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If you want to become a singer or just sing well for yourself or a narrow circle of people, then first you have to learn the many subtleties of this craft. But even if this is not your dream, what is the range of a person’s voice, and what are its main types, you should know, so to speak, for general development. You need to know how they are measured and how they can be developed.

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Consider concepts such as “range” and “register”. A range is, in simple terms, the volume of sound. These are acceptable abilities of the performer to take these or other notes. From birth, all people have a certain range. If necessary, it can be expanded to several tones through training.

Naturally, the frequency range of a woman’s voice is different from the male range. This is evident even in a simple conversation. The voice of men is coarser, because they have vocal folds thicker from birth than women. Male and female singing abilities come in several forms.

A register is a specific section of a range, that is, a sound volume. It can be lower, middle or upper, and is used as an independent ability to measure vocal and voice data. For men, low registers are characteristic, it is customary to include bass, tenor and baritone to them. Female singing voice is distinguished by the highest - soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralt.

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How can I find out the range of voice? To do this, it is necessary to distinguish between such concepts as the singing range and the sound range. In everyday life, people can make all kinds of sounds, starting with loud exclamations of happiness and joy, and ending with a whisper. Such low or, conversely, high sounds are unlikely to be repeated in singing. It does not involve the lowest voice range register and the highest, whistle.

So, to determine the boundaries of their own vocal capabilities, there are several ways that, without a doubt, can be applied at home. Only a musical instrument, for example, a piano, is needed. Approaching it, you need to start singing about increasing the sound of the instrument (or lowering), that is, playing every note that you can only repeat in order. When you can’t sing lower or higher, these are the limits of your voice today. You can also find out the range of voice by visiting a phoniatrist. This is a more reliable and reliable way, a specialist will hold a full consultation and will let you know whether it makes sense to expand the capabilities of your own voice or not, and if so, then towards the lower or upper register.

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St. Petersburg singer Tatyana Dolgopolova, who got into the Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the most exclusive voice in the world, has the largest voice range.

There is hardly a person who can surpass its capabilities. Tatyana has an incredible range of voices, namely - 5 octaves and 1 tone. For comparison: modern singers have an average range of 2 octaves, and this is enough for full-fledged work on the stage, and up to this level the voice can be developed.

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