Singapore Citizenship: Pros and Cons. Residence Permit in Singapore

In conditions of economic crises that constantly shake not only Russia, but also the developed countries of the European Union, social problems, corruption and crime, health problems and lifestyle, Russians are increasingly thinking about immigration. Is the game worth the candle? It all depends on the country in which the move is planned.

Singapore citizenship

Singapore Citizenship Pros

Singapore ranks high in terms of living standards, the country has low crime and a stable environment. Even with a quick acquaintance with the country's economy and legislation, the indisputable advantages of Singapore citizenship are obvious (and there are, of course, minuses, but they are not numerous):

  1. The quality of life in this small Asian country is not inferior to the United States, European states or Australia.
  2. There are few people who want to commit crimes - fines even for administrative violations amount to thousands of dollars.
  3. The city is very young, all the buildings were built no more than thirty or forty years ago. There is no dilapidated housing in Singapore.
  4. A Singapore passport makes it possible to visit one hundred and seventy countries of the world on a visa-free regime or according to simplified entry rules. The list of visa-free or visa-free countries includes the USA and European Union countries.
  5. Simplified migration legislation and the friendly attitude of the authorities allow foreigners to obtain citizenship relatively quickly.

Free travel

Singapore citizenship removes many travel restrictions around the world. This is especially noticeable when traveling to the United States, as citizens of an Asian country use significantly simplified visa requirements.

Singapore on the world map is located well, and the developed infrastructure contributes to travel. In the ranking on freedom of movement, the country is in fifth place (next to New Zealand and Switzerland). This confirms the minimum travel restrictions that Singapore citizens enjoy.

Singapore on the map

General Employment

Many companies prefer to hire local citizens. This is not due to wariness towards foreigners, but rather to the reluctance to bother with a bunch of papers that are necessary to register a citizen of another country in the state.

Real Estate Acquisition

Foreigners cannot buy or rent housing from the government; renting an apartment to a foreign national is possible only through the owner. Citizens (meeting certain requirements) can use subsidies for the purchase or rental of housing from a government fund, and permanent residents must first obtain special permission to rent such apartments.

In addition, those who live in apartments built by the government independently cover only part of the costs of utilities and scheduled repairs, the rest is subsidized by the authorities. If you buy an apartment from the owner or in the secondary market (foreigners, permanent residents of the country, and citizens can do this), then the new owner will bear all the costs of repair and utilities.

Citizens of the Republic of Singapore can use housing subsidies and receive mortgages on exceptionally favorable conditions.

How to get Singapore citizenship to a Russian citizen

Social Security Plan

CPF is compulsory social security for Singaporeans. Contributions to the fund are 14.5% and 20% for the employer and employee, respectively. The social insurance account is divided into three parts:

  • ordinary, the savings from which can be used to pay for education, apartment, investment;
  • a special account, which is necessary in case of unforeseen circumstances that will not allow a citizen to engage in labor activity on a permanent or temporary basis (disability, work injury, serious illness of a relative);
  • a medical bill that is used to cover the costs of maintaining good health.

A citizen can use part of the deposit to receive a tax discount.

Education in Singapore

Foreign nationals and persons with a residence permit status currently pay for education more than citizens by 50% and 10%, respectively. For example, Singaporean children can attend elementary school for free, but for children of foreign nationals without a residence permit, payment is 80 Singapore dollars, with a residence permit - 42 dollars. In technical institutes, citizens pay 160-500 Singapore dollars (depending on the university and specialty), persons permanently residing in the country - 180-550 dollars, foreigners - at least 550 dollars. Persons with a residence permit or foreigners, unlike citizens, can not receive government scholarships and grants.

republic of singapore

Health & Medical

There are special funds in Singapore that help low-income citizens cover medical expenses. For permanent residents and foreigners, fees at clinics are slightly higher than for Singaporeans. Foreigners are also not eligible for subsidies for hospitalization.

