The layout on the Tarot cards: "Station for two"

If you have any problems in a love relationship, or you want to find out what your partner thinks, feels, and if you are afraid to ask directly or if you cannot for some other reason, you can resort to the help of the Tarot. There are a great many dealings for various life situations. One of the easiest to execute is the Tarot layout “Station for two”, or, as it is also called, “7 cards”. All you need is a deck of cards, a secluded environment and a desire to find out the truth.

For fortune telling, you can use all the cards or only the Major Arcana.

tarot station for two

The first version of the layout Taro station for two

Shuffle the cards and alternately draw 7 cards from the deck, listening to your intuition. Arrange them according to the indicated diagram. In addition to the layout of the love relationship, this scheme can be used to divine the working situation. In principle, you can use regular playing cards for divination, but it is still better to use Tarot cards. “Station for two” will give more accurate answers in this case.

tarot card station for two

The first card is a signifier. It determines the current state of things, characterizes the situation and shows the possible development of relations.

Three cards of the right row will tell about the feelings and thoughts of the partner.

Three cards in the left row will reveal your own thoughts. What is really going on in your soul, your true feelings.

The bottom row - the fifth and fourth card - is how you look in the eyes of others and your partner at the moment. The true attitude towards you without regard to what is being said out loud.

The middle row, with the exception of the card-signifier, will tell you what the current situation in your relationship can lead to. This is a possible development of events, and not the ultimate truth.

Top row cards will show your thoughts on relationships. The right card is you, the left one is your partner.

Interpretation of the alignment

After all the cards are laid out, proceed with the interpretation of the Tarot "Station for Two".

Having looked at the card-identifier, determine the essence of the problem. Then analyze the right and left rows to understand how you feel for each other. And only then deal with hidden motives and feelings.

If the Emperor, Empress, High Priest or High Priestess fell in the right or left row, they indicate specific people. The appearance of a card of the opposite sex indicates a close relationship, and same-sex symbolizes jealousy and fear of infidelity.

The second version of the layout

In this scenario, not seven cards are used, but ten. If you want a more detailed answer to your question, it is better to resort to it.

Gently shuffle the deck and draw 10 cards in turn, of course, without peeping. Lay them out according to the layout of the Tarot Station for Two, below.

fortune telling tarot station for two

Cards of the left row characterize the questioner:

  • The fourth card will tell you about it: it will show how you behave in this situation.
  • The fifth card shows the real feelings of the questioner, his fears and hopes associated with them.
  • The sixth card is thoughts, what you expect from your partner.

Cards of the right row will tell about the partner:

  • The seventh card shows how your partner behaves in this situation.
  • The eighth card symbolizes his feelings.
  • The ninth card is what the partner thinks about your relationship, what he wants and expects from them in general.

The first card describes the current situation, what is happening with the relationship now.

The third map shows the future. What will happen to the questioner.

The second card symbolizes the future for your partner.

The tenth card is the final one. She will answer the main question: are relationships possible, which way should I move to improve the situation.

Interpretation of the second scenario

First of all, deal with the right and left side: this is how you will learn about the motives of behavior, the true thoughts and feelings of both your and your partner. Perhaps something is slipping away from your gaze - the cards will help clarify things. Then move on to the rest of the positions. Treat the final map at the very end, when the whole picture emerges. This will help to correctly perceive the situation and outline a plan for further actions.

When resorting to magical rituals, always remember that your happiness is in your hands. Whatever the forecast, believe yourself first. If you decide to use fortune-telling on Tarot cards to clarify the situation, "Station for Two" will be the best solution. Good fortune telling!


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