How can I make cardboard furniture with my own hands for dolls?

Every girl sees in herself a princess. Playing with dolls, she at a potential level seeks to make her dream come true. Therefore, surrounds his favorite only the best. Beautiful clothes, cosmetics, dishes, furniture, a funny pet - all this is located in a fabulous house in which the doll lives.

But, unfortunately, not all parents can pamper their baby with a variety of necessary items. Because, despite the abundance of toys and other goods for children, their prices are very bite. And to buy a house, furniture and other accessories for the doll is not so easy.

However, mothers, fathers and their little princesses should not be upset. After all, it is more budgetary, and much more interesting to do cardboard furniture with your own hands. This craft will not only fully satisfy the needs of the child, but also turn out to be unique, author's, one of a kind. By the way, parents can engage in the realization of a childhood dream with their baby!

What you need to make furniture from the most affordable material

Cardboard boxes and boxes from under the computer, TV, vacuum cleaner, phone, tablet, from mom's foot bath and dad's razor - there are a lot of materials around. Now you don’t need to throw away packages in the trash, it’s much better to put them into action - cut and glue cardboard doll furniture with your own hands.

In addition to cardboard, you will also need the following materials:

  • a simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • art brush with hard bristles;
  • colored paper, pieces of wallpaper, a self-adhesive film or any other material that can be used to paste cardboard furniture for a house with your own hands.

For absolute naturalness, you can use acrylic paint. Only in this case, parents need to paint doll furniture, isolating children in another room.

What items in the dollhouse can be made of cardboard

Before we examine in detail the topic formulated in the title of this article, and consider the various instructions for making cardboard furniture with our own hands (photos will also be presented), find out what items for the doll can be made of cardboard.

In fact, there are a lot of them: a chest of drawers, a TV, a stove and a fridge, a dining table, dishes and even food.

food and dishes for a cardboard doll

By the way, the dollhouse itself can also be built according to its own plan from boxes and cardboard.

Almost like adults

It may be difficult for readers to believe this, but cardboard furniture can be designed and manufactured even for people. And it is not only very profitable, but also creative. After all, the resulting rack, chest of drawers and even a sideboard can be glued with a special film that imitates different types of wood, or, for example, with ordinary napkins in the decoupage style, and also painted with acrylic paint. Thanks to simple manipulations, the cardboard furniture made by oneself from real wooden furniture, which, by the way, will cost much more, is not distinguished by any of the guests.

A very popular cardboard construction recently is a false fireplace. And this is not surprising. How many scenes from films where the characters read, talk near the fireplace or just watch the fire burn, you can remember. They can not be counted! However, building a fireplace in a private house is very expensive and problematic. It’s not worth talking about the apartment at all. Therefore, cardboard imitation appeals to many owners.

How to make a false fireplace

In girls, for each doll, a certain role is invented. For example, there is a Barbie princess or bride, a Barbie rock star, a student, as well as many other statuses transferred from life to the game. Such a doll is dressed in appropriate clothes and placed in a house, the atmosphere of which should also be in harmony with the main theme of the game. Therefore, parents whose daughter sees in her pet a princess or an aristocratic lady can not do without a realistic fireplace and suitable furniture for dolls.

With your own hands from cardboard, to make all this very simple. Next, we will consider how to build a fireplace:

  1. At the preparatory stage, you should pick up five identical boxes of this size so that the finished fireplace is commensurate with the growth of the doll and its house. For example, for Barbie, you can take the usual matchboxes, which in every house are many.
  2. Next, glue them together, as shown in the figure below. You can use adhesive tape to connect the parts, but there is a risk that it will be visible through paper or paint in the finished product.
  3. Now you need to glue the false fireplace, making it as realistic as possible. And install dolls in the house in the proper place for him.
  4. By the way, according to the same scheme, it is easy to build an “adult” fireplace, which will please the parents themselves.
do-it-yourself fireplace

How to make a bed

The most important room for a doll is the bedroom. After all, it is there that her closet is located, in which the outfits hang neatly, there is a dressing table and bed, as well as many other interesting things. For this reason, we will pay more attention to arranging this particular room.

Of course, no bedroom is complete without a bed. Game including. So, in the house for the doll should also be equipped with a berth.

In this article, we explore how to make cardboard furniture with our own hands, so we need a box to make a crib. However, it will be necessary to choose one that is exactly suitable for the pet in size.

Decide whether a narrow or wide box is needed, should be on their own. It all depends solely on the imagination and wishes of the child.

