How to send resume by e-mail? Rules of business etiquette

The Internet quickly broke into our lives, taking the leading position in communicating with people, finding a job, presenting self and communication with potential employers. Live communication of the interview gradually recedes into the background, providing the battlefield for the vacancy with e-mails with the attached resumes, on the basis of which decisions are made on the worthiness of certain candidates. But what if you do not know how to send a resume by e-mail and are not familiar with the rules for processing a business letter?

The first step to the desired position

A common mistake of many applicants is concern about the correct compilation of the resume, but not at all competent sending it to the addressee. Gross errors in sending can cause a complete disregard for the letter, even if you are the best employee of the city.

how to send resume by email

The first step that begins with instructions on how to send a resume by mail is the employer's email address. The contact information you need is usually contained in an open job ad. Employers most often leave a mail address rather than a phone number in order to protect themselves from numerous and unnecessary calls. Having found the contact you need, do not rewrite it on paper, but immediately copy it from the electronic page to the appropriate field of the letter.

Your email

If your mailing address has a frivolous username, for example, "bol_tvoei_dushi", you are unlikely to be considered a worthy candidate and will open a letter. For business purposes, get yourself another mailbox with a more respectable name containing your last name and first name. It is advisable that they be written in Latin letters. It is not recommended to write under a pseudonym.

Compliance with the required format

Large companies often require a vacancy name to be indicated in a resume or sent “in the body of the letter” rather than as an attached file, and sometimes they even ask for the name of an employee from the personnel department. Your task: before sending your resume by e-mail, carefully read all the requirements and conditions of the employer.

how to send resume by mail
Otherwise, your resume will not even be worthy of attention. After all, the conditions for sending are voiced by companies not from empty childishness, but with the aim of quickly considering all applications. And in the event that they have several vacancies open, your letter "to the village, grandfather" is likely to fly to the "basket". The requirement to send a resume “in the body of the letter” is also not an empty ring - it saves the employer time and saves the computer from possible viruses of the attached file.

How to correctly send a resume by mail: important rules

  1. On the e-mail page, select the command: "Write a letter." A window for filling out a letter will open .
  2. In the “To” field, copy the email address of the employer directly from the source of the advertisement.
  3. In the "Message Subject" indicate the word resume and the code or name of the vacancy. For example: resume: sales manager.
  4. Depending on the requirements of the company, if you need to attach a personal resume to the letter (button: “attach file”, “attach file”, etc.), use the RTF or TXT formats, since the MS Word DOC format can contain viruses. Yes, and in many companies it is considered obsolete.
  5. Consider the name of the resume file itself - it must be unique. It is undesirable to use standard names, such as Summary.doc, it is simply lost in a huge number of similar letters. Better call the file your last name, for example: A. Ivanov D. rtf, you can also enter the name of the vacancy here (A. Ivanov D. (IT specialist). Rtf).
  6. The size of the sent file should not exceed 250 Kb.
  7. In the body of the message, place a cover letter (more on this below).
  8. Before sending a resume by e-mail, once again check the accuracy of the addressee, whether you have enclosed a resume and send an email by clicking the "Send" button.

To send a resume

Transmittal letter

Sending an empty letter with an attached resume is considered a sign of disrespect in the business world. Meanwhile, the message body is a great place to place a cover letter, in which you need to clearly, clearly and in detail explain why you are worthy of this vacancy. It’s better to start it with the appeal: “Dear ... (name, patronymic of the HR manager)”, or, if you do not know the names, “Dear personnel department ...”. Be sure to indicate the name of the vacancy you are applying for, work experience, personal qualities. The original presentation of yourself will be any idea or suggestion regarding the activities of the company. This will prove your competence and stand out from the crowd. The cover letter should be completed politely and standardly: “With respect ...”, “I hope for cooperation ...” and only after that send a resume.

how to send a resume

Some more important tips

  • It is necessary to send out a letter with a resume during the working day. The best time to ship is from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. In this case, your document will head the lists of the first and may be noticed earlier.
  • Do not attach resumes and photographs to the letter in separate files. The photo should be in the text.
  • When formatting text, discard rare fonts, tables, frames, highlighters. Use Times New Roman or Arial. Important points can be highlighted in italics or bold.
  • The most important rule when creating a resume is literacy. Gross grammatical errors will immediately create an unpleasant impression about you, and the resume will not even be read to the end.
  • Check your mail daily, otherwise you may skip the reply message.

personal resume

Knowing the basic rules of how to send your resume by e-mail will create a positive impression of you as a competent, polite and worthy employee. And then you will choose, not you!


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