Aphrodite’s belt: practice of female beauty, exercises and meditation

Whatever it was, but the globe was divided between men and women. And from the beginning of time, they have been fighting among themselves, figuring out which of them is more important. Although, if you look into the mythology of different times and peoples, then you can find quite definite allusions to the hidden power of women. The Indian Vedas say that a woman is the one who takes everything that she needs without a fight. And in ancient Greece, the goddess Aphrodite could subjugate any god or goddess, except for three: Athens - the goddess of wisdom; Artemis - rulers of the hunt and Hestia - the goddess of the hearth. And they also talk about the strength of the belt of Aphrodite. As if even Zeus could not resist his spell. What is this belt?

Aphrodite Foamborn

The origin of the goddess of beauty and tender feelings dates back to the time when the gods and titans shared power over the world. Then the titan Kronos ozranized Uranus, a few drops of its blood fell into the sea, turning into foam, the Greek name of which is “Afros”. This was the birth of the goddess Aphrodite.

Birth of Sea Foam

She is known as the patroness of love and everything connected with it, including marriage, but in addition, she is subject to the sphere of fertility, in her strength to extend spring to infinity, and also to grant eternal youth, and the goddess helps women in delivery.

Despite the fact that tender feelings are female territory, Aphrodite also hears the requests of men if they turn to her for help to attract love. So, in the famous story about the abduction of the beautiful Elena Paris, the help of the goddess helped the Trojan prince to achieve the love of the wife of Tsar Menelaus.

Windy goddess

The range of influence of Aphrodite is very extensive, but her image has undergone a transformation from the embodiment of sensuality and carnal pleasures (the getters of antiquity considered her their patroness) to the goddess who had a high status on Olympus. The first time she saw her, not a single god, including Thunderbolt, remained indifferent to her charms: and it is possible that the belt of Aphrodite played a role here. The Foamborn chose Hephaestus, the ugliest of the inhabitants of Olympus, but he had no equal in blacksmith art, as well as in architecture.

However, marriage bonds were never an obstacle for Aphrodite to her heart affairs: the gods Dionysus and Ares took advantage of her location. There was a sad story in the fate of the goddess, which left a mark in her heart: this was a beautiful young man Adonis, who died on the hunt.

God ares

The drops of his blood became roses, and the tears of Aphrodite turned into anemones. Evil tongues on Olympus whispered about the jealousy of the god of War Ares, who had destroyed Adonis.

Secrets of the Art of Priestesses

In Greece, at the temples dedicated to Aphrodite, there were schools for young girls, mainly from influential families.

beautiful aphrodite

The temple priestesses taught the students the techniques of female magic, the subtleties of love and beauty, thanks to which these brides were considered the most desirable and got married very quickly.

Men appreciated these girls for their special abilities, for example:

  1. Energize a man.
  2. Make him invulnerable in battles and contribute to his victory.
  3. Attract the generosity of the gods to the family and wealth in the home.
  4. To drive away the negative impact from the family hearth.
  5. Until old age, attract the attention of men with their unfading femininity.

At the heart of these gifts of Aphrodite was the talent to derive pleasure from all manifestations of life. And here, obviously, Aphrodite’s belt could not have done, since only he could give a woman strength and power, implicated in love.

Sources of pleasure

Each great river has a spring from where it begins: so pleasure is born from small moments, turning into an inexhaustible source of female power. You can start with nothing:

  • Accept yourself and your image without nitpicking.
  • Make your own shortcomings and defects your own advantages or just stop looking for them in yourself.
  • Accept your uniqueness and leave comparisons with others.
  • To realize that as a gift from nature you received a magnificent gift: your body and soul. Such in the world no longer exists, and it is admirable.

It is through this state: satisfaction and self-admiration that you are filled with a sense of pleasure, and your “Aphrodite’s belt” begins to come to life.

Magical properties

A woman radiating confidence in her attractiveness is distinguished by a graceful gait, gleam in her eyes, magical attractiveness and exudes vibes of pleasure. In this way, according to myths, the belt of Aphrodite shows its strength. Meditation with the same name allows you to unleash the full potential of femininity inherent in the daughters of Eve by nature. Due to contact with the inner self, the following occurs:

  • The magical attractive power of femininity is formed.
  • This combines the setting with the flow of pleasure and connects to the energy of joy.
  • You become the center of attraction of male attention.
  • You open up to your essence, you know the unknown sides and talents in yourself.

Why is everything wrong?

In life, one can often observe a paradoxical situation: a beauty and a clever woman spends days alone, and a woman with a usual average appearance, a standard figure and not burdened with intelligence becomes a desirable object for men.

So, intellect and model appearance have nothing to do with it: the matter is in the energy sector, which is bestowed at birth or acquired by various practices. The Aphrodite’s Belt is one of them, and you can start studying it right now.

Pink candle

The necessary preparations will not take much time: light a pink candle, stock up with incense, preferably with the scent of a rose, since this is a flower of Aphrodite, spread a rug. Well, of course, the meditation process is possible 3 hours after the last meal.

Scent of roses

Important: in the reviews of meditation “Aphrodite’s Belt” there is a stream of words of gratitude and admiration, however, many have difficulty remembering for independent practice. Therefore, for your convenience, the text is divided into parts in meaning.

