Calcium for nails. Liquid calcium. Calcium gluconate (tablets): instructions for use

Beautiful nails are healthy nails. Such a phrase is really true, because by the appearance of the nail plate, one can say not only about the physical state of human health, but also about the psychological one. How to maintain a healthy look of their nails, we will describe later in the article.

Problem or groomed nails. Why are there problems?

The nails of people who bite them look unhealthy and unkempt. Such a habit in half the cases arises from nervousness. But it can also indicate the presence of parasites in the body.

Nails are updated every six months. And if you notice that they have lost their healthy appearance, become more rough, began to exfoliate, then this may indicate some kind of internal diseases.

calcium for nails

Therefore, it is worth contacting a therapist. But you can’t panic. After all, the poor condition of the nail plate can also indicate the quality of your varnish. In many women, the nails deteriorate due to the procedures that they carry out with them. It can be gel polish, nail extensions, manicures and much more. In such cases, it is not worth waiting for the nails to remain healthy. It is better to drink a course of calcium in advance. It will help strengthen the nail plate and prevent its delamination.

Nails and Calcium

Calcium for nails is a good solution to all the problems that arise with them. It will help not only nails, it is very useful for our skin, hair, bones.

calcium nail tablets

The color of the nail plate can tell about the health of the whole organism. It should be pink, and if it becomes more yellow, then most likely you have contracted some kind of fungal disease. Blue nails indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. If such a shade is only at the base, then it is worth donating blood for sugar. Since this may be evidence of diabetes. It is also possible that the blue color may be a sign of cardiovascular disease.

The appearance of spots or thin lines on the nail plate are clear signs that the body is deficient in calcium. Violations in the central nervous system will indicate a large number of white spots. Yellow spots are a clear sign of brain problems.

Nail calcium can be bought at any pharmacy. But in addition to tablets, a large amount of this trace element is found in dairy products. Although, unfortunately, we all know that calcium is poorly absorbed by the body. And even the fact that we will take it in tablets does not guarantee its complete assimilation.

Most trace elements are found in eggshells. It is enough to dry it. After that, carefully remove the film. She is on her inner side. Now the shell can be ground in a coffee grinder and taken. One teaspoon per day is enough.

calcium gluconate tablets instructions for use

Also, calcium for nails is good to take in combination with magnesium. In the pharmacy you can find different mixtures of these two trace elements. Often they are sold in powder form. It is enough to take one tablespoon of such a product per day.

How to use liquid calcium

Calcium for nails can be not only in tablets or powder. It is produced in liquid form. The last form of the drug will be discussed further.

Liquid calcium is applied to the nail plate. He begins to act immediately. But, unfortunately, not all customers at the same time are satisfied. Many argue that after applying the drug throughout the course, the nails, on the contrary, have become more brittle and have lost their beauty.

This may be for several reasons. Firstly, a woman could acquire a low-quality product. To avoid fake, buy the product only in pharmacies.

liquid calcium

And secondly, some do not adhere to the application system, which does not give the expected result. Then the nails deteriorate due to defective treatment.

In general, to achieve the effect, a comprehensive treatment of nails is necessary. That is, liquid calcium should be applied to the nails and taken orally. It does not have to be tablets. It’s just enough to include foods with a high content of the named trace element in the diet. It can be cottage cheese, kefir, eggs and more.

"Calcium gluconate" (tablets): instructions for use

If you take such a drug, then you need to take into account its features of action on the body. Drinking pills costs an hour and a half before meals.

But before use, you must familiarize yourself with the instructions. You should carefully read the indications for the use of this drug and contraindications. Since "Calcium Gluconate" can cause allergic reactions. If you are undergoing treatment with other drugs, consult your doctor if you can drink the above remedy before you finish it.

So, how should you drink "Calcium Gluconate" (tablets)? The instruction for use states that they are contraindicated for children under three years of age, people suffering from heart failure, atherosclerosis, and renal failure. It is also worth careful to drink them to those who suffer from kidney disease. During pregnancy, calcium gluconate can be taken only after consulting a doctor. Since he must prescribe a dosage.

These tablets are prescribed for those who have a pronounced deficiency of this microelement in the body, there are disorders with the absorption of vitamin D. Also, this drug is prescribed if it is necessary to remove calcium ions from the body.

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Before taking calcium, it is necessary to grind. Adults can take it orally from 1 to 2 grams up to three times a day. Children are prescribed a dosage depending on age. Accordingly, the younger the child, the smaller the amount of the drug.

Pills for nails

How is calcium applied to nails? Tablets can contain it not only in its pure form, but also in combination with other vitamins and minerals. As we have already found out, it is advisable to use calcium with magnesium for its better absorption. You can also buy vitamin complexes. In addition to calcium and vitamins, they will also contain other useful trace elements.

You can take them not only for treatment, but also for prevention in those periods when the body becomes weakened after a disease. It is also good to drink a similar vitamin complex every year after the end of winter. At this time, our body usually needs support.


Now you know how important calcium is for nails and why to use it. We hope that the information in the article was useful to you.


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