So, to build a bed for the doll, just stick it to the chosen frame of the back - in the head and legs.

cardboard doll bed

And then you can color the resulting interior item. You should also sew a small mattress and pillow. So the bed will turn out as realistic as possible.

How to make a wardrobe

All dolls are fashionable women, which is why they have a large number of outfits for different occasions. But so that they always look perfect, it's important to keep them somewhere. People use a closet for these purposes. Therefore, the doll is also needed.

Wanting to build this piece of furniture, you should not spend hours browsing the Internet in search of detailed instructions on how to make furniture from cardboard with your own hands and patterns of details, because in fact the closet is the easiest element to perform. For its execution, you just need to cut the box (for Barbie, you can take the package from the juice, for example) on three sides (except for the left side), stepping back from the front edge about two centimeters. Draw drawers from matchboxes below, to which you can attach bows or buttons to make it easier to open.

Glue the finished product with paper or cloth. That's all!

do-it-yourself wardrobe for dolls

How to make a dressing table

Not a single girl, girl, woman can do without a beautiful table, on which lie all the items necessary for beauty - a hairbrush, perfume, glasses and other important accessories. Since Barbie is also a girl, it is simply impossible for her to do without the same element of the interior.

We have repeatedly mentioned how easy and fun it is to make cardboard furniture for dolls with our own hands. However, our readers can again be convinced of this when they try to make a dressing table for the doll themselves.

It will require several pairs of boxes of different sizes, which you just need to glue together with each other in the form of two piles. The next step is to place them side by side and connect them by putting them on top of a sheet of cardboard (cut off the excess edges). In the middle, between the stacks of boxes, underneath it is necessary to attach another box, simulating another box. And on top - two more. This will turn out the original frame for the dressing table.

Having pasted it with paper or film, we will complete the interior item important for the doll.

How to make a mirror on the dressing table

Boys must have noticed repeatedly that girls, no matter how old they are, really like to look at their reflection, checking if everything is in order with their hair, make-up, earrings, etc., which is why it’s all reflective surface. For this reason, putting a doll in a room with a dressing table without a mirror is a real sacrilege!

We have repeatedly explained how to make toy furniture from cardboard with our own hands. But from what it is possible to build a mirror, it remains a mystery. Although in reality everything is quite simple. To give the doll the cherished opportunity to see itself at any convenient hour, you need to attach a figured cardboard depicting a trellis to the back wall of the dressing table. Gently stick on it a piece of foil of the desired size or a photograph of a doll, simulating a reflection. And the original dressing table with a mirror is ready!

How to make a ottoman

In the previous paragraph, we said that girls are very fond of mirrors and can spend long hours around them, admiring themselves. However, standing all this time on his feet is very difficult, and also uncomfortable. Therefore, in addition to the above-described interior item, it is also necessary to build a ottoman on which Barbie will sit, combing her long hair or collecting them in her hair.

We remind once again that in this article we study how to make furniture out of cardboard with our own hands, therefore, no matter how surprising it may be, we will also perform the ottoman in the “cardboard” technique.

To build a stool for a dressing table, a small, proportionate little table square box is suitable, which should be covered with cloth or pasted with paper, film and supplemented with a soft pillow.

How to make a chair

If desired, from a ottoman you can make a full-fledged chair with a back, and even a throne. To do this, stick the back and armrests to the box. And then paste over with paper or cover with cloth.

If Barbie is a princess, her throne should be decorated with golden foil, beads, beads, glass beads and other sparkles. Another chair can be made as shown in the photo.

do-it-yourself cardboard furniture

How to make a laptop

Each doll must be modern, as well as its owner. That is why a set of furniture for Barbie from cardboard (it is quite simple to make it with your own hands) should include a laptop. To build it is not at all difficult. It is only necessary to cut out a small rectangle from thick cardboard, fold it in half. Glue “buttons” on the bottom, they should also be cut out of cardboard. And on the top - a beautiful picture, preferably glossy.

notebook for cardboard doll

How to make a sofa and chairs

If there is a hall in the dollhouse, you should definitely put a sofa in it. Make it easy even for a little princess.

To perform this type of furniture from cardboard with your own hands you will need one long flat box. By attaching armrests to it, which can even be carved, armed with a clerical knife (it is strictly forbidden to trust this work to the child), and the backrest, it will be possible to achieve perfect similarity to the human interior item. Well, a self-adhesive film that simulates a tree, and self-sewn pillows will finally complete the image.

By the same principle, chairs can be made. Only for them boxes will be required smaller and square. Otherwise, the technology is the same.

do-it-yourself cardboard furniture

We hope you now have no questions about how to make cardboard furniture with your own hands.


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