How to change a water filter: types of filters, stages and nuances of their replacement

Over time, the cartridges of various filters cease to fulfill their assigned functions. They require timely replacement. Different systems provide a specific technology for performing this procedure. Therefore, before starting work, you need to consider the manufacturer's instructions. How to change the water filter will be described in detail below.

Varieties of filters

To change the filter for water purification, you need to determine which category of devices it belongs to. Household systems can be of three types. The first category included filter jugs. They are made in the form of a container with a spout and a lid. This shape resembles a jug. In the middle of the filter is a removable cartridge. It is changed at a frequency specified by the manufacturer (depends on the characteristics of the water in the region). As a rule, such a procedure is carried out at least once every 3 months.

Water Filter Pitcher

The second group includes filters that are installed on the sink. The kit comes with a plastic cylinder (it can be transparent and opaque), inside of which is a cartridge. Also with such a cleaner comes a small faucet and a water shutoff. Such cartridges must be replaced on average once every six months.

The third group includes the most advanced reverse osmosis filters . They have three containers in the kit, in which cartridges with different fillers are installed (depending on the characteristics of the water in the region). A membrane is also provided in the system. Through it, water, passing through pre-filters, undergoes the most delicate treatment. As a result, practically no impurities remain in it. To give it a familiar taste, a mineralizer is installed in the system. It enriches water with essential trace elements. In such a system, both cartridges and a membrane with a mineralizer are changed. The maximum lifetime of the system without maintenance is 1 year.

Filter jug

Buyers are often interested in how to change the filter for water "Akvafor", "Barrier" or other manufacturers. If the question is about varieties such as a jug, the procedure is very simple.

Jug Cartridge

After the set period, you need to buy a new cartridge. It is worth considering that many varieties of manufacturers produce such varieties of cleaners. The seat for the cartridge may vary significantly. Therefore, going to the store, you need to know the name of your filter.

Cartridges differ in size. However, there are universal models. Their kit includes a special o-ring. It allows you to install such a cartridge in almost any jug. The cartridge is selected depending on the characteristics of the water in the region. The filler for products from the same manufacturer may vary.

It is necessary to pull out (unscrew) the old cartridge. Usually it can be removed easily, without requiring any effort. The jug is washed. Next, you need to install a new cartridge in the seat. In a jug they collect water. You need to wait until she goes through the cleaning procedure. The water is completely drained. Repeat the procedure 2 more times. After that, you can drink the water that the jug has filtered.

Replacing the filter cartridges at the sink

When studying how to change a hot or cold water filter, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. If a cleaning system is installed on the sink, you can perform the steps to replace them yourself. This filter may consist of one, two or three stages of cleaning. The cartridges inside differ by eliminating the contaminants that are present in the water in this region.

Filter cartridges

Need to buy new cleaners. To purchase a suitable one, you need to photograph the tag on the old cartridges. If the system has 3 stages of cleaning, the first filter should be coarse. The second step is the removal of organic compounds, chlorine. The third cartridge removes organic matter from the water, but the degree of purification in this case will be finer.

To unscrew the flask in which the filter is installed, you need to use a special key. It is sold in specialized stores or comes bundled with the system.


When considering how to change the cartridge in the water filter, you must pay attention to the procedure for dismantling the old cleaner. First, the water supply to the system is shut off. Unscrewing the flask can be difficult even with a key. This is due to the presence of internal pressure in the system. It needs to be reset.

Filter key

For this, many designs provide for a special button. It is located at the top of the filter. After that, the pressure decreases. If the manufacturer did not provide such a lever in the design, you need to open the tap that follows the filter.

After that, the flask is easily unscrewed. There will be water in it, so you need to act carefully. A cartridge is removed from the flask. At its ends there are sealing gum. If they are soft, you can remove them, rinse and leave for another cartridge. With a new filter, such rings can be stiff.

Filter service

When studying how to change a cold water filter, you should pay attention to the flasks in which the cartridges are installed. Most often they are washed. Inside may be rust, mucus and other contaminants. They are carefully removed from the flask. Detergents are not used.

Filter cleaning

If the flask is already quite worn, it is better to install a new glass in its place. To do this, press the button on the case. The flask comes unfastened. Next, a new capacity for the cartridge is installed in its place. It can be purchased at specialized stores.

After that, a new cartridge is installed in the seat of the flask. It needs to be twisted all the same key. If the gum on the cartridge is hard, this procedure can cause some difficulties. Therefore, seals are replaced with old soft rubber bands, if necessary.

Replacement completion

When considering how to change a water filter, special attention should be paid to the procedure for completing this process. After installing the cartridge, the flask is fully twisted. It is necessary to check the tightness of the system. For this, the water supply tap is very smoothly opened. It is necessary to monitor the system. Water should not leak through the joints.

Filter flasks

If there is a leak, turn off the water and tighten the flask even more. If this does not help, you need to unscrew the flask and inspect the o-rings. If there is damage, the seals must be replaced.

If there is no leakage, water is drained for about 10 minutes. After that, the system is ready for operation.

Geyser filter

Many people in our country have a Geyser filter installed. His service has several nuances. How to change the Geyser water filter? First shut off the water. Then, the first cleaning step is unscrewed with a key. After replacing, the flask is twisted according to the above diagram.

The central cylinder must be unscrewed manually. It is completely changed. First, the cartridge is fixed, and then the bulb. The third stage is serviced in the same way as the first. After that, you need to check the system for leaks. With its normal functioning, you can use the filter for its intended purpose.

Reverse osmosis

How to change the water filter in the reverse osmosis system? In this case, the procedure is somewhat complicated.

Types of filters

The flasks are removed and maintained in the same way as described above. The only difference is the requirement that is put forward to install a new cartridge. When it is in the flask, distilled water must be poured into it. Otherwise, air bubbles that remain in the system will damage the membrane. It needs to be changed every 1-1.5 years.

To remove the membrane, the red retaining clip must be disconnected. You can then disconnect the hose. To do this, you need to press the ring a little. The hose is pulled over. This action is carried out on both sides of the system. After that, the device can be dismantled. It is removed from special brackets. Next, the hose that fits to the membrane is disconnected. The box of this can be unscrewed the cover. The device is dismantled using pliers.

After that, you can install a new membrane. The lid is twisted. Hoses are connected to it from both sides. After that, the system can be operated as usual.

Having considered how to change the water filter, you can perform all the steps yourself. The quality of water consumed by a person depends on the timely replacement of cartridges and other elements of the system.


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