Samadhi is ... A state of enlightenment, meditative practices

Many people decide to do yoga not for the sake of spiritual insight. Their goal is to master the technique for the sake of gaining opportunities that can rise above the rest: reading thoughts, walking on water, moving through the air ... According to the testimony of enlightened yogis, it is impossible to receive this gift without immersion in the state of Samadhi.

Several varieties of Samadhi are known, between which, as the sages say, an uncharted gulf lies. Here are some types of meditations used to achieve this spiritual state.

Savikalpa Samadhi

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Savikalpa Samadhi is a state upon entering which a person, as if finding himself in another world, loses a sense of time and space for some time. This environment can be conditionally called the world of unfulfilled desires: almost everything has already been fulfilled, but something is awaiting fulfillment. Millions of creatures inhabiting space await the realization of millions of their desires. A person feels himself to be an instrument, which, if he is involved, means he is still needed, but if not, it means that everything has already been done and there is nothing more to wish for.

The state of Savikalpa Samadhi is multilevel. Just as more capable and less capable students are in the school class, so in Savikalpa Samadhi: the one who has already reached the highest levels (state of enlightenment) is at the top, and the less capable, who have not yet learned the lesson, are at the bottom.

The concepts, rules and plans that exist in Savikalpa Samadhi cannot in any way influence the meditator. A person engaged in meditation remains serene, while his inner essence does not stand still, it develops confidently and dynamically.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Samadhi is
Nirvikalpa Samadhi is a state in which there are no concepts, no plans, no thoughts, no ideas. A person in Nirvikalpa Samadhi may seem inadequate or insane. There is no mind, there is only an awareness of infinite bliss and peace, and the comprehender and the comprehended, enjoying the all-consuming esoteric emotion, merge into one. One and the same subject, being in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, is transformed simultaneously into an object of voluptuousness, and into a being receiving pleasure, and into pleasure itself.

People who managed to get out of this state tell that they felt themselves with one boundless heart. So huge that both the world of people and the whole Universe seemed a faint point inside this heart, the dimensions of which are enormous.

Bliss is that state which not everyone is given to comprehend and realize. In Nirvikalpa Samadhi, esotericists say, the meditator not only feels bliss, but also becomes bliss himself.

What else does Samadhi feel at Nirvikalpa? A huge and incomparable force, the tiny part of which can be taken with you, into earthly life.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the highest form of Samadhi and is available only to the most powerful spiritual mentors. A stay in Nirvikalpa Samadhi can last several days, or maybe several hours, after which a person must return to his world.

Many of those who devoted little time to such practices, but who managed to return from Nirvikalpa Samadhi, at first could neither speak nor think, forgot their name and age. The ability to return from Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the result of continued practice. Almost everyone who finds himself in Nirvikalpa Samadhi caught himself thinking that he did not want to return back to the imperfect physical world.

It is very important, enlightened teachers warn, to have time to return, since the soul, which has remained in Nirvikalpa Samadhi for more than eighteen days, will never again be able to connect with the physical body. True, there are cases when highly developed spiritual Masters who have reached the nirvakalpa of Samadhi did not return from this state, because, having reached the highest state of Samadhi, they considered it unacceptable for them to return to worldly affairs. A person whose spirit is enlightened cannot interact with the inhabitants of this world, but he is not allowed to decide where he should be and if the Almighty considers it necessary to return him back, his soul will descend to the earthly level.

Sahaja Samadhi

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Sahaja Samadhi is the highest level of Samadhi, having reached which, a person can continue to fulfill his usual, earthly duties, but his consciousness is at the highest point of development. In fact, a person was transformed into a soul, perceiving his earthly body as an ideal tool that can be used to carry out earthly tasks - the same as those that are daily solved by the uninitiated, ordinary people.

The heart of a person who has attained Sahaj Samadhi is overshadowed by divine understanding. He can, when he wishes, visit the higher world, and then return to Earth and be born again. Having attained the state of Sahaj Samadhi is inseparable from the Almighty, he every second consciously proves that God is present everywhere.

Samadhi Experience

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A person who is in Samadhi no longer has a name and surname, personal and professional achievements, past and future. There is only the subconscious. The state of Samadhi is the main goal of a being immersed in meditative practices.

