Headache after sleep: causes and treatment. How much should an adult sleep? What pose is best to sleep in

After a good sleep in the morning, a person should wake up rested and in a good mood. But sometimes it happens that in the morning a person feels tired, unable to go somewhere and do something. The reason for this condition is lack of sleep or other problems. In this case, in the morning a person wakes up with a headache, a feeling of nausea and dizziness. Regular headache after sleep is a serious problem that you must get rid of.

Unpleasant symptoms

To begin with, it is important to establish why a headache occurs after sleep. The modern rhythm of life cannot be called comfortable and favorable for the functioning of the brain and all body systems. All this puts pressure on a person in physical and psychological terms, which, in turn, affects health. This routine of life leads to stress.

Causes of pain

For proper functioning, the body may lack oxygen, a person does not have time to fully recover at night. To feel comfortable, it is very important to avoid stress, emotional overload and adhere to the established regime.

Causes of Headache

Does your head hurt in the morning? Causes:

  • Excessive load on the masticatory muscles. It happens that during sleep a person regularly strains the jaw muscles. In this case, the pain extends mainly to the region of the temples and the back of the head.
  • Bruxism. This form of the disease is expressed in gnashing of teeth at night. This process awakens a person at night, due to which there are constant lack of sleep.
  • Hair styling products. Most girls do not even know that toxic substances are contained in special cosmetic gels and varnishes. Such chemical components adversely affect the scalp, as well as health.
  • Hearty dinner. A poorly prepared diet, a large amount of salty, fatty and spicy foods lead to the fact that a person is physically unable to wake up in the normal state in the morning.
  • Snore. This problem does not allow a person to fully rest at night, and his body is overworked and as a result there is a lack of sleep.
  • Severe headache. If a person feels it regularly, then it will be quite difficult to relax. Such a dream is called superficial and, as a rule, does not bring any rest.
  • Falling asleep early. A person has an electromagnetic balance, which directly affects the functioning of the brain. It begins to break when going to bed at the time of sunset. In this case, health is adversely affected by magnetic radiation.
  • Improper sleeping position. What pose is better to sleep in? Experts recommend falling asleep on the back or on the side.

Additional reasons

Headache after sleep occurs due to disturbances of the brain at night. At night, when the whole body needs to sleep, the brain responds to a variety of stimuli, and the person feels pain.

Why does a headache after sleep:

  • the wrong place to sleep was chosen;
  • mental overwork;
  • excessive alcohol intake;
  • reception of energy drinks, strong coffee;
  • overload of the nervous system.

If an uncomfortable place was chosen, then it is likely that a person will have pain in the head.

Correct sleeping position

When falling asleep on a bad mattress, the blood circulation of the brain is disturbed, and the incorrect position of the body puts pressure on the vessels of the cervical region, which prevents the free flow of blood and oxygen to the brain cells. Lack of oxygen and prolonged tension of the cervical muscles causes severe pain in the head.

Alcohol and Mental Fatigue

What pose is better to sleep in? The circulation of blood through the arteries directly depends on the position of the head on the pillow. The right pillow for sleeping also significantly affects the condition of a person.

Mental overstrain. Some people continue to work until nightfall. The processes of assimilation and processing of incoming information at night are much more intensive compared to daytime. It is for this reason that in the morning a person feels a lack of sleep and unpleasant headaches in the temporal part.

Alcohol intoxication. The use of a large number of alcoholic beverages leads to intoxication of the body, which negatively affects the recovery process in the brain. Such inflammation leads to spasms in the vessels of the brain, an increase in blood pressure. In the morning, a person gets severe swelling on the face and pain in the head.

Energy drinks and stress

Why does my head hurt after sleep? A frequent cause is an overdose of energy drinks. The use of energy leads to increased blood flow to the digestive system. All the accumulated energy is spent on the process of digesting food and assimilating the fluid entering the body. Lack of blood in the brain leads to cephalgia.

Energy drinks

Regular stress. The load on the nervous system, depression often cause headaches after sleep. The body does not get the necessary relaxation, a person constantly thinks and reproduces various situations in his head. There is a release of neurotransmitters, which disrupts the functioning of the nervous system.

How much should an adult sleep? The mode of night sleep is completely individual, but it is important to adhere to some rules: do not sleep too much or too little.

Possible diseases

In the morning, a headache due to the following diseases:

  • migraine;
  • ENT diseases;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • brain tumor.

Migraine is characterized by throbbing pain in a certain area of ​​the head. Such pain, sharp and intolerant, can pass against the background of vomiting, discomfort from extraneous sounds or bright light. It can last from one to several days.

Possible diseases

ENT diseases. With frontal sinusitis, the patient may feel discomfort in the frontal sinus when torso is tilted. Sinusitis passes with throbbing pain in the region of the cheekbones and nose. Inflammatory processes in the auricle give pain in the temporal lobe of the brain.

Head damage. Pain symptomatology in this case is dull, oppressive, passes with vomiting and defocusing of vision. When injured, hematomas may appear on the affected area, which increase the pressure inside the skull and cause severe pain.

Pain in the head with a tumor is more like pain with severe fatigue. It is possible to determine that a person has a tumor by severe and sudden pain in the back of the head, impaired coordination in space, impaired speech and memory.

Daytime sleep

If after a daytime sleep a headache, it is best to replace it with another type of relaxation, which will help the body relax and achieve the desired effect. If a person suddenly feels very tired and wants to sleep, it is important to change his occupation.

Daytime sleep

In most cases, daytime fatigue occurs with hypoxia - you just need to ventilate the room or go outside. If a person has been working in one place for a long time, then to improve his condition, he should just be distracted by some kind of active occupation. All this will help the brain switch, and the desire to sleep will pass. In this case, experts recommend solving a simple puzzle, a task, or conducting short exercises for the eyes or shoulders.

Headache Prevention

It is important to remember that in order to completely get rid of pain, its root causes must be eliminated. Otherwise, the person will only suppress the symptoms with pain medication, which can be addictive, and they will have to be replaced by others.

But while the patient will try to get rid of the problem with medicines, a dangerous disease can occur. If a person complies with all the rules and daily routines, but morning pain in his head continues to bother him for an unknown reason, then it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

How to normalize sleep in an adult:

  • Follow the proper diet, eat food in small portions, but 5 times a day, dine 3-4 hours before going to bed. Free the diet from fatty, spicy, salty and sweet foods, fast food.
  • To completely overcome harmful addictions (alcohol addiction, smoking, the use of energy drinks).
  • How much should an adult sleep? Best not less than 8 hours.
  • Do not watch TV for too long (no more than three hours a day).
  • When working at a computer, take a break every 45 minutes for a short rest (rest time - about 15 minutes).
  • Being more on the street.
  • Start doing yoga, gymnastics (relaxing exercises).
  • Go in for sports and lead an active lifestyle.
  • Protect your head and eyes from the sun.


Headache after sleep does not allow a person to feel comfortable during the day, which negatively affects his performance. This serves as a signal to change the schedule of your day or the need to undergo an examination with a treating specialist. Headache can be eliminated by eliminating the negative effects from the outside, improving nutrition or treatment. Also, in order to prevent hypoxia and circulatory disorders, it is important to choose the right pillow for sleeping and a comfortable mattress.

Doing sports

It must be remembered that prevention will be the best remedy for headaches. It will help to avoid the appearance of unpleasant attacks and maintain health.

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