Shellac colors: stylish palette

Shellac can be called a revolutionary product in the field of nail design. With his appearance, all women had the long-awaited opportunity to have the perfect manicure for two weeks without additional corrections. Shellac is popular all over the world, and this fame was the result of the fact that it was made "for people." That is, unlike other sophisticated, time-resistant coatings, shellac can be absolutely safely used at home.

shellac color
As a result, any girl is able to independently decorate her nails with an unsurpassed coating, because shellac is both gel and varnish in one bottle. Shellac colors meet the most scrupulous requirements of consumers: the palette of colors corresponds to current trends.

Unique varnish

The exclusiveness of shellac lies in its versatility, practicality and ease of application. To provide yourself with the most fashionable manicure today, you do not need to go to a salon or a manicure bar. It is enough to buy a bottle with an attractive shade and a special lamp, which is also easy to use. Shellac is an expensive cosmetic product, but its quality, aesthetic appeal and special chic ultimately pay for the spent money. Moreover, in its composition are combined qualities that strengthen the nail plate, which cannot but rejoice. It is known that many ordinary gel polishes, on the contrary, injure the upper layer of the nail.

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Purchase Nuances

Recently, there have been more frequent cases when customers sell fakes for shellac. Moreover, the price remains the same as the original. Of course, the quality of the socks of such coatings is incomparably worse than shellac, but this is clarified after. How to determine a “fake” when buying? Indeed, it is often impossible to do this in appearance. Experts advise asking the supplier for a quality certificate for the product, which can guarantee the originality of the product. In addition, genuine shellac colors have unique shades that are not found in fakes. Having decided to buy the coveted bottle, take care immediately of the acquisition of liquid to remove the coating. Removing shellac from the nail is simple and does not require special skills.

Shellac colors

new shellac colors 2013
The company (the "author" of shellac) is constantly updating the palette of colors of varnishes, delighting its fans with truly amazing shades. At the moment, the "piggy bank" of colors includes more than 50 different coatings that can satisfy the most demanding requests. Shellac colors range from a cream shade (for French manicure) to acidic colors (emerald, violet). But even if the palette does not have a suitable color, then it can be obtained by mixing different shellacs.

Shellac color on the nails. A photo

Each season, the manufacturer presents new, trendy colors for his iconic coatings. Shellac-2013 introduced new colors in spring, summer and autumn (only 15 species). Autumn collection called Autumn Forbidden Collection includes 6 colors (dominated by red, brick, blue, steel). Summer Collection Summer Splash consists of 4 shades (blue, purple, fuchsia). Spring collection Sweet Dreams Collection has collected 5 colors - cream, pink, purple, blue and lime.


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