Talking about this mystical phenomenon without feeling it is like talking about love without knowing anything about this feeling. A person who does not have the experience of Samadhi cannot give a definition to this state, and one who has experienced such an experience is unlikely to want to talk about it ... Samadhi is on the other side of words, language barriers and definitions.

Samadhi - the goal of Yoga

Reaching Samadhi is the task of Yoga at all levels. Being the main component of this teaching, Samadhi is far from the last stage of development. Just on its quality, according to people practicing yoga, a lot depends on ...

What should happen to a person in Samadhi?

A person constantly does something, says ... believing at the same time that all his thoughts and actions are conscious. The goal of Samadhi is to destroy the restrictions blocking the subconscious, to make sure that the phenomena and events that occurred in the present and past lives do not affect the way of thinking. Most people do not think about the need to control mental images, which, spontaneously "born" in the subconscious, prompt them to actions or conversations. Thoughts are just a reflection of desires, fears, resentments, anger and other manifestations, without getting rid of which, a person will not be able to put an end to the war between consciousness and the subconscious, and will not be able to complete his spiritual development.

Sasmita Samadhi

A person, being in Samadhi, constantly practicing and becoming more perfect and comprehensive, ceases to pay attention to the elements of the gross and subtle planes: "there is only an ego freed from impurities." The state of Sasmit Samadhi is called esoteric "meditation with a sense of touch" I ". A person who has attained Sasmit Samadhi is freed from the gross bodily membrane and becomes "immersed in nature."

Tantra Yoga and the wheel of Samsara

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Tantrism is perhaps the most ancient esoteric teaching that has ever existed on Earth. In the West, the word "Tantra" is most often associated with prohibited methods of obtaining sexual satisfaction and ruthless mystical rites.

In the countries of the East, tantrism is considered an integral part of the cult of the feminine principle (Shakti), and Tantra Yoga is considered to be a universal ancient teaching on world harmony or the harmonious combination of masculine and feminine principles.

For Buddhists, tantric teaching is practiced in temples hidden from prying eyes under the strict guidance of experienced mentors and a smirk, which appeared to the Western reader after reading these lines is just a testament to deep ignorance. No Western esotericist can practice Tantra Yoga for a simple reason: Tantric rituals are carried out secretly and transmitted strictly within the families of initiates - from generation to generation.

Westerners do not quite correctly understand the basic tenets of the ancient doctrine that Gautam Buddha gave to the people (“The Noble Eightfold Path”). The list of ways in which a person can stop the movement of the wheel of Samsara or a chain of reincarnations contains a mention that it is necessary to live in nature - in a natural habitat.

There is no talk of a sharp change in lifestyle, because nature can surround a person living both in the city and in the village, for example, as “living fences” and man-made reservoirs. Not everyone can reach Nirvana, but everyone can create their Paradise on Earth.

Compared to Samadhi, Nirvana is a Mergence with the consciousness of God, likening to the Holy Spirit and oblivion of everything related to property, including one's own “I” (for yogis, the term “Nirvana” means incineration, the elimination of everything individual).

Samadhi Nirvana
To transition from the state of Samadhi (Bliss) to Nirvana (Mergence), you must have a powerful personality. It is difficult, but possible, to develop individual consciousness to the necessary limit: through training, involving not only the acquisition of meditative experience, but also the availability of appropriate ethical training.

The transition from one state to another consists of the following steps:

  • total destruction of the "bloated", lower (individual) "I";
  • replacement of individual consciousness with collective;
  • the transformation of the collective “I” into a universal “We”.

Music for meditation. Is she needed?

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According to popular belief, the perfect backdrop for meditation is absolute silence. However, it is difficult for the inhabitants of the modern world to achieve complete relaxation and focus on meditation practice without a sound background.

Today, everyone can decide for himself whether he needs music for meditation. To select a suitable melody, a whole theory is built based on special sound and rhythmic combinations.

Impossible to embrace the immensity

It is impossible in one article to list all the conditions that may be available to a person who is in Samadhi. However, there are things that need to be known to the uninitiated, who have decided to attain Samadhi.

When a person, while meditating, reaches the highest level, the power of his meditation destroys his seed, erases his memories, takes away the ability to think and stops all the karmic laws that apply to him ... When starting any isothermal practice, everyone should ask himself if he is ready to pay this price .


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