Strengths of character in the resume, and how to describe them correctly

As soon as a person finishes his studies, he is faced with the question of finding a job. Some, of course, are lucky, they have certain connections. And you can get a job for them without describing your strengths and weaknesses in your resume. However, a smart employer will never take the burden of being an incompetent employee. It is very important not to embellish yourself in a resume, but to write the truth. Otherwise, you may encounter problems due to an excessively good description of yourself.

Importance of Resume

Imagine that in search of work we come across an interesting position for us. Salary, place of work and everything else suits you. You submit an application and you are asked to send a description of yourself. You write it with pleasure, describe your strengths of character in the resume. Having written right there, without previewing, you send to the employer and wait for the letter with the invitation to interview. But it does not come, and all because you incorrectly composed it. Not all people are able to present themselves and, of course, in most cases their resume is, to put it mildly, not very high-quality and intriguing.

Do not treat a resume as a toilet paper. You need to write briefly, a maximum of two pages, and preferably one. The article describes useful tips for writing a resume and the main mistakes in it.

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Compilation rules

This is best done on a cold head, carefully considering all the words. Remember that reading your resume, the employer evaluates you based on written on paper. And the more concise the text, the more likely you are to get an in-person interview. If you want to remain an outsider, you can greatly exaggerate your strengths in your resume.

Resume Tips:

  1. Remember all your positive qualities. Carefully select the most useful ones and write on a piece of paper. Compare the specifics of the proposed work and your personal qualities. What is most suitable, then write in the resume.
  2. Work experience in other companies. Describe as much as possible your merits in working for some companies. For example, how do you, by optimizing your workflow, increase your company's profit by 13%. Or you, as you have acquired the skill of sociability or a good speaker.
  3. Do not overdo it with the design. No underscores or artsy fonts needed. Write in standard fonts and highlight only the most important.
  4. Show your relatives and friends, let them appreciate.
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What to write about yourself

It is important to structure information so that it becomes easier for the employer to read. This a priori gives you an edge over other job seekers.

  1. Your name with date of birth.
  2. What do you want to get from the post, what is the purpose of the device to work.
  3. Leave your own contacts. For example, a personal phone number or mail.
  4. Family status.
  5. Experience in similar companies with a description of personal achievements.
  6. Your merits, the following is how to write them correctly.
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Strengths of character in the resume: examples

If you do not have them in this area of ​​activity, but urgently need to get there, look. There is something yes. Each person is naturally talented in something. It is worth understanding what your craft is and starting to do it. Otherwise, you doom yourself to a dull, boring life in the wrong place and with the wrong people. A person who does not have the ability to present himself addresses such articles. Strengths of character in the resume - sample:

  1. Remember your past. Each person is unique, try to analyze situations from your experience. How did you behave in extreme situations, communicate with different people. For example, remember your student years and what place you occupied in the team. Were the headman - responsibility; led the group - humor, charisma, innate optimism; excellent student - mind, learning ability, logic, good memory; activist - flexibility of thinking, high emotional intelligence.
  2. In which field of activity are you most productive. Imagine: you like to surf the Internet. Oddly enough, this is also a positive quality. You are distinguished by a quick capture of information, but do not keep it in your mind for a long time. You quickly analyze, have clip thinking, which speeds up the decision-making process. You can find positive quality in absolutely everything. Another example: you are a fan of online games. You can safely say about you: you try to be better than yesterday. After all, this is the specificity of online games - always evolve.
  3. Take personality tests. Here, you don’t need to especially think up, your results will be your negative and positive qualities.

The modern world is the world of people who know how to present themselves. Sociability, well-read, leadership qualities - this is what a person should combine. And this is especially necessary for the marketing and sales.

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Character Strengths in Seller Resume

In our usual understanding, the seller is Aunt Zina from a nearby store. However, this is not the case. A seller can be called any person presenting a product for the purpose of selling it. And for successful sales, the seller must have a certain warehouse of character and temperament. Its distinctive features: responsiveness, openness, sociability, ability to get along with people and show themselves and the goods from the best side.

Therefore, not everyone can become a seller, but if you really need to, then you can try. First of all, write the character's strengths in the resume, it is not necessary to send it to the employer. Consider how your quality can help you with your sales. For example, you are an extremely punctual pedant. In the resume you can write "I think well and give change without errors. With me you will not have problems in the lack of money or goods."

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Try not to exaggerate your strengths in your resume. And always write only the truth, structure your description of yourself. If the resume is successful, you will be called for a personal meeting. The main thing is not to worry, they should understand that you are a professional in your field. Even if in fact this is not so.


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