Why do you need an assessment of construction in progress

There are not a few cases when the construction of an object is interrupted at a certain stage. And the reason for this can be various factors: lack of funds, the disloyal policy of the builder when the market situation changes, and much more. The target direction of the unfinished construction object plays an important role, since it is possible to use it not only for its intended purpose, but also to re-profile it, depending on the established permit for this land plot.

construction in progress assessment

Why do you need an assessment of construction in progress

  • Use of this facility as collateral for lending. However, difficulties may arise when a bank evaluates its liquidity.
  • Use of an unfinished structure as a contribution to the authorized capital.
  • Insurance.
  • Purchase of a municipal property.
  • Setting the building on the balance sheet of the organization.
  • An assessment of construction in progress will be required to complete the purchase or sale transaction. Most often, the new owner of such an object expects additional expenses for registration, technical expertise and connection of communications. Therefore, they are more willing to purchase real estate, the documents for which are in perfect order.
  • Making decisions regarding this construction in progress. This refers to how realistic it is to change the operational purpose. Sometimes the unfinished foundation allows you to completely rebuild it and make it suitable for completely different purposes.
  • Sometimes the assessment of construction in progress is used for a profitable sale not of the object, but of the land under it. Since in most cases it is highly valued not as such a structure, but the occupied area, which can be used for various needs.

construction in progress

Assessment of construction in progress by specialists is possible if the following documents are available:

- The total cost of the project, estimated calculation.

- Technical characteristics and purpose of the object.

- The cost of construction and installation work performed at the actual and base price .

- Acts of acceptance.

- Acts on hidden work.

- Title documents for the land.

- The carrying amount of the property.

Ownership documents for construction in progress after the purchase are confirmed by estimate documentation and permission to continue the construction of the facility. After completion of work, ownership of it is issued. And only after that registration in the MBTI is allowed.

construction assessment

Most often, an examination of construction in progress is appointed for buildings and structures. An objective assessment of such a procedure requires a correct classification of objects. This will allow unfinished projects in the future to act as income-generating real estate. According to the norms of designing objects, all buildings and structures for their intended purpose are divided into several types:

- Production.

- Public.

- Residential.

Sometimes such an assessment of construction helps to see the real value of the object and understand the situation in the real estate market.

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