Laser acne treatment: reviews, advantages and disadvantages

To combat acne and inflammation, various methods are used today. These are traditional therapies, masks, as well as chemical peels. Laser acne treatment is also highly effective. Reviews about this procedure are most often found positive. In this review, we will examine what are the advantages of this technique. We will also find out who is indicated for laser acne treatment, and whether this method has contraindications.

Basic concepts

acne treatment

Before starting to consider laser skin treatment methods, we will try to understand the nature of the occurrence of acne. What it is? Hair grows on human skin. Their glands are directly involved in the formation of acne. The cause of acne is a blockage of the sebaceous sac by keratinized cells. Most often, acne in women appears on the back, shoulders, shoulder blades, chest and face. Men are more prone to acne due to increased testosterone production. Acne in adolescence is a completely normal manifestation, indicating the final formation of the body.

Reasons for the appearance

Let's dwell on them in more detail. Acne - what is it? What is arising from? Acne on the skin appears for various reasons. However, two large categories can be distinguished: under the influence of external or internal factors.

The first should include:

  1. Allergic reactions. Synthetic fabrics, poor cosmetics, poor-quality washing powder can cause irritation. A person begins to comb the affected areas. As a result, cracks and scratches form on the skin, into which the infection can get.
  2. Bad habits. Alcohol and cigarette smoking have a negative effect on the whole body. They spoil the stomach and remove water, not allowing the body to absorb nutrients. The habit of eating fast food and carbonated drinks can adversely affect the condition of the skin.
  3. Stress. In this state, all body resources are mobilized. As a result, sebum is more actively released.
  4. Long exposure to the sun. This factor leads to an increase in body temperature, the release of a large amount of sweat. As a result, to stabilize the condition of the skin, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively. The skin becomes oily and glossy. Mud and dust easily enter open pores. As a result, closed comedones appear.
  5. Clothing adjacent to the body. Tissues can block the normal access of oxygen to the skin, which leads to the formation of blackheads.
  6. Non-compliance with hygiene requirements. With a lack of water procedures, the pores are clogged with dirt and keratinized particles of the skin. As a result, acne develops.

Internal causes of acne include:

  1. Violations of the endocrine system. Hormonal disruptions can lead to increased secretion of sebum. Acne on the back and chin acne often occurs in women during pregnancy. This is due to a jump in hormone levels.
  2. Incorrect work of the digestive tract. Slags are not naturally excreted from the body. Therefore, they begin to come out through sweat, thereby creating favorable conditions for the appearance of acne.
  3. Lack of vitamins and nutrients. The problem is solved by taking special complexes.


acne treatment

How does acne appear in women? Most often we are talking about acne on the skin. This is expressed in the appearance of small dots on the surface of the skin. A feature of this problem is that it is rather difficult to treat. Even after the rashes have been removed, scars may remain on the skin. Since infected sebaceous glands often cause inflammation, the essence of treatment is not only the removal of the damaged layer. It is also important to restore the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

The most progressive method of combating acne today is laser therapy. They began to apply this technology in the 90s. Previously, it was prescribed only for severe lesions of the skin. Today, the procedure is carried out even in the initial stages of the disease.


So what are the benefits? Compared to other methods, laser acne treatment has a number of advantages.

Let's consider them in more detail:

  1. Instant effect. After the procedure, redness remains, indicating the removal of the upper layer of the skin.
  2. Laser beams affect not only the surface of the skin, but also affect the inner layers. Means for external use help to eliminate only external inflammation, without exerting any effect on the sebaceous glands and underlying tissues.
  3. Laser acne removal helps to achieve a lasting, lasting effect. It should be borne in mind that this method is suitable only for violations in the functioning of the sebaceous glands. If acne is caused by hormonal changes, laser treatment will only give a temporary result.


Laser against acne is far from always effective. There are a number of reasons why this procedure is prohibited. The method can not be used during menstruation, pregnancy or breastfeeding. In this case, a disruption in the endocrine system of the body can be a side effect.

The procedure is also prohibited for patients with bleeding disorders. Therefore, before starting acne treatment with a laser, it is necessary to undergo an examination and pass tests. This will help to avoid complications. Otherwise, exposure to laser radiation can cause hematomas and bleeding.

The disadvantages of the laser method still include a high price. It can reach 3 thousand rubles in one session. When calculating the cost, the degree of the disease as well as the treatment area are usually taken into account.


They must be familiarized with first of all before the procedure.

In addition to the above cases, laser treatment is also not used for:

  • colds;
  • fungal lesions of the skin;
  • viral infection of the body;
  • oncological diseases;
  • exacerbations of chronic skin diseases (such as eczema and psoriasis).

