Dentist Summary: Sample and Writing Example

Why does a dentist need a resume? It would seem an ordinary piece of paper. But at present, the hiring of employees is carried out on a competitive basis. Specialists in the field of medical services are not an exception to the rules. To distinguish from the main group of applicants for a particular position allows the so-called resume. This document is submitted to the employer by everyone who wishes to work in a certain company or institution.

Due to the expansion of private practice in the provision of dental services, the demand for dental specialists has also increased. Despite many requests, even an experienced specialist today is difficult to get the desired vacancy. And the point is not at all that there is no work as such, on the contrary, there is too much of it, but that professionals do not know how to advertise themselves.

Many may emphasize that a good specialist does not need advertising. But for the employer today it is very important how the specialist evaluates and positions himself first of all. And you can get the necessary information only from the CV (curriculum vitae) provided by the latter - a brief description of life, in other words, a resume.

What it is?

The summary of the dentist is a template document that contains information about the specialist. This is the so-called self-presentation, set out in writing.

The summary sets out information about the skills of a specialist, his experience working in a certain position, work experience in a certain field, education, achievements, personal qualities, goals, achieved successes. But strictly in a professional environment.

paramedic resume

The summary of the dentist contains not only information about the results achieved, but also plans for the future development and further implementation of professional developments.

Looking through the document during the selection of candidates, the employer draws attention not only to the content, but also to the literacy of the compilation, the originality of the submission of information, which is determining the future employment of the candidate.

Varieties of Resume

Having decided to get a new job for the first time or to take a medical position in a more promising clinic with regard to the implementation of skills and salary, the applicant draws up a resume.

You should be aware that this document has several varieties:

  • chronological - such a summary makes it possible to trace the career growth of a specialist, contains information about the professional skills of a specialist and his achievements in the professional field, outlined in direct or reverse order by year;
  • functional - this type of CV allows the employer to write in writing all his skills in a specific field without reference to specific dates, the emphasis is on work experience, and not on the number of jobs replaced over a certain period of time;
  • combined - this is the most common type of document, it allows you to comprehensively evaluate a specialist, identify trends in his career growth and interest in investing in the development of a permanent job.

The success of the achievement of the set goal depends directly on which of these types of dentist’s resumes will be submitted to the employer - occupying the desired position in a particular clinic!

How to compose?

Following several rules for compiling a dentist’s resume for work, you can quickly change your current place to a more promising and interesting one.

successful selection of candidates for resume

Here are a few points to help you keep track of important points when filling out your CV:

  • a portfolio document about a specialist should make an excellent first impression on the employer, so try to present the information logically, concisely and clearly, the presentation style is business;
  • at present, the resume is submitted in electronic form, it is possible to arrange the employer to quickly view the resume only if it is made in a simple text editor;
  • when compiling a resume, it is necessary to observe the parameters for filling out business papers - take into account the presence of fields, paragraphs, gaps between information spaces, structured content is easier to read when studying;
  • if the resume is submitted in printed form, the option of printing with a laser printer will be more presentable;
  • the summary of secondary facts from life is unacceptable in the resume, the emphasis should be placed on your professional skills over the past five years, while the volume of the document will not exceed one page and will fully disclose information about the specialist;
  • you should not make a quick summary, this document should emphasize the basic skills in the position that the applicant wishes to occupy, therefore, attention should be focused on the main important points of professional activity, noting which the employer is unlikely to be able to say no;
  • resume may contain evidence base of real achievements of a specialist, expressed in quantitative or percentage terms, which will allow the employer to distinguish a candidate from the group of other applicants;
  • self-presentation should be restrained, honest, you can’t ascribe to yourself skills that you don’t own, and you should not praise your advantages too much;
  • accuracy, literacy, optimally selected font of the document creates an attractive resume that you want to read without fail;
  • it is unacceptable to use frames, openwork pretzels, illustrations, these distracting maneuvers create the opposite effect in the resume, such a resume will be left in the employer’s desk drawer for a long time or will immediately fall into the bin;
  • all abbreviations given in the summary should have a decoding;
  • CV should reflect the energy potential of a specialist, therefore motivating verbs should be used in the wording of sentences, for example: organized, eliminated, adjusted ...;
  • in the summary, the use of professional terms is permissible, but only within the limits of the reasonable, the stated information should be understandable not only to specialists of a certain field of activity;
  • A resume is an official document, so a personal photograph is not obligatory in it, exceptions are allowed if the employer himself requires it;
  • the "face" of the health care provider should not resemble a medical encyclopedia, do not go too deep into the description of medical terms, there are no concepts.

