How to make a septic tank from eurocubes with your own hands?

People who have recently moved out of town have a lot of problems with arranging in a new place. And one of the most urgent is the question of building a sewage system, since the comfort of modern housing largely depends on it.

do-it-yourself septic tank
An elegant solution is a septic tank from European cubes (with your own hands), for the installation and further maintenance of which you will spend very little time.

How to determine the volume?

Most often, beginners "stumble" on the fact that they do not know the simplest rules for calculating the volume of a septic tank. In fact, it is not so difficult. Experts say that its capacity should be three times the capacity of all drains that the family produces per day.

So, a septic tank from Eurocubes (it is very easy to make it yourself) for a family of three should have a capacity of at least seven cubic meters. Since such a volume is large enough, it is better to divide it into two parts. It is undesirable to break septic tanks into a larger number of compartments, since this will not add efficiency, but the problems with clogging transitional knees will eventually get you over time.

We start digging a pit

homemade septic tank from eurocubes
Considering that the container used by us is absolutely leakproof, you can dig a pit for it at any place where the equipment of the sewage system will pass. The method of digging depends only on you: if the size of the eurocube in your case is small, you can use the grandfather's shovel, in other cases it is better to hire construction equipment.

After the pit is dug, it is necessary to pour a pillow of crushed stone at its bottom, trying to level the surface as much as possible. It is advisable to use a rammer for this or do it all yourself.

If the soil in your area can hardly be called stable, you need to protect the septic tank from Eurocubes. With your own hands, for this you can make a reliable concrete screed at the bottom of the excavated pit.


After completing all the procedures with the installation of the tank and the installation of its base, you can proceed to connect the pipelines. For this purpose, you need to cut holes in the walls of the appropriate diameter ahead of time. Important! In order not to be left without runoff in the middle of winter, it is necessary to carefully seal all joints with sealant, and dig trenches for pipes below the freezing level of the soil.

If you don’t have the opportunity to dig so deep, we recommend using a special heating cable. With it, your septic tank can be turned from eurocubes with your own hands into an object that is not subject to any cold.


how to make a septic tank from a eurocube
If you are installing a system of two septic tanks, you should remember that the second tank should be 20-30 cm below the top edge of the first. This homemade septic tank from eurocubes will have to be equipped with a drainage pipe system. They are welded at a distance of about 20 cm above the bottom of the cube. The drain is discharged into a drainage ditch, which must be covered with gravel or river sand as large as possible.

We should also not forget that a huge amount of methane and other gases is formed inside such sedimentation tanks. To avoid unpleasant cases, ventilation pipes must be provided for their removal . Of course, they should be located away from the entrance to the house or bath, otherwise pleasant evenings can be seriously overshadowed.

Here's how to make a septic tank out of a Eurocube quickly and at no particular cost!


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