Who owns the world's largest nails

Beauty is a concept with very blurry edges. It is impossible to say what is charming or terrible, since the tastes of all people are different. However, some individuals generally destroy any standards. And this is often done for the record. A great example are the world's largest nails. In everyday life, this is extremely

The world's largest nails
uncomfortable, and it looks very specific. However, several people on the planet still decided to take such a step and grew nails of extraordinary length.

The winner in this unusual contest was an American named Lee Redmond. It turned out that this woman did not cut her own nails on both hands, since 1979. At the same time, she was very careful and reverent to them. As a result, the largest nails in the world belong to her. The total length was 8 m 65 cm. Such an impressive parameter allowed Lee Redmond to get into the notorious Guinness Book of Records. However, in 2009, a woman lost her stunning nails. The reason was a car accident.

Not only a woman can decide on such a step. In second place on this list was a man from India named Sridhar Chilal. He stopped cutting nails only on his left hand back in 1952. As a result, their total length was 6.15 m. And the largest nail (there are few rivals to this Indian in the world) was 129.54 cm long. Sridhar was very proud of its specific beauty. However, such impressive nails gave him not only aesthetic inconvenience, but also real problems. Therein

The largest nail in the world
including health. Under the impressive weight of his nails, fingers on his hand were severely deformed, nerve endings were damaged. Sridhar was even deaf in his left ear. Therefore, in 2000, he regretfully, but nevertheless parted with his amazing nails. However, this did not prevent the man from going down in history for a long time.

Surprisingly, the world's largest nails, people grew not only on their hands, but also on their feet. And here the record belongs to the American Louise Hollis. This resident of California has managed to grow

The biggest nails in the world
toenails are almost 16 centimeters long. Every week she devotes about 2 days to thorough care and pedicure. Louise lacquers her nails, gives them shape and files. Because of such an unusual pedicure, she has to wear exclusively open shoes. However, the climate in the city allows this.

For some time, the largest nails in the world belonged to a resident of Michigan named Melvin Feisel Booth. Unfortunately, he suddenly died for no apparent reason in 2009. During his life, the length of the nails on Melvin's left and right hands was almost 10 meters.

Many daredevils tried to get into the notorious Book of Records. However, some of them simply did not have the patience. Indeed, nails of such a fantastic length take years. In addition, it is extremely inconvenient to do any simple household work with them. However, today there are people who perfectly cope with all their immediate responsibilities, while having an impressive manicure. Of course, these are not the largest nails in the world. But they deserve attention from the public. For example, women Barbara Wing and Dee Adams even earn a living with their amazing nails. Bright and colorful manicure attracts the attention of a huge number of enthusiastic people.

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