Writing texts to order

At the heart of any successful business is effective advertising. PR is carried out in various ways. This may include placing modules in newspapers, scrolling commercials on television, distributing booklets, etc. A method such as writing texts containing information about products or services on the Internet is becoming more widespread. Such advertising can increase the number of customers and revenues by several times, since millions of visitors can see it.

Where to post a selling article

As a rule, for this you create your own website. But at the initial stages it is also advisable to post articles on other high-ranking Internet resources with high attendance and similar topics. Such services are provided mainly on a fee basis. For example, you can post an article on the site FB.ru. Moreover, it is not necessary to select the material yourself and work on creating a unique article, since the authors of this site write texts to order.

Advertising Article Requirements

You need to know that an advertising article should contain not only useful information for readers, but also meet certain requirements in order for it to rank well in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex and others). First of all, the text should contain key phrases. It is for them that content is selected according to the requests of visitors.

Key phrases should be placed competently, so that the "readability" of the text is not lost. A clear structure, a suitable volume, the selection of basic information makes the content easy to read. As a result, not only the number of customers increases, but also the site rating, since one of the criteria for evaluating material by search robots is the time that visitors spent on the web resource page.

Writing texts to order

A lot depends on what information is presented to the buyer, how it is submitted (the general image of the site, its “weight” in search engines, sales level, etc.), and that’s why it’s better to use copywriters. You can contact various agencies and exchanges that offer writing texts for sites on a paid basis. Prices for such services may be different, as, however, and the quality provided in the subsequent article. Therefore, it is better to choose the author, focusing not on cost, but on the experience of a particular artist. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with his previous works, look into the portfolio.

Before placing an order, you must:

  • Choose keywords ( the copywriter himself can do this if necessary).
  • Fill out a brief, that is, prepare information about the company, its goals and objectives, the products provided, the target audience, etc., in order to orient the performer. In addition, it will be necessary to indicate the requirements for the text (number of characters, links, keywords, uniqueness of the article, and so on).
  • Have funds on your Internet wallet to pay for the services of a copywriter for writing texts to order.

Time for writing an article

It is best, if possible, to provide the copywriter with a maximum time period for writing the material, so that he has time to collect the necessary information, process it, draw up an article plan and write a really high-quality text. Otherwise, the material may be "raw" and uninteresting. At the same time, the professionalism of the performer should be taken into account. If he is inexperienced, then he may not be able to cope with the task assigned to him, and another author will have to write texts to order.

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