How to check a patent for validity. Patent Validation Methods

To carry out labor activities in the territory of the Russian Federation, migrants need to acquire a patent for work.

To date, there are many unscrupulous companies that fake this document, promising easier deadlines and lower prices. In this case, both migrants and legal entities and individuals who have accepted the patent holder for work can suffer.

how to check a patent for validity

To avoid penalties and further trouble with the tax and other executive bodies, you should know how to check the patent for validity with potential applicants.

Appearance of the document

How to check a patent for validity? For starters, you should visually evaluate the document. A patent is an official document drawn up on a letterhead with the seal of the organization that issued it, with watermarks and the flag of the Russian Federation.

On the front side of the patent are information about the full name of the patronymic. migrant and his photo. The series and number of the document are also indicated on the front of the document.

On the back, it is mandatory to indicate which department and where the permit was issued territorially. It should be borne in mind that a foreign citizen can carry out labor activities only in the region in which the patent is filed. In other cities, the document cannot be used.

Verification of the validity of a patent for work using a banknote detector gives a more complete picture of validity than a visual inspection. In the ultraviolet rays, green stripes on the front side and the inscription “UFMS” on the back become visible. Signs may be present on fake permissions, but, unlike the original, they will be blurry and fuzzy.

validation of a patent for work

Verification through the FMS

How to check a patent for validity remotely? The reliability and validity of a work permit can be checked by serial number using the official website of the FMS. The data on the resource is constantly updated, which allows you to quickly and with maximum convenience to obtain the necessary information. With the UFMS service, a patent check is convenient and informative.

One of three answer options can be received for a request: a patent is listed in the database, canceled or not found. It is possible that the migrant filed or extended a patent and paid, but the funds have not yet been credited to the account. In this case, it is worth repeating the check a little later, making sure of the truthfulness of the applicant’s words and looking at the check to pay for the document.

If the system means that a patent is not found, the document is most likely invalid.

A patent verification carried out with the help of the Federal Migration Service protects employers from fines for illegally working in the Russian Federation. In 2017, the fine exceeded one million rubles, therefore it is worth paying special attention to the hiring of employees who are not citizens of Russia. In some cases, the activity of the company-violator is even suspended for 90 days. It is important to understand that you can be fined if the type of activity of the migrant does not coincide with the type of activity specified in the permit.

FMS series patent validation

After the dissolution of the FMS, the validation of a patent for a series can be done on the official website of the GUMV. The verification mechanism is the same.

It is worth noting that the information obtained from these sources is for reference only. To establish official facts and take measures to resolve issues related to foreigners and patents, you should contact the territorial departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Legal entities

A work patent is issued not only to individuals, but also to foreign companies operating in the Russian Federation. This should be taken into account when concluding contracts with contractors and subcontractors. In the absence of the necessary document, one may encounter a system of fines and penalties. How to check a patent for validity when working with legal organizations? The verification mechanism is the same as for individuals.

UFMS patent check


The migrant must receive the necessary document within 30 days after arrival in the Russian Federation. The validity of a patent for work and employment varies from 2 months to a year. After that, the extension of the document is necessary. To carry out the extension, leaving the country is not required. When applying to the IMC, you can get information about the duration of the patent and the fees paid.


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