Why do you need to sublimate coffee?

How to make freeze dried coffee, and what does this name mean? We will consider these issues in this article.

How to sublimate coffee?

sublimate coffee

This unique technology for the production of powder for a coffee beverage can also be called "freeze-drying." First, the prepared concentrate is very cooled. The ice crystals are then dehydrated by vacuum. Why freeze coffee? First of all, then, in order to preserve the natural substances contained in the grains, to provide a delicate taste and aroma of the final drink. This is due to the high cost of sublimated coffee (the brands under which it is produced have practically no cheap analogues). The cost is also affected by the energy intensity of production.

how to make freeze dried coffee

Why freeze coffee and how does it affect its taste?

The above process allows you to maximize the aroma and taste of the drink to that made from grains. As you know, the latter is the standard of aromatic coffee. But its daily brewing in a Turk (especially if you like to indulge yourself with this drink several times a day or often receive guests) takes a lot of time. And with the help of technology that allows you to sublimate coffee, you can have at your disposal a high-quality semi-finished product, no less fragrant.

Once again about the manufacture

The photo shows a machine that allows you to freeze a decoction of coffee beans to obtain an ice block, which is subsequently dehydrated and crushed.

freeze-dried coffee brands
As you can see, looking at the particles of the finished coffee, they have an irregular shape. This is precisely because crushing makes them so. By the way, freeze-dried is not the only coffee made from beans. Also worth mentioning is powder and granular. They are also varieties of instant coffee. Powder is made from raw grains, fried and crushed, from which soluble particles are extracted using special equipment. To do this, you need a unit that allows you to supply hot water under high pressure. Before receiving the final product, the extracted substances are filtered and dried. The production of granulated coffee as a whole is not different, but it has another additional step - dumping particles of soluble powder into small lumps using a steam jet.

Benefit and harm

All the properties that coffee beans have are almost completely preserved in freeze-dried. Unfortunately, some not quite useful features are preserved. As you know, coffee is able to increase blood pressure and is not very useful for people prone to tachycardia. Yes, and a completely healthy person, nutritionists do not recommend drinking more than two small cups of this drink per day. Coffee (including freeze-dried) is very useful for those who are used to intense mental activity, as well as those seeking to lose weight. After all, it perfectly accelerates all metabolic processes and helps burn excess calories.

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