How to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan: ways, withdrawals, reviews

Earnings on the Internet in Kazakhstan became possible thanks to the advent of a global network. The Internet is all over the world, and, of course, in this country. It is in the network that you can find any information, and if you wish, significantly replenish your budget. And everyone who has a PC, tablet and even just a smartphone can do this. How to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan, you will learn from our material.

how to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan

Types of earnings

There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet - for every taste and for different skills. However, work that you really pay a lot requires special programming skills. If there is no such knowledge, then do not be upset. After all, there are still many ways how to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan.

You need to remember only one thing - the Internet cannot give out money just like that, which means that you don’t get fooled by the golden mountains that employers promise. Most likely, these are just scammers. There are a lot of them, you should be careful and check all loopholes as much as possible.

This article will talk about proven sites and types of earnings for people who do not have special programming skills. Such methods are available to many.

So, before you start learning how to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan, you need to understand the basic terms of the Internet. This knowledge will be very useful to you in your future work.

How to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan

It's important to know

Email is the email that all business emails will receive. It is requested at registration on any site. Therefore, first of all, open an email account and remember the username and password.

How to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan? It is important to register the details for which the money and payment for your work will come. A virtual wallet is the same as your bank card, but virtual. Most often the money you earned will come there. Ultimately, you can withdraw funds from there to your card, and then withdraw them at the nearest bank branch and spend. The most commonly used wallets are and

And also to work on the Internet you will need a cell phone, preferably a smartphone, to which all notifications and other useful information will come. And of course, you need a credit card of any bank, thanks to which you can receive your virtual money.

Now, to find out how to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan, it’s worth figuring out which sites and tasks you can really earn extra income from.

how to make money online in Kazakhstan

How can I make money?

How to make money on the Internet without investing in Kazakhstan? If you are new to the Internet business, then try the easiest way - enter captcha. Consider that such an extra job brings a penny. But then for such earnings do not need investment or skills.

Captcha - these are pictures or words that are intended for antibot. That is, you must enter it to prove that you are not a robot. You will remember what it is if you have ever registered on the site.

What are you paid for? There are special paid programs that perform captcha input if the user does not want to do it himself. And those who decided to make money on the Internet in a similar way are engaged in just this. For a thousand entered characters you will receive up to 550 tenge. This is approximately one hour of work.

There are a lot of sites offering these types of earnings. But is recognized as the best.

make money on the Internet without investments in Kazakhstan

Mail sponsor

Clicks are the most common form of earnings. This is an affordable, but also low-paying job on the Internet. Rather, even a side job.

The bottom line is that you register on sites and follow the links that provide you. That is, you read letters on mailers, perform tasks on the type of registration, browse sites and click on their ads, pass the tests. For this you are paid approximately 550 tenge per hour.

There are a lot of sites, however the most popular are presented here:


Application Installation

Earnings on downloading games is an easy job, because now everyone has a smartphone. It doesn’t matter on what base it is, Android or iPhone. You just go to sites on this topic, and download the games or applications they offer and get about 50 tenge per installation. A lot of applications are given, so there is more than enough work.

Downloading applications is necessary for developers who want to advertise their new products. And they pay it to some website that exposes the customer’s product to us, we download it and get money for it. Very easy money, right? Of course, after installation, the program can be deleted so that your phone does not become clogged.

Earnings on social networks

You can replenish your budget on the Internet thanks to social networks. People in our country have a page on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, or other similar sites, even if they are already well over 60. And now you can not only spend time on social networks, but also make money on them.

The essence of earnings is that you simply subscribe to public, like and write comments under certain posts or pages. There are sites for this, such as vktarget. There people post their pages, and when you subscribe to them you get a small reward. There are other tasks, such as:

  • Add video to your page;
  • repost;
  • subscription to a public or page;
  • Like a post or an avatar.

