Recreation Park "Yuryevskoe", Tver Region

Not far from Moscow there is a wonderful corner where you can go with your whole family, spend unforgettable several days in the bosom of nature, this place is called - Yuryevskoye Recreation Park, Tver Region.

Yuryevskoe recreation park
Only 210 km from the capital - and you find yourself in a fairy tale. Pine forest, light, penetrated by the rays of the sun, full of secrets and mysteries, a web of uncharted paths, walking along which you can get a boost of energy and energy for a long time, pick up mushrooms and berries.

A nice spacious, gently sloping beach, covered with warm soft sand, invites you to lie on it, sunbathe, relax in sun loungers. Pure water with a lazy course calls for a dip, soak, sway in the light waves.


The main value of our lives, of course, is health. And it directly depends on how well the body prepares for the work week over the weekend.

Yuryevskoye Recreation Park is located on the right bank of the great Volga River. You can come here as a family for more than one day. Kids will like to run through the forest, splash in warm water, build sand castles.

Here you can have a good time with friends, fry kebabs, play volleyball and other active games on the beach. Take a sunbath near the water.

The leisure park provides an excellent opportunity to spend free time with health benefits. It covers an area of ​​about 12 hectares. It includes pine forest, sandy beach. In the park there is a recreation center "Yuryevskoe". The Tver region is ecologically stable in the region. The level of air pollution here is much lower than in other areas. Therefore, you can have a good rest at the base without fear for your health, and healing forest air and water procedures will only contribute to its strengthening.

Yuryevskoye recreation park, Tver region

Here you can actively participate in the development of fishing and hunting tourism. Fans of fishing are given the opportunity to catch large fish, hunters will also not be on the sidelines, there is a chance to shoot from the heart.

There are many opportunities for sports recreation. You can enjoy water skiing or jet skiing on the river. On land, a trip on forest roads with ATVs is offered. Those wishing to receive a dose of adrenaline are offered flights on a delta and paraglider.

Family vacation

If you come for one or two weeks, then to accommodate everyone on the base there are several houses that are convenient and cozy for living. The recreation center "Yuryevskoye" offers two-story cottages, equipped with everything necessary for a convenient and comfortable stay.

The cottage β€œHotel” is a spacious house with two floors for four people, has single and double rooms, a dressing room, a living room with a minibar, a bathroom.

Cottages "Economy", "Business" and "Suite" - also two-story, designed for four people. They have two large bedrooms, a living room, an entrance hall, a bathroom. There is a comfortable kitchen equipped with everything you need, including utensils.

Each cottage has modern appliances. You can cook at home or visit the restaurant.

recreation center yuryevskoe
With a large influx of guests there is the opportunity without special hassle to stay in the Volzhanka Hotel, located here on the territory of the base. It offers guests six double rooms with a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom. Each room has a mini fridge.

All cottages were built by Moscow and Tver specialists from environmentally friendly pine. Log houses are assembled on wooden dowels without the use of nails, so they do not dry out, they always have an aesthetic appearance.

Tasty and healthy diet

A properly selected diet is also important for health. Yuryevskoye Recreation Park has on its territory an excellent restaurant called Volga. Experienced chefs will satisfy any claims of the finest connoisseurs of delicious food. Every day wonderful dishes are prepared here, and the restaurant menu always has a varied selection for every taste.

Guests are offered a choice of food, it can be a buffet or a restaurant menu, as well as the possibility of ordering dishes at will.

The restaurant provides services for anniversaries, formal receptions, weddings or birthdays.

Leisure activities

In the evening, after a busy day program with swimming, walking in the woods and active games in the fresh air, I want something quiet and calm. To do this, there is an entertainment complex located on the basis of "Yuryevskoe". Rest in any of the two billiard rooms, equipped according to the latest gaming fashion, will allow you to calmly chat with friends, colleagues. Skillful billiard players will be able to compete with rivals for the championship, and beginners will try their hand at an exciting game.

yurevskoe park
There is also a large number of slot machines of interest; gambling amateurs to try their luck are given the opportunity to use their chance.

For every taste

For guests who love to play sports without leaving their home, an excellent gym with a chic set of items to maintain physical fitness is offered. Here are simulators for both endurance exercises and strength training. There is a table for playing table tennis.

For guests with more subtle, sophisticated needs, a music room with karaoke is equipped. A large selection of discs with recordings of not only Russian pop, but also foreign performers will help test your strength in chants. Thanks to high-quality equipment and good acoustics, the singing voice will sound beautiful and harmonious.

You can chat with friends at the table, listen to music, watch TV in the cozy bar. Here, guests are offered a large wine list, light snacks, polite staff.

"Enjoy Your Bath!"

recreation center yuryevskoe
Yuryevskoye Recreation Park has on its territory a health complex with the same name. It includes a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath. There is a pool with pleasant cool water, which is impossible not to dive after a hot steam room with one hundred percent humidity or soak in the jacuzzi. After the bath, you can relax in a special room, drink aromatic phyto tea with relaxing music. Cedar phytobarrel will help relieve fatigue, muscle pain after an overly active rest, rest and relax. A regular visit to this procedure gives a good healing effect of the whole organism.


The recreation center includes its own airfield with a good unpaved runway. Its length is 850 m and its width is 45 m. The Yuryevskoye Recreation Park, the picturesque banks of the Volga River, the surrounding towns and villages - not everyone was able to see all this beauty from above. Therefore, extreme sports enthusiasts can reach the resting place by helicopter or small aircraft. You can make an unforgettable flight, view the surroundings from a bird's eye view and land the aircraft directly at the base on your own or leased plane.

yurievskoe rest
The airfield, as well as aircraft parking, is located near the recreation center. It has night lighting and signaling equipment, aircraft parking is equipped with video surveillance cameras and is guarded around the clock.

Winter holidays

Yuryevskoye Park also welcomes guests in the winter. The number of recreational activities during this period does not decrease, but becomes even more interesting. An interesting ski route is laid through the forest. In different directions, roads are arranged for an exciting ride on snowmobiles and ATVs. On warmer days, delta and paragliding flights are possible. Guests will not remain indifferent to ice fishing and winter hunting. Fans of original sports will be able to shoot from crossbows and bows. A large modern ice rink with original lighting in the evening is poured at the base.

recreation center yuryevskoe tver region
The pine forest and the entire Yuryevsky park look fabulous. Tver region is famous for mild winters, heavy snowfalls, sunny days.

Both the park and the recreation center at any time of the year will serve as a wonderful vacation spot for the whole family.


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