Fortune telling mechanisms, tools and methods

Over the centuries, people have not abandoned attempts to look into the past and predict the future. Some are attracted by eternal human curiosity, others - the desire to find out what awaits him in the future. Be that as it may, the art of fortune-telling has flourished since the inception of mankind and developed with it. With the help of fortune telling, people tried to find out their fate, predict various events and thus influence their future.

Fortune telling mechanisms are generally the same. According to many teachings, time is a kind of certain segment of space along which you can move both into the past and into the future with certain skills. Modern science, in principle, confirms such statements about the nature of the relativity of time. But from a scientific point of view, such movements require enormous energy and are fraught with unforeseen consequences. It’s not difficult to penetrate into the past with the help of fortune-telling, while in order to visit the future, you must have special skills and certain tools.

Methods of fortune telling are different, but the tools used for fortune telling have not changed since ancient times, they regularly serve in our time. There are various types of fortune-telling cards: Tarot, Madame Lenormand and many others. Runes, pendulums, various magic mirrors, crystal balls and many other equipment can be found in modern fortune-telling salons.

Fortune telling in antiquity

In ancient times, fortunetelling was used on the insides of animals and even humans. For this there were so-called augurs. According to their location, appearance and other signs of internal organs only they know, they predicted the weather, events in the lives of people and even states. Usually, the innards of the sacrificial animal were used for this, but in especially important cases, when a lot depended on the correctness of the prediction, they could sacrifice, for example, a captive enemy or a slave. Of course, in our time, such techniques have not existed for a long time, today, during fortunetelling, not such bloody methods are used.

Palmistry is a kind of art that allows you to predict the future fate of a person by reading information from lines on the palms of your hands. In the modern world palmistry exists at the intersections of science and religion. Today, scientific theory (biology) allows some possibility that the hands functionally have a fairly close relationship with the manifestations of the psyche and brain activity of a person. Based on this reality, with the help of some observations, it is possible to find out different character traits of any person. Literally from the very times of life, people in the caves have been interested in lines on their hands. According to the study of some theories, the emergence of this art occurred in the times of ancient civilizations. To a greater degree of probability, this ancient technique originates in the East.

Ancient ways of divination

In olden times, various methods of divination for love were most often used . In those days, various methods of divination were very popular with young girls, but they gave preference to those that were associated with heart matters. They tried to find out the name of the bridegroom, the appearance, the place of his residence, and everything related to the love theme. Guessing girls threw shoes (where the toe of the shoe will show, the betrothed lives there), listened under the doors of the church (if you hear a wedding song, you will get married this year), jumped over the fire (if the tongues of flame do not touch the jumping one, it promises him marriage) . Usually, girls divined for Christmas and Christmas time.

Some ancient methods of divination are used by girls to this day: divination on cards, on coffee grounds, wax casting and many others.

At all times, there were magicians, sorcerers, fortune tellers of the future, fortunetellers and clairvoyants who were doing their job, so to speak, professionally. The tools used at the time of fortune-telling sessions, by themselves, did not have any magical properties, they were used only as a guide, allowing you to reveal clairvoyance in yourself with the help of visions, symbols, sounds, and so on.


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