the preparation of estimates, contracts and documents confirming the fact of payment;
  • Check the reputation of the company by reviews on the network.

In addition, it is better to start cooperation with a company that has a permanent office and full-time employees. If for any reason they refuse to provide you with documents, show the vessel or invite you to an office to complete the transaction, then most likely you are dealing with scammers. Do not risk money, nerves and do not jeopardize the prom night. Above, the article provides a link to one of the reliable companies providing motor ships for rent, including for prom.


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