So, everything is easy, and for this you can earn about 550 tenge per hour.

how to make money online in Kazakhstan

Earnings on games

By the way, we have already figured out how to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan without investments. What about them? It is worth trying to invest in games. It is quite profitable. True, such earnings are available to users who are over 18 years old.

You go to the site, buy birds for your money or something like that. And they bring you money daily. Over time, the contribution will pay off, and will bring net income. However, it is important to invest correctly and have patience.

And attention, it is worth recalling that there are many scammers on the Internet. Do not take this as a real form of earnings. It is worth investing as much as not afraid to lose. Indeed, they do not spend a million or more on these gaming investments, but simply invest a small amount for the sake of interest and fun. The sites do not give any guarantees on payments, however, the fact that such games bring little money is indeed there.


Earnings on this is quite easy, you just go to similar resources and answer different questions. Here the income is much higher, but these polls are few. You register on the site and go through the survey. According to your results, you receive emails that a new poll has arrived. You go through it, and you get paid for it.

Surveys are conducted by companies, enterprises and firms. This is done so that they know what consumers want. Always answer the truth and faithfully so as not to deceive people.

An example is this: the company plans to launch a drink with a new taste. And, of course, this company is not run by a psychic, and he needs to know what taste you really prefer. To do this, he creates a survey, and people pass it. Then he gets the results and creates the drink that people like. Therefore, for these polls you get the money.

There are a lot of sites with similar tasks, there is the most popular in Russia - anketka. However, for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan there are very few polls on the resource.

make money on the Internet without investments in Kazakhstan


Earnings on writing texts cannot be called easy, because in such a job you need to have a large vocabulary and be able to correctly express your thoughts. You need to write your texts so that people read them with interest. With this you can really make money, the main thing is to be literate! And for work, you do not need to leave home, you do everything on a computer, on the Internet.

The person who is engaged in this type of activity is called a copywriter. Nowadays there are a lot of exchanges for writing articles, and there you can sell your materials without bothering. However, at first you must learn everything and work not childishly in order to earn good money in the future.

It is worth saying that articles are paid for one thousand characters. For example, if you wrote three thousand, in the worst case scenario you will be paid only 150 tenge, that is, 50 tenge for 1 thousand characters. Some copywriters who have been doing this for many years now earn 500 or more thousand per month in this particular area.

You can also create your own store of finished articles, but for this you will have to work hard and become a specialist in this type of activity. Such earnings bring the highest possible income.

Where can I earn copywriting? The most popular content writing exchanges are,

Reviews and comments

How to make money via the Internet in Kazakhstan? Try writing reviews and comments. This is an easy job that can bring additional income to anyone. It consists in the fact that you write your comments on a particular product or service, and get paid for it. The main thing is to write on the topic and preferably without errors. Exchanges get their%, and you get a small fee.

Why is this generating revenue? Before buying anything, users read reviews about it. And the more positive comments, the higher the chance that people will buy this product or service. And manufacturers are willing to pay large sums to promote their product.

Of course, writing reviews is a small, but still fraud. Nevertheless, this type of earnings brings quite tangible income. And you will be able to receive both at 500 tenge per day, and per hour. It all depends on your diligence and desire.

earn online kazakhstan


This type of earnings is very popular, because it brings quite decent passive income. True, at the very beginning of your activity, you will have to work hard to get enough referrals.

How it works? For example, you invited a person to the shopping application, and for this you will receive a percentage of his payments. That is, if he buys shoes in the online store for 10,000 tenge, then your income will be 1,000 tenge. And if you invite thousands of such users, then quite decent amounts will come.

How to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan on referrals? First you need to register on the site where there is an affiliate program. After that, you will receive your referral link. And you just have to post it on other resources. And if users follow your link and register or make purchases, they will become your referrals. And for each of their actions you will be charged interest from the site.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money on the Internet in Kazakhstan. Therefore, choose any of them and get down to business. And with a certain zeal, you can significantly increase your family budget.


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