"Chibo" coffee: description and reviews

Fragrant good coffee is a great start to the day. This drink will cheer you up, invigorate and give energy for the whole working day. But in order for coffee to give you only positive emotions, you need to choose the one that you like most. Consider Chibo (coffee): what it is like and what other consumers say about it.

Tchibo at a glance

chibo coffee
The founder of the company is Max Hertz. The company was established in 1949 in the city of Hamburg. For the first few years, Tchibo has been transporting coffee beans. In 1977, a contract was signed with Beiersdorf, and then Tchibo began distributing cigarettes. In 1997, Eduscho was merged with the company, as a result of which it began to lead in the production of coffee.

Today Chibo is coffee, which is one of the best types of products in its field. Tchibo, in addition to its core business, also produces clothing, household appliances, and household items. In addition, the company owns several restaurants and coffee shops in Germany.

Short description Chibo (coffee)

Instant coffee from this company is made using coffee bean extracts. Simplicity and accessibility of this species are its main positive qualities. Chibo Gold instant coffee has an incredible taste and aroma, which attracts fans of this drink. In addition, this type has a long shelf life, because it does not include natural coffee oils. In addition to the instant drink, the company also produces Chibo coffee, ground and in grains. The choice is very large, so each consumer will be able to choose the right drink for himself.

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Positive properties of Chibo (coffee)

Thanks to caffeine, which is part of the drink, it has a lot of beneficial properties for the human body. Concentration, attentiveness, stress resistance increase, negative thoughts and fatigue disappear. Strong good coffee will help a tired and exhausted person get rid of obsessive thoughts, cheer up and tune in to work. Also, with the use of this invigorating drink, an improvement in memory is observed, the received information is more fully absorbed and the brain's activity is activated.

Coffee can be consumed by people who suffer from arrhythmia. It stimulates the blood supply to the brain. Just one cup a day and you will lower your risk of getting cancer.


Despite the fact that this drink has a number of positive properties, contraindications also exist. From drinking coffee should be denied to people prone to high blood pressure, insomnia, renal failure, atherosclerosis. Drinking unfiltered coffee can increase your cholesterol levels.

Elderly people and children should not abuse this drink either. It’s also better not to eat it when you are hungry or after a very hearty dinner.

Some scientists and doctors agree that coffee is addictive, and even call it a drug. And other people believe that the dependence of people on this drink is the same as on chocolate, and there is nothing dangerous in it.

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Calorie "Chibo"

As for calories, then 100 grams of this product contains 264 calories. Protein per 100 grams of coffee 18.1 grams, fat - 0.7, and carbohydrates - 46.3. For people who are watching their figure, 264 calories - this is not so little. But if there are no contraindications for use, then you do not need to deny yourself this tasty and affordable way to get rid of stress.

Coffee "Chibo": reviews

Tchibo is quite well known in its industry, so many people have tried different types of coffee from this company. Reviews are mostly positive. Many consumers note a pleasant taste and incomparable aroma. Surely these are the main indicators by which buyers evaluate this product. It was noted by many that Chibo coffee really really invigorates, relieves stress, helps to relax and tune in to work. Some people noted the interesting design of the packages and their variety: glass jars, soft packs, vacuum bags.

Another important element that consumers pay attention to is the cost of the product. As for the Chibo price, it is quite acceptable. In Russia, this coffee costs about 200 rubles. And in Ukraine, its cost is an average of 60 UAH. for 250 grams of product. Buyers note excellent value for money. After all, you always want to buy a quality product, and pay less. With Chibo products, this has become possible.

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Summing up all of the above, we can say that the use of coffee is a purely personal matter for everyone. And what type of this invigorating drink to drink, people also choose based on their individual preferences. Chibo products are quite popular, and judging by the reviews, they are worthy of attention. So that coffee brings only benefits and a good mood, do not save on it, choose a decent and high-quality product.

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