Transparent rice noodles, or How to cook funchose at home

Funchoza is a translucent, low-calorie noodle made from rice flour. This dish came to us from Thailand and immediately fell in love with Russian citizens. Today you can buy it at any supermarket. It is prepared quickly enough and served as a side dish for meat, fish dishes and even seafood. Many do not know how to cook funchose at home, although there is nothing supernatural in this - everything is written on the package. We have collected some original, simple and very tasty recipes with transparent noodles. Below will be presented recipes.

how to cook funchose at home

Funchoza can not only be boiled, but even fried with onions and garlic. This vermicelli is rich in amino acids, proteins and a whole complex of vitamins. It is even used to treat the nervous system. In addition, it contains complex carbohydrates that help to supply our body with an inexhaustible source of energy. And due to the low calorie content (per 100 gr. - 340 kcal) and the absence of glycogen, thin noodles are allowed to be consumed in childhood, since the product does not cause allergies.

The unique vermicelli goes well with different products, which is why she is so fond of in different countries. And how to cook funchose at home, you can learn to the end by reading the article.

The first recipe - Korean funchose


-Bell pepper;

green onions;

champignon mushrooms (300 gr.);

Pork (300 gr.);

- garlic (2 pcs.);

-soy sauce;

Sesame and greens;

-funchosa (400 gr.).

How to cook funchose at home to make it delicious and spicy? Very simple - from the presented components. Fry onion with meat, then add finely chopped mushrooms. At the very end we interfere with bell pepper, soy sauce, add a little salt and pepper - simmer for 15 minutes.

how to cook funchose at home

While the vegetables and meat are being cooked, we’ll make funchose. Lower the noodles into boiling water - literally for 5 minutes, and then fry it. Combine the prepared rice vermicelli with cold cuts, sprinkle with sesame seeds and chopped herbs. Here's how to cook funchose at home without the effort and expense of a lot of money. This awesome dish will enchant you with its unique taste, magnificent aroma and nutrition.

The second recipe is no less tasty and simple - with chicken. How to cook funchose with meat and cauliflower, read below. Purchase the following set of products:

-chicken fillet;



- celery and ginger root;


rice noodles (200 gr.);

- garlic (2 cloves);

-soy sauce.

Step cooking

how to cook funchose with meat

Grind ginger with garlic, previously peeled, and sauté in olive (vegetable) oil until a beautiful golden color. Then, carefully remove them with a fork - we don’t need them anymore. These aromatic and healthy spices are indispensable in this dish, they will give a piquant taste and notes of freshness.

Cut the fillet into small thin slices or stripes - as you like, place in a pan where spices are cooked and fry until cooked. Add a little broth for juiciness.

Boil the funchozo (as in the previous recipe) and send to the meat, put the chopped vegetables (cauliflower, carrots, leeks) there. Instead of fresh vegetables, you can take a frozen vegetable mixture.

We mix the ingredients, season with soy sauce (whoever likes it sharper - you can add chili peppers).

We talked about how to cook funchose at home in combination with various ingredients - experiment, turn on imagination and create culinary masterpieces in your kitchen.


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