Meditation technique “Healing the whole body”

The human body is a unique mechanism that is equipped with a built-in self-healing system. In olden times, people knew well that in a certain state a person can connect to certain levels of being, which, in modern technical language, launch a regeneration and renewal program. Many of the techniques for entering this state entered into the practice of yoga and tantra, and some of them were lost for humanity. Today, ancient rituals are presented in the form of meditative techniques that work with mantras, yantras and other forms that help to establish contact with the universe and your own subconscious. The “Whole Body Healing” meditations presented below are part of this ancient heritage.

full body healing meditation

Why does meditation really help?

The human soul is a conductor of an inexhaustible stream of emotions, sensations and feelings. As for the body, it is only a material, physical carrier of the soul. Ancient scriptures tell that the body is a vessel in which the soul is contained. The soul, in turn, is a complex of more subtle energy bodies, two of which - the astral and mental - are carriers of human feelings and emotions. The secret of working with them is that by changing the focus of attention and attitude, you can consciously control everything that the body is experiencing, including illness, pain and the whole gamut of feelings.

This is akin to the distraction effect that we all know well about. Its essence is that a sick and suffering person is deliberately distracted from thoughts about his illness, focusing on something positive, and not on his symptoms. This method of treatment is used in modern psychosomatics, but it has been known to mankind for thousands of years. In esoteric circles, it is seen as evidence of a theory that affirms the possibility of conscious control of healing.

This healing meditation works according to the following principle: when a person stops paying attention to the disease and consciously cultivates thoughts about health, the disease really begins to regress until it finally passes completely. This, of course, is not about ignoring the disease. On the contrary, her strength must be opposed by a strong intention to recover and fill her inner mental space with thoughts of health. This active thinking is the practice of “Healing the whole body” meditation. It is very important to maintain these thoughts constantly, day after day.

meditation healing inner child

Power of concentration

Another powerful healing meditation involves focusing on a specific part of the body. Medical experiments have proven the effectiveness of this ancient technique. Its essence is simple: you need to focus all your attention on a diseased organ. This practice causes increased blood flow in the selected area and an increase in temperature, which gradually leads to healing. Thus, they treat, for example, hypotension, that is, lowered blood pressure, and other diseases associated with circulatory disorders. Of course, hypertension, that is, high blood pressure, cannot be treated in this way.

Meditation technique “Healing the whole body”

The first thing you need to relax and take a comfortable lying position or better sitting. In the latter case, the back should be straight. Then you need to take a few deep breaths and exhalations, and then close your eyes. You need to breathe smoothly, slowly and deeply.

Best if you are not distracted by extraneous sounds. However, you can include in the background a suitable meditative composition that helps you focus.

Now you can just lie quietly or sit, while maintaining serenity and stillness. It is advisable not to think about anything and to reduce mental activity to the minimum possible, as the meditation of deep relaxation and healing is effective when the person’s attention is not scattered by outside thoughts.

When you feel ready, focus inwardly on the problematic part of the body or organ. Try to imagine what your illness looks like. Do not neglect this point, because visual representations greatly enhance the effect of the “Healing the whole body” meditation. When you vividly imagine the appearance of your ailment, determine how it differs from healthy parts of the body. Try also to feel not only the color of the disease, but also the smell, temperature, size, composition, movement, texture and other characteristics.

The point is to study your problem as thoroughly as possible, to meet face to face with it. The subconscious mind will perceive this work as a signal to action and start the mechanism of self-healing. You just have to support her daily repetition of the healing of the whole body meditation.

When you devote enough of your attention and time to the illness, you can move on to the next step. Now you need to send your love to the diseased organ. The easiest way to do this is by visualizing the latter in the form of a cloud or a bunch of light. In fact, your body receives healing with love. Meditation is just a way to effectively transfer it to the right place, drawing the attention of the subconscious mind to it, which will do all the work of self-healing.

meditation of deep relaxation and healing

When to wait for the results

Often, the first results from this practice are noticeable after the first session. You will probably feel a surge of strength and overall well-being. However, for other people, meditation of deep relaxation and healing does not bring a tangible effect right away. This does not mean that nothing is happening. The powerful work of healing has already begun, just its subtle level has not yet manifested itself as tangibly as we would like. Just continue your daily practice - and the result will soon begin to be felt.

By practicing this meditation, you will begin to feel positive changes after each session. Finally, one day you simply will not feel the disease in your body. And after this comes the full healing of the body.

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Meditation "Healing the Inner Child"

Speaking about meditative healing techniques, one cannot but say about the practice of working with the inner child. The meaning of this technique is that in each person at the same time lives a child, adolescent, adult and old man. This whole family must be adopted and loved, otherwise your psychological state will be destabilized. To achieve this harmony with all parts of oneself, meditation “Healing the inner child” is practiced.

The first thing to learn is not important how old you are. Inside you will always live a child who needs love, protection, feelings, attention and understanding. It is in your power to give him all this. Keep in mind that the shortcomings of your upbringing affect this child. If he was treated excessively harshly, then he is still suffering from it. If he was beaten or ignored, this is also being experienced now. And this needs to be fixed in order to heal his inner child, and therefore himself.

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Forgiveness of parents

But first, forgive your parents if there is reason to be offended by them. Do not blame them for anything else. Release them guilt for your every tear in childhood, for all suffering and pain. This is very important, because, keeping the grievances, you are in the position of the victim, and it is vital for you to get out of this position. Only then will the healing of the soul come. Meditation on working with an inner child, being practiced daily, will bring its obvious benefits in a couple of weeks. Love your inner baby, communicate with him every day - and your health will improve significantly. Below will be given some tips to make this technique as effective as possible.

soul healing meditation

Work with photos

It would be nice to use your children's photos for this meditation. Consider them, feel this child from the inside - his emotions, experiences. Talk to the baby looking at you from the photo.


Relax, close your eyes and visualize your inner child. Ask him to come to you and apologize for ignoring him for so long. Talk to him, try to make him happy. Repeat this exercise every day.

love healing meditation

Children's holiday to yourself

Have a holiday sometimes for your inner child. Buy a cake, balloons, maybe even some toy that you dreamed of as a child, but you never got it. Congratulate your baby, tell him what in childhood you wanted to hear yourself. Be sure to confess his love to him.

Letters to childhood

It would be nice to write a letter to your inner child. Write it with your dominant hand - like an adult. And the other answer for yourself, but as a child. You may be deeply surprised at the answers received. In the same way, you can draw or sculpt from plasticine with your inner child.


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