Festive birthday manicure: photos

Every woman loves the holidays. After all, these days you can wear your favorite outfits and attract the enthusiastic looks of all the surrounding men. How to harmoniously complete your image? Of course, do beautiful birthday makeup and manicure! By the way, here you need not only a harmonious combination with your dress. Birthday manicure may also depend on the theme of the upcoming event. In addition, you must follow some other rules.

birthday manicure

Birthday manicure: preparing nails

So, in order. The first thing you need to take care of when doing a birthday manicure is to pay attention to the appearance and condition of your nails. The skin of the hands should also be moisturized and cleaned. Trim all nails to the same length with a nail file. Clean the side rollers and get rid of the cuticle. Hygienic manicure is best done the day before the holiday. No one can be safe from irritations and cuts.

By the way, if you like short nails, itโ€™s not necessary to grow them to triumph. Today, good specialists offer their customers so many designs that you can choose exactly what you need for yourself, regardless of length.

Surprising with chic design

A manicure for a birthday in colors with an outfit and makeup, as mentioned above, should be in harmony. That is, if the costume design is maintained in a uniform tone, it is also preferable to choose a nail design in one shade. In order to add a little festive mood to the manicure, try decorating it with drawings, patterns, glitter or rhinestones. By the way, the texture of the material from which your outfit is made also plays a significant role. Satin or silk suits are suitable for glossy varnishes. If the glitter and gloss of the dress are devoid, stop at the choice of a matte coating of nails.

You can enhance the effect also with the help of special stickers. They are easily applied to the nail plate, making it mirror-like, incredibly beautiful. Another popular holiday design option is foil for manicure. Such nails will make you the real queen of the ball.

birthday manicure photo

French manicure

Want something more sophisticated? Do French birthday manicures! Photos in the catalogs of any salon will delight you. Just do not forget about some details. For outfits of light shades, it is desirable to select a classic jacket decorated with glitter or rhinestones. If you are going to wear a catchy and bright suit, you can make a beautiful evening manicure by painting the tips of the nails with saturated colors. In such cases, manicure can only be decorated with sequins. Single strasses are allowed only on one of the fingers.

beautiful birthday manicure

Blackberry bling

This is a beautiful birthday manicure that has gained immense popularity lately. At the same time, nails are painted in different colors.

This trend has a second name - "manicure for sociable." In America, she won the attention of many fans for a long time. It was demonstrated during the last Fashion Week in a New York spa. In a word, one or two nails are painted in a color completely different from other nails.

And the background of the appearance of such a design is directly related to modern technologies. After all, it is not for nothing that the word Blackberry (the name of the brand of one of the manufacturers of smartphones) is present in the name of this style. The fact is that girls spend a considerable amount of time communicating on a mobile phone and using its other functions (games, the Internet, SMS messages, notes, contacts). Because of this, on the most active fingers, the varnish coating very quickly becomes unusable. Even the strongest. The authors of Blackberry Bling came up with a wonderful thing - to make the coating of nails of the โ€œworkersโ€ especially dense. Although different from other nails on the hands in color. This idea came into fashion very quickly, and it was she who prophesied a great future. In general, this trend is not only bright and beautiful, but also stylish and modern.

birthday manicure with short nails

Feng Shui

The fashion for coating nails with varnishes of various colors has already captured the whole world. As a rule, other shades are intended for the middle and ring fingers. If you trust the claims of astrologers, the middle finger is the finger of Saturn. That is, it embodies success in creativity, business and career. The ring finger is responsible for the energy of the Sun, which is able to attract and subjugate other planets. It turns out that, paying attention to these fingers, you stimulate the sphere of love and career in your life. Highlighting these fingers, the girl is responsible for women's relevance and success. Moreover, it is desirable to make color accents on the right hand, because it is giving. And the more you give, the, respectively, the more you get.

It doesnโ€™t matter at all whether a birthday manicure will be done on short nails or on long ones. A variety of colors is always somewhat optimistic. Which one you will use depends on your clothing style, habits and mood. Colors can be contrasting and related. However, be that as it may, such a duet must necessarily look harmonious. Although many girls do not adhere to these rules, but create their own. There is, for example, a beige manicure with two red nails highlighted asymmetrically on each hand. And other similar solutions. In a word, a lot depends on your desires, tastes and preferences. Above all, do not overdo it with extravagance.

birthday manicure at home

And finally

If you are going to do a manicure in a good beauty salon, be sure that professionals will not disappoint you with their work. Everything will be done at the highest level. But a manicure for a birthday at home may include some of your mistakes in the design. Do not allow them. Do not decorate your nails with too many broths, strasses and other accessories. During the holiday you can forget about them and catch on tights or clothes. Thus, not only manicure will be spoiled, but also your mood. And do not forget that everything should be in moderation. Have a nice holiday!

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