The most delicious coffee beans: brand names, features of roasting and cooking rules

Coffee differs not only by variety, but also by processing method and manufacturing countries. Its taste is influenced by climate conditions, soil and air. What is the most delicious coffee bean? Rating of manufacturers shows the taste preferences of lovers of this drink. Learn more about the history of coffee.

what is the most delicious coffee bean

Plant Origin Factors

There are various legends about making coffee. Pay attention to the most interesting stories. So, Africa is the birthplace of coffee trees. It is no accident that some believe that the most delicious coffee beans are produced here. Ethiopia ate the fruits of coffee trees, and warriors consumed them to maintain good spirits. Merchants added oil to the grains to make tasty balls. After that, low-alcohol drinks began to be prepared from grains.

Culture spread

Coffee beans arrived in America with slave traders. Thanks to fertile soil and a warm climate, they took root in the south and began to bear fruit.

The fruits of the trees arrived in Brazil with a colonel, whose name remains unknown. They were given to him by her lover. This begins the history of coffee in Brazil.

Industry leading

Brazil has for centuries been a leader in the manufacture of a delicious drink. All the country's profits depend on this product.

Two thirds of Brazil’s crop is arabica, and one third is robusta. What is the most delicious coffee bean? This may depend on the characteristics of coffee trees.

If we take, for example, arabica, then this variety has a more saturated smell. Robusta trees are more resistant to the whims of nature. And if you mix the aroma of Arabica with the strength and stability of Robusta, you would get a beautiful coffee tree.

the most delicious coffee beans rating

Brazilian fruit makes coffee with the smell and taste of cocoa. It happens that Arabica is mixed with Robusta in order to give the drink a little bittersweetness and strength. According to some reviews, the most delicious coffee beans are a mixture of two varieties.

Guatemala takes second place

Coffee from Guatemala has a special flavor characteristic of the coffee beans of this country. The most famous varieties of coffee beans:

  • Antigua with a milder and not bitter taste and the presence of smoke in the aroma.
  • Cobano, which was named after the city where it is now grown. The province has a rainy climate, but the coffee is still tasty, it has the smell of hazelnut and cocoa.
  • Maragogeep - brought from Brazil itself and adapted to the Guatemalan conditions of nature. The fruits of this coffee are large, with a rich smell and taste.
  • Guatemala - has a bright taste with sourness and pungency.

All varieties of coffee from Guatemala are brought to different countries. What is the most delicious coffee bean of these types? Even the most experienced coffee lovers can not decide. Almost all varieties of this drink have a special smoky aroma, which was influenced by the special soil, as well as the impurities contained in the air. They are often thrown out by active volcanoes.

what coffee beans are the most delicious rating


The country ranks third in the list of leading countries that grow coffee beans. It provides raw materials for a third of world production. Every year in Ethiopia, 200-240 thousand tons of Arabica aromatic and beloved by many coffee lovers are grown with its inherent sourness, as well as with the smell of cinnamon and wild berries.

Ethiopia is considered one of the oldest countries that grow delicious coffee. Half of the crop is exported, and the other half is in demand by the inhabitants of the country.

Other countries producing coffee beans

The next place after Ethiopia is another country in Africa - Kenya. For this state, the cultivation and export of coffee provides most of the budget, so the production of these beans is kept under strict government control, which ensures its high quality. The taste of Kenyan coffee resembles notes of currant berries with a pleasant sourness.

the most delicious coffee beans for a coffee machine

On the fifth line of the rating is coffee from Colombia with hints of fruit aroma. There are several countries that make coffee: Yemen, India and Cuba. It is impossible to choose coffee beans, which will be the best in these countries, everyone has a taste for everyone. Someone wants a drink with sourness and a fruity bouquet, others like bitter coffee, while others love a drink from Guatemala with a fragrant smoke. Therefore, the most delicious variety of coffee beans is too difficult to determine.

How to understand the varieties of the drink?

The history of coffee began with just two coffee fruits - robusta and arabica. But the varieties that exist today are the result of the fruitful work of breeders.