Benefits and Social Support

The Republic of Singapore provides its citizens with an extensive social support program. Young mothers whose child is a citizen of Singapore are entitled to a 16-week paid decree. The first eight weeks are funded by the employer, the remaining ones by the government.

Each parent has the right to an additional six days of annual childcare leave (up to the age of seven). This possibility is available if the parent has been employed by the last employer for at least three months.

Citizens of Singapore at the birth of a child are paid assistance in the amount of four thousand Singapore dollars for the first and second, six thousand dollars - for the third and fourth children.

In addition, parents who meet the conditions of the government program can participate in the savings program. A special savings account is opened for the child / children, into which the government pays up to six thousand Singapore dollars for the first and second children (except for birth payments) and up to twelve thousand for the third and fourth.

There are other programs to help parents, tax incentives and discounts, assistance for working mothers, and disability assistance. Of particular interest is the paternity tax rebate. Married Singaporeans who become fathers are given a discount of five, ten, or twenty thousand Singapore dollars when the first, second, third, and subsequent children appear in the family, respectively.

Singapore minority citizenship

Singapore Citizenship Deficiencies

The disadvantages of citizenship are few, but they are. Male citizens are required to undergo compulsory national service for two years. They should also serve for forty days each year under the age of fifty (for officers) or forty (for non-officers) years. Also serving should be males from the second generation of permanent residents of Singapore. For foreigners, the service is optional.

Singapore citizenship requires all other passports. This means that the country does not allow dual citizenship. Also, citizens and persons who have obtained a residence permit cannot withdraw all their savings in banks and Singapore funds in one amount.

Stages of obtaining a Singapore passport

Obtaining Singapore citizenship for minors and adults of foreign nationality involves several stages. First you need to apply for a temporary residence permit, then a permanent one. You can apply for citizenship after two years of legal residence in Singapore.

Grounds for citizenship

How to obtain Singapore citizenship to a Russian citizen? There are several ways:

  1. Legal employment.
  2. Opening your own business.
  3. Investments in the country's economy.
  4. Naturalization (legal residence in the country for at least two years).
  5. Legal marriage with a citizen of Singapore (at least two years).
  6. Outstanding achievements in culture, sports or art (you must have documented evidence of merit).

Singapore citizenship pros and cons

Birth on the territory of the country does not entitle the child to citizenship only on this basis. Singaporean citizenship at birth is received only by children of citizens.

Immigration for employment

To immigrate to Singapore, you need to find an official job in the country and get a local visa. After six months of official work, you can get a residence permit, and after two years apply for citizenship. Even with the most unfavorable scenario (repeated filing of repeated applications), citizenship is delayed for a maximum of 5-6 years.

LPR residence permit for a year

There is an option to obtain a residence permit in Singapore for one year in order to calmly decide on the place with employment, housing and other issues important for a migrant. The candidate must be a specialist in any field, that is, have a higher education, know the language, have work experience, letters of recommendation, and so on. Together with a foreigner, a residence permit is obtained by his spouse and children under 21 years of age inclusive.

True, visitors are not in a hurry to apply for grown-up children with a residence permit in Singapore. Representatives of the second generation of migrants (i.e., children of the one who receives a residence permit) are already required to perform compulsory service in the national army, and the age of conscription is a record from 21 to 45 years.

This method allows you to get comfortable on the spot, find a suitable job and housing, get to know the country and decide whether to stay in Singapore for good.

Own business in Singapore

You can obtain citizenship by opening your own business in Singapore. First you have to apply for an E Pass visa. It is imperative to have a university degree that matches the profile of the activity. So, for example, a person who does not know where Singapore is on the map will not be able to open a travel agency, and anyone who has received the Design specialty will not open a coffee shop.

citizenship singapore at birth

Permanent residence and citizenship for investment

Citizenship for investing in the Singaporean economy is the fastest way to become a holder of a local passport. The issue is resolved in just two to three days, if the foreigner meets fairly stringent criteria. It is necessary to invest at least two and a half million US dollars in the economy (you can invest in both new business and existing companies), provide an adequate investment plan, have a good reputation and experience in conducting business projects.


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