Who are the procedures assigned to?

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Who can use laser acne treatment? Reviews confirm that this treatment method allows you to achieve amazing results in a short time. The laser can be used to treat black spots, acne, acne and other dermatological problems caused by diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, genetic predisposition, stress conditions, transitional age and other reasons.

Types of therapy

Infrared and ultraviolet radiation can be used to treat acne in adolescents . In this case, the rays penetrate inward to a depth of 0.15 mm. The procedure gives a good antibacterial effect. Ultraviolet radiation also helps remove the old layer of skin. The infrared spectrum helps to achieve a deeper effect. The ray length in this case reaches 1020 nm. The penetration depth of light rays into the skin is 4 mm. Due to this effect, the epidermis is restored and the cells of all skin layers are updated.


What gives laser acne treatment? Patient reviews confirm that this procedure allows you to cleanse the inflammatory foci, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, and normalize metabolic and trophic processes in the skin.

In order for the laser treatment to give the maximum effect, it must be carried out in specialized medical institutions by qualified specialists. In addition, this method of therapy can be prescribed to remove scars.

How is it carried out?

cosmetic procedures

Experts recommend laser peeling no more than once every two weeks. The duration of the procedure can be from 20 minutes to one hour. The number of sessions is determined by the attending physician.

Before the procedure, the surface of the skin must be cleaned. Also, anti-inflammatory compounds are applied to it. To protect the patient's eyes, special glasses are used. After that, the doctor can begin the procedure.

An apparatus for treating the skin produces rays of a certain length. The impact occurs with the help of a special nozzle, which is moved along the surface of the skin. How does a neodymium laser work? Acne is due to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria in the deep layers of the skin. In addition, laser radiation improves blood circulation in the blood vessels of the skin.

After completion of the procedure, the skin surface is treated with agents containing dexpanthenol. This substance promotes the restoration of epidermal cells. During laser exposure, patients do not feel discomfort or pain. Feeling more like a slight tingling sensation.

Skin after laser peeling may turn a little red. Doctors also warn of edema. Repeating the procedure is recommended once every six months. This preventative treatment will help relieve acne.

Side effects

This aspect should be given special attention. Many are interested in how to remove acne with a laser, but not everyone thinks about possible reactions. The body can completely unpredictably respond to such an effect.

Here are just a few of the possible problems:

  1. Swelling. After cleansing, slight swelling may occur. This is due to the fact that blood begins to flow actively into the cells, as a result of which they are oversaturated with liquid. In the first 24 hours after the procedure, cooling napkins can be used to relieve swelling.
  2. Local temperature increase. Skin on treated areas may burn. Also, sensitivity increases significantly. Such a reaction will take place 3-4 days after the procedure.
  3. The appearance of inflammation on the skin. This is an abnormal reaction, in which you must definitely consult a doctor.


facial skin care

What does it include? Laser acne removal requires subsequent care. Try to monitor your skin condition. It must be well hydrated. Your doctor may recommend special nutritional ointments and creams. These funds contribute to the speedy regeneration of the skin.

The day after the procedure, peeling may be observed. This is due to the activation of regenerative functions. The skin is so cleansed of dead particles. This effect is considered a good sign. Peeling can last for a week. Removing dry skin is prohibited. It is better to use special peels recommended by your doctor for this purpose.

After laser treatment, you cannot heat and dry the skin. For this reason, the first time you should not visit the bath and sauna, expose the skin to ultraviolet radiation, and also take a hot bath. Try to protect your skin from any negative effects. This will prevent a rash. After cleaning, the skin is most vulnerable and exposed to bacteria.


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What do people who have experienced the procedure say? As a rule, laser treatment for acne reviews is only positive. Patients are satisfied with the effect of the technique. Laser treatment helps even in severe cases of the disease. However, as noted by patients, acne may appear again after some time. Beauticians usually warn of the need to repeat the course of treatment.

Many are afraid to treat acne with a laser due to possible pain. However, there is no discomfort during the procedure. Patients only feel a pleasant tingling sensation. As a rule, for complete restoration of the skin requires several treatment sessions.

In difficult cases, when scars have already appeared on the skin, the laser will not help to cure acne 100%. In addition to carrying out the procedures, the patient will also need medication.


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Many have probably heard about the effectiveness of such a method as laser acne treatment. Reviews on this procedure are positive. This method allows you to quickly and easily remove acne from the skin surface and acne scars. Laser treatment in severe cases must be combined with traditional therapy.


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