Using robusta coffee, you feel a tonic, invigorating taste, as it has almost three times more caffeine than in arabica. Robusta grains are composed of tannins, chlorogenic acid, caffeine, which gives the favorite drink a bitter taste. To achieve the best taste, some coffee lovers mix Arabica and Robusta in different proportions.

The rating of the most delicious coffee beans (and in quality too) weakly depends on the varieties of varieties, because each person has his own preferences.

Kopi-Luwak is the most expensive coffee, although few people will like the process of making it. The greatest success in the manufacture of this type of coffee was achieved in India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The emergence of this type of coffee lovers should be grateful to the palm martens musangs who are happy to absorb coffee berries. Musanga without chewing swallows the berries, and together with the excrement, the grains are brought out. During the passage of berries through the gastrointestinal tract, the coffee fruits practically do not deform, but, having undergone fermentation, acquire a special piquancy that Europeans really like.

Yellow bourbon is successfully cultivated in Brazil. The name is acquired due to the characteristic yellowish color of coffee berries. The variety has a wood-tobacco smell and high sugar content. Coffee made from yellow bourbon berries is tasty and has a sweetish tint.

Peberry belongs to the category of expensive varieties. The cost of fruits ranges from 15-20 dollars per kilogram. Grains can be dicotyledonous and monocotyledonous, have a rounded shape and small size. The yield of monocotyledonous grains is one third less, but they have a sophisticated, rich aroma with berry acidity.

What is the best way to roast coffee beans?

The taste of coffee depends on the technology of heat treatment. In some countries, appropriate recipes for making a drink are developed:

  • American Roasting. Coffee beans are thermally processed until the first click of the broken bone. This method allows you to save the acidity in the drink, and the sugar contained in the grains in the initial stage of crystallization. The technology allows you to get a delicious coffee with a delicate shade.
  • With Viennese roasting, most of the gases exit the beans when the roasted coffee begins to release droplets of oil. The grains are brown and filled with a faint bitter aroma.
  • The French fried grains until a slight burnt-up appeared, and the fruits of the coffee turned dark brown.
  • For Italians, the coffee roasting process is the longest. The grains are almost black in color, the oil is completely eliminated, and the raw material loses its characteristic aroma.
the most delicious coffee beans name

It is believed that the most delicious coffee beans - Viennese and American processing. However, this point of view is not shared by all.

What is better for a coffee machine?

How to choose the most delicious coffee beans for a coffee machine? This question is most often asked by coffee lovers who have become owners of a device for preparing a drink. There can be many answers to it, and they will all be different. This is due to the fact that there are many different opinions, as well as the tastes of drink lovers.

How to make a rating? What is the most delicious coffee bean? The characteristics of some varieties and brands should be studied. Having received such information, you can make a choice in favor of one particular species or mix several varieties at the same time. In addition, the final drink differs depending on how the grains were fried (according to the French or American scheme).

the most delicious coffee beans reviews

So, robusta contains twice as much caffeine as compared to arabica. This explains its strength and bitter taste. When making espresso, this type of coffee allows you to get more magnificent foam. This means that to prepare this type of drink, it is advisable to mix a third of robusta and two-thirds of arabica.

The degree of roasting of grains intended for the coffee machine can also be different and depends on the preferences of the coffee machine. If the design of the kitchen gadget does not imply the presence of a coffee grinder, it is better to opt for medium or fine coffee.

For coffee machines, only one type of coffee bean is undesirable - those that contain a significant amount of oil.

the most delicious coffee beans

How to choose the best brand?

In Russia, several brands of coffee beans are widespread. Having familiarized with them, you can choose the most delicious coffee beans. The names of the brands considered the best are presented below.

Mucetti Coffee
  • Musetti - this brand of coffee drinkers with experience is one of the best, calling this drink the most delicious;
  • Italkafe is a natural invigorating premium drink;
  • LavAzza - this brand has long been extremely popular, and not only in Russia, but also in many countries.

In fact, there are many more brands and brands, and some of them can be considered one of the best, even if they are not widely known. In any case, each lover will have an opinion about which grains are the most fragrant and delicious. There is no doubt only one fact: the right coffee should always be exactly grain.

If possible, it is better to try several varieties and brands both individually and mixing them with each other in different proportions.


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