Homemade bikes. How to make a bike

With the onset of warm weather, cycling in the fresh air becomes more and more relevant. It's nice to see when on a day off whole families romp about their iron friends in the park area and bike paths. Cycling contributes to health promotion, general physical development and is extremely useful, even if it is not intense sports training.

homemade bicycles
The variety of bicycle transport in the modern market is very large and can satisfy the most demanding customer, both in functional terms and in cost. Moreover, the price of individual copies can reach several thousand dollars. There are a huge number of bicycles of various types, for example: mountain, track, sports, city. A separate group are homemade bicycles. They are distinguished from each other by various parameters of mass, design, wheel size, number of speeds, etc.

Buying a bike is optional

An alternative to buying a bicycle can be its own making. Home-made bikes are very common and original in design. But to implement such an idea, one should be patient and possess certain professional skills and tools. And it is best to have access to a workshop equipped with the necessary tools and equipment. Assembling homemade bicycles from finished parts will not be difficult, anyone can do it.

How to make a bike?

In order to assemble bikes with your own hands, you need a detailed drawing. You can draw it yourself, but it’s best to use ready-made options that you can easily find if you wish.

DIY bikes
The use of the finished drawing will avoid possible errors when assembling your vehicle. It is impossible to ride a bicycle made according to a technically incorrect design. In addition, if the balance of elements is incorrectly calculated, the load on some parts and assemblies will be increased, which can lead to their accelerated wear. And soon the most critical moment may come when the vehicle breaks down or falls apart. There is a very high risk of injuries and injuries if a breakdown catches up with the immediate use of the bike.

You can’t do without purchases

It is worthwhile to understand that some mechanisms, such as a chain and wheels, are not possible to manufacture at home, and even in a workshop. In any case, they will have to be purchased ready-made. In this case, you should pay attention to the material from which the rim of the wheel and spokes are made. The tire must be selected taking into account the operating conditions of the bicycle. If you plan to ride in calm urban conditions, then ordinary urban-type tires will do. If you plan to drive aggressively or operate in rough terrain, you will need tires with a reinforced tread to improve the adhesion of the wheel to the ground. Homemade tricycles are very popular and original now. Immediately before assembling the bike, you should carefully study the drawing and determine the exact sequence of actions.

The stronger the metal, the more durable the bike.

To produce the frame, you will need tubes of various diameters made of durable metal. It will not be superfluous if the metal surface is treated with an anti-corrosion compound. This will extend the life of the bike.

homemade tricycles

According to the drawing, it is necessary to make all the elements of the frame and connect them together using spot welding. After the frame is ready, it should be checked for defects and, if necessary, refine all the nuances.

In the manufacture of forks will require the use of special equipment for pressing. You can use devices and tools designed for forging metal for these purposes. When the fork elements and the frame are almost ready, they need to drill all the necessary holes for fastening the wheels, sprockets and pedals.

Next, you need to make the steering wheel, saddle and pedals. If these parts are left over from an old bicycle, then they can be repaired or simply restored to their normal appearance if they are in good technical condition. The chain, wheels and brakes must also be checked for serviceability and, if necessary, repaired. Problems can arise due to leaky knitting needles, lack of lubrication on the brake mechanism and low-quality links of the bicycle chain.

Home-made bikes, or rather, parts of them, can be painted, previously covered with a primer. Even the thinnest paint layer will protect the metal from the effects of corrosion. This will keep the appearance of the parts in an appropriate condition.

how to make a bike

Assembly and running

If all the components are prepared, then you can mount them on the frame for a preliminary assessment of the technical suitability of the assembled vehicle. The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality and straightness of the bike, the ease of pedaling, the functionality of the brakes and other, less significant nuances.

If the ride does not satisfy or is impossible without certain efforts, then you need to understand the inconsistencies, correct them and conduct another test. If all parts and components are serviceable, the bicycle should be completely disassembled for painting.

Buy and collect

If there is no particular desire to resort to such a difficult option, then it is easier to purchase ready-made components and assemble bikes with your own hands, adapting them to your needs and wishes. You can assemble a lightweight version using a titanium or cheaper aluminum frame. It can be supplied with any components of the appropriate quality and value expression. It is possible to construct a bicycle with a motor. A home-made version of such a transport will be the most convenient and practical. If any node or component is out of order or simply ceases to suit its characteristics, then it can be replaced with a new one without any problems.

homemade bicycle with a motor

It is worth remembering that the frequent use of a bicycle instead of a car not only has a positive effect on health, but also improves the environmental situation.

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