A properly compiled dentist’s resume is a chance to get the job you want. If this document is compiled logically and contains constructively formulated thoughts, then this is always a few pluses in your favor with strict selection of candidates.

Contents of a Medical Officer Resume

Modern dentistry branches out into several specialties for which the dentist can look for work. So, a specialist dentist may need a resume for the following positions:

  • dentist;
  • orthopedic dentist;
  • dentist orthodontist;
  • periodontist;
  • dental surgeon;
  • children's dentist;
  • Dental Technician.

Regardless of the chosen direction of the job search, the content of the resume is template, but the content has differences with respect to job responsibilities and experience in them. Below is a sample resume for the work of a dentist, which can be used as a basis for drawing up an individual document about yourself as a specialist.

resume sample


This item determines the type of document and in whose name it is submitted. Often, on the first line of the resume, they make a mistake. The correct spelling is as follows: Summary Pavlova Pavel Pavlovich.


The main goal when looking for a job is to take a certain position by the applicant. In the summary of the dentist’s doctor, a sample of filling in this paragraph will look as follows: Purpose of the summary: seeking the position of a dentist (orthodontist, orthopedist, surgeon ...).

Personal data

In this paragraph you should list information about yourself: F. I. O., date of birth, address of actual residence, contact details (phone, mobile phone, e-mail, Skype), marital status, children.


This paragraph of the sample summary of the dentist indicates information on the relevant specialist education. If there are several diplomas, you need to list them in chronological order, indicating the place of study, years of study, type of study, received specializations.

Professional experience

At this point, you should list the work experience in reverse chronological order. And be sure to indicate the positions held.

Job responsibilities

The duties of the dentist, depending on the chosen direction of specialization, include a different list of works. This item should show how competent a specialist is in a particular field of dentistry and what skills he has. What is able at the time of employment.

Regardless of the direction of activity, all dentists are required to have the following skills:

  • have knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the oral cavity - the structure of the jaws and teeth;
  • be able to work with new generation medicines, therefore, without pharmacological knowledge it is unlikely to be able to get a job as a dentist;
  • have experience with radiographs, diagnostic equipment;
  • have skills in maintaining medical records.
x-ray reading skills

In the resume of the dentist, the following skills can be additionally indicated:

  • history taking and preliminary diagnoses;
  • patient counseling;
  • treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and teeth;
  • dental prosthetics.

Examples can be supplemented by individual skills in working with certain materials, tools and equipment.

patient counseling

The sample resume of an orthopedic dentist should specifically describe the specialist’s skills regarding prosthetics and tooth restoration. Today, orthodontics in dentistry is the most popular. There are not so many specialists really versed in the nuances of dental implants. A summary of an orthopedic dentist may indicate the following criteria for professionalism:

  • treatment of decayed teeth;
  • installation of crowns, prostheses, pins;
  • aesthetic restoration of teeth;
  • correction of the direction of the teeth with the help of braces and veneers.
denture skills

Orthopedic skills of specialists can expand depending on the experience and category of specialist.

The following should be noted in the CV of the dentist / surgeon:

  • atraumatic tooth extraction;
  • excision of fibroma;
  • removal of an oral cyst;
  • plastic of the tongue and lips;
  • microscopic dental treatment;
  • periostomy, alveolotomy ...

Promotions Available

This section should list the available awards, diplomas, certificates, research results, scientific papers, certificates of participation in conferences. Just a name, documents do not need to be attached.

awards, certificates, diplomas

Personal virtues

In this section, it is necessary to list personal qualities that help to cope with the tasks of a specialist, in particular a dentist:

  • sociability;
  • ability to make important decisions;
  • work without external control;
  • responsibility;
  • accurate implementation of medical protocol instructions;
  • adoption of non-standard decisions;
  • possession of endurance and patience;
  • enterprise - risk appetite;
  • fast learner.

Now you know how to write a CV correctly. We hope that based on the example of a dentist’s resume and detailed instructions, you will be able to make the best option.


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