The effect of coffee on the human body: features, properties and recommendations of specialists

People love coffee since ancient times. This drink has many fans, but there are many who are confident in the exceptional harm of coffee to the body. The truth, as usual, is somewhere nearby. What is the actual effect of coffee on the body? Let's figure it out!

the effect of coffee on the body

There are various types of raw materials. Classic made from roasted coffee tree beans. The effect of instant coffee on the body is somewhat different, because this drink has a different composition. Another variety is green grains, of which there are many myths.

The composition of the product

The main ingredient is caffeine. It is characterized by an exciting effect, the result of which is an increase in activity. Synthetic analogues of caffeine activate the vasomotor and respiratory centers of the brain, increase cortical activity, accelerate the transmission of nerve impulses.

The effect of coffee on the body is also due to other substances, an important place among them is taken by the alkaloids of caffeine and theophylline.

And roasted coffee beans contain:

  • tannins - give a bitter taste;
  • caféol (this component enhances blood circulation, lowers cholesterol);
  • vitamin P, necessary for the walls of blood vessels;
  • chlorogenic acid (important for protein metabolism);
  • essential oils that provide a unique aroma and taste.

Scientists have discovered in coffee beans more than a thousand biologically active substances that affect metabolism. Among them are amino acids, alkaloids, organic acids. The effect of coffee on the human body is determined by the total combination of all ingredients.

Many have heard of theobromine in coffee. The effect on the body of this component is similar to the action of caffeine: it stimulates the work of the heart, nervous and respiratory systems. This component is indispensable in a stressful situation: it helps to cope with nervous strain, drowns out pain, makes it possible to concentrate and find the right solution. But if you want to improve your health with theobromine, look for it in cocoa or chocolate: in most types of coffee there is actually practically no this substance.

the effect of coffee on a woman’s body

Effect on the heart and blood vessels

Drinking a drink briefly raises blood pressure. Immediately faster pulse. But there is a nuance.

For coffee lovers who regularly drink their favorite drink, this effect is not observed. But for those who drink it very rarely, even a caffeine-free drink increases blood pressure. Doctors also noticed that lowered coffee pressure increases, but normal does not. Clinical studies have confirmed that people who drink about 5 cups per day have virtually no problems with high or low blood pressure. But it is worth increasing the number to 6 cups, as persistent hypertension is guaranteed.

People with coronary artery disease are not recommended to drink coffee. This is due not only to the effect on blood vessels, but also to the effect of coffee on the body as a whole. Studies have not established a relationship between the amount of coffee and susceptibility to heart disease. But modern medicine is very clear: exceeding the recommended amounts leads to arrhythmia.

The effect of caffeine on blood vessels is rather positive. The use of the drink in reasonable doses improves the microcirculation of blood in the tissues, strengthens the walls. Many European medical centers for the treatment of heart disease recommend atherosclerosis to drink several cups daily in addition to a low cholesterol diet.

It should be understood that moderate use of coffee does not harm the heart in any way. In any case, there is no clinical or laboratory evidence of its harm. Drink a couple cups a day and don’t worry about cardiovascular health.

Effect on the nervous system

Caffeine also stimulates nervous activity: working capacity is increased, fatigue is reduced, a feeling of vigor comes, the thought process is activated.

With 4 cups daily, the risk of developing Parkinson's disease is significantly reduced.

We must not forget about the negative impact of coffee on the body, in particular on the nervous system. Excessive stimulation is fraught with exhaustion. This pattern was investigated by I.P. Pavlov at the beginning of the 20th century. Exceeding the recommended doses of coffee can have the following consequences:

  • lethargy;
  • drowsiness;
  • prostration;
  • retardation;
  • depressive states.

Effect on the genitourinary system

This drink has a pronounced diuretic effect. It is necessary to monitor the amount of fluid consumed. Replenish fluid loss regularly, especially in the heat. A diuretic property can be used: it is recommended to drink a drink during colds and ailments.

It should be remembered that with increased urination, the body actively loses calcium.

Digestive system

Drinking on an empty stomach is undesirable. With caution, it is worth treating the drink with patients with gastritis and pancreatitis. Remember: a coffee drink irritates the gastric mucosa, enhances the production of gastric juice.

the effect of instant coffee on the body

There is also a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract - peristalsis is activated.

