Original manicure at sea: interesting ideas and recommendations

Some believe that a manicure at sea should not be done with protective coatings: varnish or gel. Without them, healing sea baths will be beneficial, all useful substances will be absorbed by weakened nails. But in practice it turns out the opposite. Beautiful, well-groomed arms and legs with elegant designs delight their owners, and the metabolism is so accelerated that the cuticle is not closed and copes well with obtaining minerals from sea water. What sea manicure will be the most fashionable? Let's find out.

Original Design Options

The famous brand of varnishes OPI has a collection of "Russia", in which there is a real marine color. It is called the Russian Navy. The company noticed the irresistible form of the Russian naval officers and created a deep blue color with a slight note of the sea wave and the smallest red shimmer, like the tunic of a sea captain. It is perfect for marine designs.

manicure at sea

Maritime attributes - anchor and vest. Traditionally, sailors use the blue and white range. But girls can change it at their discretion, it still turns out like a sea.

The colors of nature that surround us at sea dictate their palette. It is the color of sand - dry and wet, sea wave and sky (these are different shades of blue), snow-white foam and soft pink shells. There are a lot of options with combining. And if you do not want to draw anchors, cover all nails with blue and make a white smile.

Festival of colors

The sunset on the sea is magnificent. It can be repeated on the nails, making an ombre - a smooth transition from blue to lemon and blue, and in the center put a red-orange sun. It is evening. To create a morning mood, the transition is made from the color of the sea wave or turquoise to pale blue and white, and white checkmarks are put on top - these are gulls.

Manicure at sea can depict palm trees at sunset. They are drawn with a black gel pen along the red-yellow gradient. If there is no desire to draw them, you can always pick up a sticker. Against the background of sand, red-white fish and starfish will look beautiful. Itโ€™s better to stick them. Like natural pieces of shells, they are on sale in all colors.

manicure and pedicure at sea

It is not necessary to turn all nails into pictures, they will be lost and one motley will remain. Interesting compositions are obtained by combining marine elements on different fingers. As a result, each nail is decorated with something one, but together they make up a single ensemble.

Manicure and pedicure at sea

In the world of nail art for a long time no longer follow the rule of the same design on the arms and legs. But the style must be maintained. If you have marine drawings on your hands, then there can be no other theme on your feet (for example, colors). This is not harmonious.

It is not necessary to repeat the design of the manicure in the pedicure. It is enough to choose the same tone of varnish and decorate only the thumb. For legs there are rings of different sizes. You can decorate them with one or two fingers. This will emphasize the marine style.

fashionable manicure at sea

The photo above shows a version of a very feminine marine-themed manicure. Such design options for pedicure will suit him:

  • The thumb is an anchor on a pink background, the rest of the fingers are white.
  • The thumb is blue with a wheel, the rest of the fingers are pink.
  • Thumb - white with pink peas, then come blue, pink, blue, pink.

Marigolds on the legs are very small, they will not work to make an expressive drawing. But the thumb can accommodate large elements. Manicures and pedicures at sea always attract attention, we will not make mistakes.

Calm option

White-pink or white-blue gamma with elements of marine themes is suitable for walks, excursions and dates. This is both romantic and related. To emphasize the feminine image, it is good to make one fingernail in the speck - French peas.

The theme of the French for such an image will also be relevant. Of course, add anchor and stripes. Form - soft square, coating - gel.

manicure on vacation at sea

The same design as in the photo above can be done in pink. The white-yellow strip also looks interesting, but it requires tanned skin. If you go to relax in the velvet season, then some kind of tan will still be present. Try yellow instead of blue. At dusk, the nails begin to reflect light so that it seems - they glow!

Designer nails

Manicure at sea can be entrusted to professionals. And then choose whatever you want. What design would a mermaid make? It does not work, there are no household chores either. So, the nails are most likely long. Starfish, pearls and shells - that's what suits her. And for a beach holiday in a deck chair, and for travel, and for parties. When the prince kisses her pen, he may stare at the manicure.

These nails are best to build. Gel or acrylic - anyway, now they produce good materials that do not spoil the nail plate. The main thing is to sign up in advance so as not to look for a free master at the last moment.

what a manicure at sea

Anything can happen on vacation. Suddenly a nail breaks and you have to go to the salon? Ask the master to take this into account so that the drawing is not damaged. The photo shows a design that any master can easily perform. And in case of loss of one nail itโ€™s easy to come up with an alternative design. For example, make it completely white.

Just in case, take a nail file and nail polish, which made the design. It will be calmer.

Practical recommendations

It is better to shorten the length as much as possible. Fashionable manicure at sea in 2017 dictates a juicy manicure for short nails. This is practical: for a longer period you can forget about the nail file. If you are not planning to visit the salon abroad, gel polish is preferred. As a precaution, he will take with him a bottle of ordinary varnish of the same tone in case of printing the ends. However, it can be successfully replaced by an ordinary transparent tone.

Before the trip, go to the procedure of hygienic manicure: at sea, freed from all the excess cuticle, it will intensely absorb mineral salts, healthy sea baths will not slow to affect the health of your nails. To prevent nails from drying out, use cuticle oil.

It will be useful to take a couple of bottles of varnish bright and dark colors. And do not forget the liquid to remove them.

nails manicure at sea

To keep the manicure for a long time

And finally, a few tips on which is better to choose a manicure for the rest. At sea, you may not be able to visit nail masters. In this case, it is necessary to paint the nails with varnish. In a way, this is even better: you can often change color and design. Before the trip, it is good to strengthen the nails with a transparent gel with sealing the ends and paint them on the sea, changing the emphasis. Or cover them with a colored monophonic gel, and on top carry out the design with varnishes.

If you have chosen a regular varnish, remember a few principles. The key to strong adhesion of the varnish to the nail plate is thorough preparation: degreasing and applying nail conditioner. The next stage is the use of a three-phase varnish system: base, color, top. There are varnishes combining base and color. This will be written on the bottle as part of the ingredients.

Keeping a manicure at sea is easy. To avoid scratching the glossy surface, do not bury your palms in the sand. Going over the stones, try not to print the ends of the nails. For small chips, immediately paint this place with colorless varnish, and the manicure will last a long time.

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