Birdhouse made of plywood: ideas, drawing, step by step instructions

A plywood birdhouse is a great thing. This cozy and beautiful bird house will decorate a garden or a balcony of a high-rise building. Taking care of the birds is a good thing, because they not only give us their singing, but also fight insects perfectly in the warm season.

Terem for birds

A birdhouse made of plywood, wood or any other improvised materials is set mainly on cold days in autumn and winter. Bird houses contain feed and water for birds to provide them with food. Some summer residents, worrying about their harvest, settle nearby winged creatures in order to drive away aphids and other unpleasant trifles from the garden.

Making a birdhouse out of plywood is not an easy task, but if you wish and diligence, anyone can succeed in building a "bird house".

Bird house

What to think about

Birdhouse is made of various materials: wood, cardboard and even large plastic bottles. We will make a birdhouse out of plywood. Before you begin, you need to plan the walls and roof of the birdhouse. You will need a detailed drawing of a birdhouse made of plywood, so that all the details are prepared and nothing is overlooked.

Before setting up a birdhouse, you should consider what kind of bird it is made for: starlings differ in size from other birds.

Birdhouse should be made to all relevant standards and convenient to use. It should have a flat surface, a stable bottom and a removable roof. Under the roof you need a door - a hole for the birds, thanks to which they will get inside the house.

Removing the roof of the birdhouse, you can clean the inside of the house, clean the walls, change the water and feed.

Instead of a nest

Manufacturing requirements

A plywood birdhouse must meet all the necessary requirements:

  • The roof must be removable, but stable so that no other animals can climb into it or get out the bird and eggs.
  • It must be strong and dense, in no case transparent.
  • In the material from which the birdhouse will be collected, there should be no cracks, crevices, sharp particles. The house should be heat-resistant and soundproof enough.

"Without arms, without hatchet, built a hut"

The following material is used for the structure of the birdhouse:

  • large plastic bottle;
  • boards;
  • Styrofoam;
  • cardboard;
  • log;
  • plywood, particleboard, fiberboard.

For the feathered brothers of our smaller ones, they make unique constructions from the most unexpected and simple tools at hand. Bird houses are made from:

  • old boots;
  • small barrels;
  • branches
  • Pumpkins
  • vines;
  • traffic jams.

In our case, the bird house will be made of plywood sheet.

From plywood, the birdhouse is not very warm, so in the cold season it will need to be insulated with something. Dry grass retains excellent heat and is comfortable enough for birds.

Starling House

Types of birdhouses

The design of the bird house can be very different, but basically there are several of the most common types:

  1. Shed - usually made for wagtails.
  2. Little house "rhombic" - housing for redstart.
  3. Hollow "lounger" - for jackdaws and owls.
  4. Flycatcher - for flytraps.
  5. Half-duffel - a house for zaryanok.
  6. The titmouse is an "apartment" for sparrows, tits and little owls.

Before implementing the idea of ​​birdhouses, you should choose the most suitable option to prepare materials and drawings.

The wagtail house is laid on its side and a small step is attached in front of the letok. These birds are characterized by weak paws, and such a construction will help them get inside without much difficulty.

Puluduplanka is set among the branches of trees. Typically, a hole in this nesting is cut into the entire width of the front wall. It is necessary to carefully monitor that a squirrel does not get into a small cozy house. These animals love such "apartments" very much.

Hollow - a birdhouse hollowed out in a hollow. It is made by sawing dry wood to the size of birds that willingly populate new "apartments".

Let's take a closer look at how to assemble a birdhouse from plywood.

Beautiful birdhouse

Size required

Before building a birdhouse from plywood, you need to determine its size. You must decide which birds can be placed in it:

  • In a half-duplex, birds inhabit the hollows of trees. Its height is 20 cm. The size of the bottom is 80 per 100 mm. The letch is cut out in the form of a longitudinal slit, 35-50 mm high.
  • The flycatcher is carried out in the same dimensions, only the tap hole is made a little less. 30 cm is enough.
  • The dimensions of the titmouse are 25-30 cm in height, the bottom - 10 by 12 cm. The letok - 3.5 cm. The shape of the house is round.
  • The starling house is also round. Height - 30-40 cm, bottom - 100 per 100, letok - 5 cm.

Birdhouse Tools

If the birdhouse make the recommended proportions, then the birds will lay eggs in it. However, they will not be able to feed large offspring.

Before work, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials:

  • drawing of a birdhouse made of plywood;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • jigsaw, hacksaw on wood;
  • nails
  • wood glue;
  • drill or chisel;
  • hammer;
  • details for decoration;
  • water-based paint;
  • work apron or bathrobe.
house drawing

Step-by-step instruction:

How to make a birdhouse your own hands? Action plan:

  1. Transfer the details of the drawing to a piece of plywood. Cut parts from plywood with extra clearance. Parts of the top and bottom should show a little due to the walls of the birdhouse.
  2. Grind sections of parts carefully.
  3. Using glue and screws to connect the walls and the front of the house. After the glue has completely dried, strengthen the details with nails. At the end, attach the rear of the facade.
  4. Strengthen the bottom around the perimeter.
  5. It is desirable to make the roof removable. This moment is very important, as from time to time it is necessary to do cleaning and cleaning of the birdhouse, add food and change the water. The roof is fixed with two screws. It should hang slightly above the front of the facade, about 3-4 cm, to form a visor.

The main part of the birdhouse is ready.

birdhouse - grandpa

Housewarming at the starling!

After construction, there is an easier, but no less interesting task - how to decorate a birdhouse from plywood. Inspiration and ingenuity are required for the aesthetic and original decor of bird houses. There are some interesting ideas on how to make a bright and beautiful birdhouse:

  • Paint in one or more colors. Paint color optional. The combined double painting of the walls and the roof will add fabulousness to the house. Imagine your imagination and have fun as a house painter by painting the walls of the nesting room in bright colors!
  • Roof finish. You can give rural notes to the appearance of a birdhouse, if its roof is pasted over with small parts of hay or rope flagella.
  • Sawing patterns on the walls, give the birdhouse an original look.
  • With the help of small twigs or sticks of ice cream, you can equip the house with a pretty fence, decorated windows and steps.

Fantasy and skillful hands are able to reproduce a masterpiece for the habitat of birds and decoration of a personal plot. What kind of original models do not come up with! Birdhouses are made in the form of a hut, birds with a beak in the summer and wings on the side walls of the castle tower.

For the birdhouse, safety from all creatures that pose a threat to birds is important: cats, dogs, foxes, ferrets. Nesting is required to be hung high on a tree so that no beast has the opportunity to harm its residents.

Birds are little gardener helpers. They eliminate harmful species of insects and delight with their cheerful twittering. Birds undoubtedly deserve our attention and care.


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