Effects on the liver

Currently, scientists do not have data on the negative effects of coffee on this organ. But for gall coffee is useful. Just a few cups per day helps cleanse the ducts, which serves as an excellent prevention of gallstone disease.

Coffee and metabolism

Biologically active substances, which are rich in brewed coffee beans, are involved in the metabolism. The drink improves antioxidant defense, indirectly reduces the risk of diabetes.

It is generally accepted that coffee is addictive, but scientists say that we can only talk about psychological addiction. Stop drinking coffee - and you may feel longing for the pleasant moments that he gave you in the morning or during a break. But you will not feel any breaking.

There is a big question and carcinogenicity. Coffee is assigned to the third group (substances about which there is insufficient data to refute or confirm the effect on the development of tumors). Incidentally, talcum powder and cell phones are also in this category. A number of scientists believe that coffee does not increase, but reduces the risk of developing tumors. This issue is currently under active research.

It is worth mentioning the effect on cholesterol. The drink indirectly affects the metabolism of fatty acids, lowers cholesterol.

Instant drink

It is generally accepted that this option is safe, but in fact the effect of instant coffee on the human body exceeds the effect of natural varieties. This is due to the high caffeine content.

the effect of coffee on a man’s body

A soluble drink has a stronger effect on pressure, secretion of gastric juice. This pleasure is not just not recommended, but is strictly contraindicated for people with gastrointestinal disease, pregnant women, adolescents.

We must not forget that many manufacturers use the cheapest raw materials for the production of instant coffee. The quality of natural grain is much higher.

Green coffee

You can make a tasty and healthy drink from unroasted beans. This product is popular with those who want to lose weight. Its taste and smell are not as expressive and pleasant as the usual classics cooked in a Turk. But there are more useful substances in grains that have not been roasted.

the effect of coffee on the female body

The components of green coffee really accelerate the metabolism, which contributes to weight loss. In addition, the drink helps restore strength for a new workout. But do not hope that the result will come on its own: green coffee only contributes to weight loss, and does not cause it magically. Kilograms will go away, but for this you need to try, combining proper nutrition with reasonable physical activity.

The effect of coffee on the female body

It is believed that regular consumption of a natural drink reduces the risk of becoming pregnant. This drink can not be considered a contraceptive, but for ladies trying to conceive a child, it is better to minimize consumption.

Pregnant coffee is not recommended. Its negative effect on the fetus is a proven fact.

Studying the effect of coffee on a woman’s body , scientists found a connection with the formation of breast tumors. Benign formations can resolve by themselves, it is only necessary to reduce caffeine consumption.

the effect of instant coffee on the human body

During menopause, the harm of coffee is associated with leaching of calcium. During lactation, a drink is all the more undesirable for the same reason.

If there is a benefit of this drink specifically for a woman’s body, then at present it is not known. However, scientists have confirmed the promotion of weight loss of natural varieties of coffee a long time ago.

The effect of coffee on a man’s body

But for men, this drink is useful. Coffee can be attributed to natural aphrodisiacs: it prolongs and enhances potency, stimulates the work of the sex glands. However, this statement is true only for healthy men. Studies have not revealed any positive or negative effects of coffee with impotence.

But do not get involved in this drink. Excessive consumption can lead to increased levels of estrogen (female sex hormones). In this regard, instant coffee is also more dangerous than natural.

It is believed that coffee can trigger the progression of prostatitis.

As necessary and as impossible

In reasonable quantities, the drink is harmless. The number of cups depends on many factors. The effect of coffee on the body is also determined by an individual reaction. The average dose should not exceed 3-4 cups per day. By the morning cup, be sure to grab a couple of sandwiches, sweets, gingerbread cookies. At lunchtime, enjoy a drink after a meal.

negative effect of coffee on the body

To increase the benefits of coffee, combine it with other products: milk, cream, ice cream, honey, cinnamon, lemon.

Do not forget that it is absolutely impossible to abuse this drink. An overdose can even be fatal. 15 or more cups of coffee per day will invariably cause a number of negative consequences. These include the following:

  • hallucinations;
  • neurotic phenomena;
  • vomiting
  • tachycardia;
  • stomach pains;
  • cramps
  • temperature rise;
  • shortness of breath.

Use caution at the end of the day. The effect of coffee on the body, as we already know, is exciting. A couple of evening cups can turn into insomnia.

As you can see, coffee can not cause much harm if you drink this drink within reasonable limits.


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