The list of channels "Single" from "Tricolor TV", as well as the cost and payment methods

Tricolor TV is one of the largest operators in the field of satellite television. According to the latest data, the audience of the most popular operator in Russia exceeds 40 million users, which is almost a quarter of the population. Such an all-Russian love is primarily due to the relatively low prices for channel packages and the high quality of the service provided.

What packages of channels Tricolor offers today, and how much money will have to be allocated to watch your favorite TV shows, we will discuss in the article below.

the list of channels in the tariff is single

Why Tricolor TV?

Affordable monthly fee and digital broadcasting in any corner of the country - these are perhaps the main advantages of the operator. In addition, unlike analog broadcasting, signals from the satellite are not affected by external factors, such as tall buildings, trees or shady areas.

If in cities there is still the opportunity to watch many TV channels without connecting to satellite television, then for the villages and remote corners of the Motherland Tricolor is indispensable in this regard. Such popularization has led to the fact that the kit (receiver + dish) can be bought at almost every corner, and the monthly fee is quite affordable. But this is not all - the Tricolor subscriber will never be bored, only on the Tricolor Single package the list of channels is constantly growing: more than 200 are already available.

Which channel package to choose?

Today Tricolor TV provides its subscribers with 9 different packages of TV channels. Everyone can choose the set of TV shows that are really interesting to him.

For example, if you are a football fan, the following packages are suitable for you: Our Football, which consists of 2 channels; “Match! Football” - 6 channels and the package “All Football” - 8 channels. Those who have small children will not hurt to connect to the package "Children's", which includes 22 channels, 2 of which are in HD quality.

And if you need a lot of channels of various topics, the “Single” package from “Tricolor” is ideal for you. Which channels it includes is described in detail on the operator’s official website.

Tricolor "One": a list of channels

The “Single” package itself is divided into several subspecies: “Single”, “Single Multi Light” and “Single Multi”. Each of them has more than 200 channels, including in HD format:

  • All-Russian channels (NTV, Russia-24, Channel One, etc.);
  • sports ("Fighter");
  • cognitive;
  • entertaining ("Friday", "Pepper");
  • regional;
  • children’s;
  • musical ("MUZ-TV", MTV);
  • informational;
  • movies and TV shows ("Russian novel", "TV-3", "Russian bestseller");
  • Television stores
  • info channels;
  • radio stations.

As you can see, the list of channels from Tricolor Unified satisfies the tastes of all segments of the population, therefore this package is the most demanded of the ones offered by the operator. Now let's move on to cost and payment methods.

single package cost

How much is? How to pay?

As we wrote above, the list of Unified channels from Tricolor may differ slightly depending on the subspecies of the package. That is, "Single Multi" provides more channels compared to the basic version of "Single". Thus, the cost will be slightly different. At present, the cost of Tricolor "Unified" is a little more than a thousand rubles per year, the monthly fee for packages "Single Multi Light" - 1500 rubles and "Single Multi" - 2 000 rubles.

After subscribing to one of the above packages, the subscriber will have access to the services of managing the airtime. In other words, you can pause or record programs, and even download movies directly from the Cinema Hall. Unfortunately, watching some TV channels and access to services depends on the model of the receiver, therefore Tricolor operators strongly recommend using the actively advertised promotion and changing the old receiver to a new one.

tricolor channel list

You can pay for Tricolor services in any way that is convenient and convenient for you. This can be payment by credit card, electronic money, from the personal account of a mobile phone, cash in terminals. The balance of funds is stored in your personal account in your account, and in the future you can use this money to connect an additional package or service.


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