Belgorod: climate and ecology

Belgorod is a small city in Russia, located near the Ukrainian border (40 kilometers) - 80 kilometers from Kharkov. Location in the south-west of the country affects the economy of Belgorod, climate and ecology. Chernozem and favorable weather conditions contribute to the development of agriculture, which brings considerable income to the region. Belgorod is clean and prosperous with a pleasant dry climate, low cloud cover and bright warm sun. It is also one of the quietest cities in Russia with a low crime rate. About 100 people commit crimes per 100 thousand inhabitants. Most often these are pickpocketing.

Belgorod monthly climate

What is the climate in Belgorod

The average annual temperature is +8 degrees. In Belgorod, the climate is temperate continental without sharp temperature changes, humidity drops and atmospheric pressure. Summer is dry and sometimes hot, winter is cool, lasts 2 months, in December it often rains, and autumn is warm and mild. The average annual humidity is 76%, about 500 millimeters of precipitation falls during the year, most of which in the summer.

Belgorod is located at an altitude of 130 meters above sea level, with an average wind speed of up to 5-7 kilometers per second. The climate of the city of Belgorod is generally mild, comfortable for life and tourism. Similar to Voronezh or the one in eastern Ukraine.

The absolute maximum temperature recorded since 1983 is 39 degrees above zero. It happened in July. The absolute minimum is 34 degrees below zero in January.

Belgorod climate

Belgorod, monthly climate:

  • January. The coldest month of the year, the average temperature is 10-6 degrees below zero.
  • February. The average temperature is 9-6 degrees below zero.
  • March. In March, the snow begins to slowly melt. On average, the temperature is kept at 0 degrees.
  • April. Snow is melting rapidly, trees are turning green. The average temperature is 10 degrees above zero.
  • May. It can be considered in Belgorod almost a summer month. On average, 16 degrees above zero.
  • June. 19-20 degrees above zero.
  • July. The hottest month. Average temperature + 20-22.
  • August. +21 degrees.
  • September. The average temperature is +15 degrees.
  • October. Gradually, autumn begins, and the average temperature drops to +8.
  • November. Cooling and rains begin. By the end of November, snow may fall, the average temperature is 0 degrees.
  • December. In the first half it usually rains, in the middle of the month snow finally falls. The average temperature is 6-7 degrees below zero.

In Belgorod, the climate does not differ in frosts, prolonged rainy seasons or heavy snowfalls.


The winter period in Belgorod is cool, on average 6 degrees below zero. It lasts from the end of December to the end of February. About 100-130 millimeters of precipitation falls during this time. Belgorod reservoir freezes.


In Belgorod, the climate is arranged so that the spring and autumn periods last for 2 months. It is still winter until the end of February; summer begins in mid-April. Spring is short and fast, snow melts quickly, and the city begins to bloom.


Dry and hot summer lasts from May to the end of September. Usually it is not rainy. The weather is favorable for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and crops. The average temperature is 20 degrees above zero. In July and June, the highest rainfall occurs - 70 millimeters each month.


Autumn is mild and warm, almost all of October is the golden period, the temperature is around 8 degrees above zero. From mid-November, rains and first frosts begin, and snow falls and finally lays only by the end of December.

Ecological situation

What is the climate in Belgorod

According to the news agency and the Green Patrol public organization, Belgorod Oblast is among the five cleanest regions in terms of ecology. It is located on the 4th place, in front of the Kursk region and after the Altai Territory.

In Belgorod, the climate contributes to the development of the agricultural industry, this cannot but affect the environmental situation in the city and the region. Plowing the fields destroys the natural ecosystem and the habitat of local animals and birds, gaseous emissions of ruminant livestock pollute the atmosphere and affect the greenhouse effect, and animal excrement, along with sewage, gets into rivers and groundwater.

Belgorod climate and ecology

Water treatment facilities in the region are not the most efficient, they need updating and improvement, and in cities and towns there is no storm sewage system, which cannot but affect water pollution.

Factory emissions and car exhaust pollute the air. Moreover, 56% of the emissions of the entire Belgorod region occur in the city of Stary Oskol, where there is a cement plant and a cheese factory.

Also, regional landfills for solid waste collection and incineration plants can not cope with the load, hazardous waste, batteries, oil products, electronics and the like have to be transported to the neighboring region. The region needs enterprises that will utilize biological waste and recycle waste.

climate of the city of belgorod

However, the situation is not as deplorable as it might seem. In the Belgorod region, measures are being taken to restore the ecological condition of the region. Every month, actions are held to separate the collection of household waste from the population, which are then sent to a waste recycling plant, where they get a second life. Landscaping in the region helps to combat the harmful effects of car exhaust and saturate the air with oxygen.

In the Belgorod region, an active company is being directed against tobacco smoking. Reducing the number of smokers in the region also has a beneficial effect on improving the state of the atmosphere and air.

The regional government has introduced environmental taxes for enterprises whose activities pollute the environment. The funds received go to the maintenance and work of organizations involved in the restoration of the ecology of Belgorod and the Belgorod region.

In Belgorod, the climate is temperate and mild, the environmental situation is acceptable and it is getting better every year. This is a great place to relax, spend your vacation or weekend. The city has a rich history, it is decorated with fortresses and churches. Belgorod is developing rapidly, improving the economy and leisure for residents and visitors.


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