What is the difference between gel polish and ordinary varnish: properties, application features, reviews

Well-groomed hands are very important for every woman. Its attractiveness depends on it. The beauty of nails is part of the female image. Therefore, ways to care for them are constantly being improved. Relatively recently, a new tool appeared on sale - gel polish. This innovative coating is better than regular varnish, as it is more durable. However, it has both advantages and disadvantages. Not everyone knows the difference between gel polish and ordinary varnish. This is described in detail in our article.

Varnish characteristic

This is the most common nail polish for many. Women have been using it for several decades. Varnish helps to change the color and texture of nails. It can be glossy or matte, with sparkles or glitter. It is with the help of varnish that most women make manicures.

Its advantage is its low price, a wide range of colors and the ability to apply independently at home. In this case, no additional devices are required. In addition, with the help of varnish, you can create various patterns and change the image every day, since this coating is easy to apply on nails and can be removed using affordable and cheap means.

The lack of varnish in its fragility. It lasts on nails for 3 to 7 days, and then begins to chip. Especially quickly cracked varnish on long nails. When doing homework, this can happen in a day. The disadvantage is that it dries for a long time. If at this moment you accidentally touch the nail, a trace remains on it that cannot be removed. Having done a manicure in the evening, in the morning women often notice streaks and scratches on the nails.

Gel polish than differs from ordinary varnish

What is gel polish

How this coating differs from ordinary varnish, not everyone knows. Even those who do manicures in the salon, believe that gel polish is simply more persistent. Indeed, such a coating lasts much longer than usual. Therefore, more and more women began to turn to salons in order to do manicures for a long time. But not everyone knows the difference between gel polish and ordinary varnish.

For more than 10 years, this innovative tool has been used in salons. It is created on the basis of a gel for nail extension and ordinary varnish. Many call it shellac. In fact, this is a means of a certain brand. It's just that it first appeared on sale in Russia, which is why this name was fixed. A feature of gel polish is that it combines all the advantages of a gel for modeling nails and ordinary varnish.

Nail polish application

The benefits of gel polish

Such a nail coating is now considered the best. Many women do manicures daily so that the nails always look flawless. With gel polish there is no such need. Now ladies can not spend time every day on manicure, because the main difference between gel polish and ordinary varnish is that it is more resistant, lasts on the nails from 1.5 to 3 weeks. At the same time, it retains its original appearance and beauty (without cracks and chips).

In addition, gel polish has several other advantages over conventional:

  • It dries quickly, the coating is ready in a couple of minutes.
  • It does not grease, does not chafe in a few days, but does not make nails heavier.
  • It is applied easily - using a regular brush.
  • With it, you can perform various patterns and color transitions.
  • Masks all irregularities on the nail plate.
  • There is no unpleasant odor.
  • Strengthens the nail plate, ideal for long nails.
The difference between gel polish and ordinary varnish


In order to exhaustively answer the question of how the gel polish differs from simple varnish, it is necessary to consider not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the innovative coating. Despite the growing popularity, it is not as flawless as it might seem. Gel Polish has a number of features that can sometimes become an obstacle to its use. Its disadvantages are as follows:

  • For drying, you definitely need an ultraviolet or LED lamp.
  • It is necessary to remove it only with the help of a special tool.
  • Removing gel polish is very difficult and time consuming.
  • You can’t use it constantly, you need to give your nails some time to recover.
  • It has some contraindications (it can not be used for thin and brittle nails, sensitive cuticles or diseases of the nail plates).
  • Sometimes it can cause an allergic reaction.
  • The color palette is not as wide as that of ordinary varnish.
  • It has a high cost.
Nail polish remover

Gel polish: differences with regular varnish

This tool is a cross between ordinary nail polish and gel for nail extensions. It is produced exactly in the same bottles with a brush, like a regular varnish, has approximately the same consistency with it. It is applied in the same way to the nails. But gel polish was created in order to eliminate the disadvantages of the usual coating. It was improved, so there are some differences between gel polish and ordinary varnish:

  • It is more resistant, keeps on nails for several weeks.
  • It dries faster than varnish, however, a special lamp is needed for this.
  • The usual remedy is not suitable for removal.
  • Gel polish is much more expensive than usual.
  • It does not have a sharp unpleasant odor.
  • The color palette is less diverse.
  • Manicure with gel polish is much more expensive than with a regular one. On average, you will need to pay from 700 to 1000 rubles. The price is determined by the cost of the tool, as well as by more complex manipulations that the specialist must carry out.
Gel polish drying under the lamp

How to use

Another important difference between gel polish and simple varnish is the complexity of its application. For an independent manicure, you will need to purchase other means, in addition to several shades. This is nail oil, base coat, fixative, special lamp. You need to study well how to use gel polish. What is different from simple manicure its application, not everyone knows.

First you need to process the nails, remove all the bumps on them. Then apply a base coat. To dry it. Only after that gel polish is applied. It hardens only under the influence of ultraviolet rays, so you need to dry your nails under a special lamp. From above it is necessary to cover nails with a fixative, which also needs to be dried.

Some women, trying to save money, make mistakes that spoil the manicure and make it less persistent. Most often, instead of a layer of expensive coating, they apply ordinary varnish. This leads to the fact that it becomes fragile and cracks in a few days. Do not use acrylic paints for these purposes. It must be remembered that nails covered with gel polish must be looked after daily. It is recommended to lubricate the cuticle with special oil.

Application of cuticle oil

Which is better to choose

Each for himself decides what kind of manicure to do. If you consider the difference between gel polish and ordinary varnish, you can understand that each product has both advantages and disadvantages. You need to consider how much money and time a woman is ready to spend on manicure. For ladies who need to always have well-groomed hands, it is better to choose a gel polish. It can be applied once every 2-3 weeks and no longer worry about your hands. For those who have a lot of time, but don’t have enough money for a good manicure, ordinary varnish is preferable. It is also chosen by women who like to often change the image, which is problematic to do with gel polish.

A more resistant coating is necessary for those ladies who do not have the opportunity to correct manicure daily. Those who find it difficult to grow nails also choose gel polish. But the durability and quality of innovative coatings depend on its manufacturer. Some firms produce such low-quality products. Shellac from CND, Gelish, as well as Luxio gel polish are considered the best. How these tools differ from ordinary varnish, we described above.

Gel polish is different from simple


Those women who tried to make a high-quality manicure with a good gel polish, note that they were happy with everything. After all, such a coating is more durable, the nails become strong, do not break. Such a manicure can be updated every 3-4 weeks, and not daily, as with ordinary varnish.

However, many women note that after removing gel polish, the nail plate needs to be restored, as it becomes too thin. In addition, not everyone likes that their nails have the same design for almost a month. Women note that it can be difficult to find the right clothes.

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