Angelina Bazan and her prestigious school of manicure

A beautiful well-groomed manicure always positions its owner as a person who knows a lot about fashion and has a special aesthetic look at the surrounding things. This is not about simple neat nails with varnish applied to them, but about miniature art drawing using various techniques. This design of nails is always striking to people around. Unfortunately, there are very few true masters in this difficult matter. In beauty salons, people often work who have completed express manicure courses and have received only a small fraction of the basic knowledge about the art of creating unsurpassed manicure.

Magic school

Angelina Bazan is considered to be a master with a capital letter, which has created her own studio, helping everyone to get the knowledge and skills necessary to perform high-quality manicure. Her school graduates after graduation, not just amateurs, but graduates who can proudly wear the title of masters of manicure.

Angelina Bazan

Known to many, the Angelina Bazan school is at the first stage in the ranking of institutions providing such services. All teachers working in the studio have diplomas of highly qualified specialists, participate and often win in various competitions in the field of creating a beautiful manicure.

Lovely choice

The excellent manicure studio created by Angelina Bazan is wide-profile, that is, its specialists teach their students not only to paint beautifully on the nails, but also to build them up qualitatively. The training system also includes a host of other interesting techniques that are widely used abroad.

angelina bazan school

Thanks to this approach, all school graduates are very much in demand in the labor market. They are happy to be invited to work in the most expensive and prestigious salons. Angelina Bazan was able to prove to everyone that a beautiful manicure can be a real work of art. For her work, the woman was repeatedly awarded with all kinds of letters and cups confirming her professionalism.

Author's drawing

A man who once saw the work that Angelina Bazan is doing fell in love with them once and for all. After all, they enchant with their beauty and flawless execution. Such beautiful drawings made on nails look amazing, and the use of various pebbles, beads and other decor gives the manicure a very special chic.

nail art

Great nail art is performed by masters very quickly. To create it, only high quality materials from world famous manufacturers are used. Therefore, such a manicure always looks bright, brilliant and retains its original appearance for a long time. Each master in the school teaches his students not only to mechanically fulfill the given requirements, but to think creatively, so that they can independently come up with unique miniature drawings on the nails. Indeed, very often customers are asked to depict on the nail plate an original drawing that is not in the catalog, and in this case a school graduate should not be lost. Masters of the school love their work and cope with it one hundred percent.


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