Part I: The Beginning

You lit a candle and incense, lay down on the rug, with your hands along the body, your palms looking up. Feel the points of contact between the floor and the body, begin conscious breathing with your stomach with three deep breaths and long exhalations. Continuing to breathe, visualize your body and how it gradually falls down through the surface of the floor: you easily soar with your back down. All sorts of images surround you, thoughts succeed each other, you hear sounds and continue to fall slowly, like a feather or an autumn leaf.

Meditation Aphrodite’s Belt

In the process of soaring, all the muscles of your body relax, and the fall continues, and you descend to infinity deeper and deeper, becoming farther from the starting point. Somewhere a thin line of the river shines deeply, and you feel its approach. And so you slowly fly over the surface of the river flow.

You are now taking a deep breath and a slow exhale. Your body easily sinks into the water.

Water gently takes you and carries your body, touching it lightly and relaxing even more. The stream imperceptibly washes and frees you from everything superfluous and outdated, and you continue to slowly swim along the riverbed. Your eyes are closed, and with your inner vision you see a high bright blue sky, and cirrus clouds of bizarre shape floating on it. You can distinguish between birds hovering over water, fluttering butterflies and dragonflies. The clatter of grasshoppers, the twitter of birds and the sound of trees overlooking the riverbank can catch your ears.

Your sense of smell captures the astringent aroma of wild herbs, and your tongue tastes of pure river water. And the stream imperceptibly washes and frees you from all that is superfluous and obsolete, continuing to carry you further and further.

You feel how the riverbed begins to narrow, and imperceptibly you find yourself in a tunnel of tree branches surrounding the river. Sun glare plays on bright green leaves, permeating the surrounding space with weightless caressing heat, reflected from the water surface by light. And the river continues to carry you farther and farther, soft warm waves rock you, relaxing more and more, the sun's rays color the surrounding world with light and gentle warmth.

The river slows down and you find yourself in a cozy bay with warm golden sand scattered all over the coast. You gently touch the ground and rise. Before you is a yellow brick walkway, it stretches into the forest. You are pleased to walk barefoot on the rough surface of the brick and feel the skin movement of warm air around, enjoying the riot of colors of untouched nature. The tree branches closed above you, forming a corridor, from the top of which strange flowers fall on stems, between which butterflies are visible.

You inhale the pleasant sweetish aroma of magic flowers, from afar you can see unusual animals and barely noticeable inhabitants of the ancient forest. You are surrounded by a state of serene peace, which is everywhere. The air itself is filled with magical bewitching magic.

Part II: Temple

Continuing the magical exercise “Aphrodite’s Belt”, in accordance with the manual described in Eugenie Mac Quinn's book “Women's Meditations for Every Day and for Any Occasion,” you find yourself in the temple:

The yellow path takes us to a clearing where an amazing temple stands. Look at him carefully. This is an amazing temple of the ancient goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. Perhaps he can change his shape and color. Perhaps there are symbols and inscriptions on it. Just examine it carefully and when you are ready, go to its doors, but do not enter. Wait a few seconds, bowing your head, before entering the temple of the great and beautiful goddess of love and beauty, think about what you would like to ask the great goddess. And when you are ready, enter the temple.

Perhaps there are people in it. Or maybe there is nobody there. Just feel and try to see the atmosphere of this temple. The atmosphere is filled with energy of love of beauty and creativity. And maybe at some point you will see how a girl in a green dress beckons you to a small golden door. She shows you signs that you should remain silent and invites you to enter the door of the ancient altar of the great goddess.

Bow your head when you enter the ancient sanctuary of the great goddess. At the altar you can see an ancient statue. On her hips, she wears an amazing magical belt. Kneel in prayer before her and lower your head in a humble obedience. And when you feel the gaze of heavenly eyes, look up, and you can see and feel that the ancient statue came to life. Her emerald eyes look at you with love and interest. Smile to the goddess of eternal youth and love. And thank her for all that she has already done in your life, for the love that you had, for the creativity and beauty of the world that it brings to people.

And you can see and feel how, smiling, the goddess takes off her magic belt and hands it to you. This is a magical belt that attracts men like a magnet to a woman, making her irresistible. This magic belt was used by the great goddess Hera - the wife of the supreme god Olympus, Zeus - when he lost his interest in her. With the help of this belt, the Queen of the Amazons fell in love with Tsarevich Hippolytus.

Take this priceless gift from the Goddess and put it on your hips. Feel the magic belt on your hips. What is its weight? What is it made of, what patterns, symbols, signs are it? Remember this sensation of a magic belt on your hips. And when you need to feel like a goddess and attract male attention, you can always imagine and feel this magical, amazing belt on your hips. Thank the goddess for the wonderful gift. And return back to the general hall of the temple. In the temple you can again meet a girl in a green robe. She leads you to the door to the temple.

Go to the door, open it and you will find yourself in the "here and now." In that space, in the room where we started our journey. Take a deep breath and exhale. Stretch your whole body from your fingertips to your fingertips. Take a deep breath in and out again. Remember everything that was in meditation. Reach out again. And when you are ready, open your eyes. With open eyes, remember the sensation of the heaviness of the magic belt on your hips and with a deep breath, remember this feeling. Whenever you need to, you can wear this magic belt to increase your feminine appeal and beauty.

Aphrodite's Belt

And one more thing: only the flight of your imagination can limit your idea of ​​the Aphrodite Belt. The photos you can find in our publication will help you shape your image of magical decoration.

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