What is an email address and how to create one

Oddly enough, but even in our time of high technology you can hear the following question: โ€œWhat is an email address?โ€. Usually it is asked by people who have just begun their acquaintance with the computer and the Internet. And if children and adolescents quickly find a way out of the situation, then it is much more difficult for adults to explain this. Another question that may arise among users is: โ€œHow to create an email?โ€. As you see, the questions are easy, but how to correctly and clearly answer them?

how to create an email address

Let's try in an easy and accessible form for everyone to explain what an email address is.

This is best done by drawing parallels between a regular mailbox and a virtual one. It's no secret that letters, parcels, and written newspapers come to the postal address. In the real world, this is a city, street, house and apartment number. In virtual, everything is much simpler. By registering on a site that provides a mailbox service, you get your address. Often this word or a set of letters and numbers - it all depends on your imagination and login on the network.

Having received such an address, you can inform his friends, subscribe to news on various sites.

So what is an email address, we found out. Letโ€™s now figure out what it consists of. For example, take this email address: 123 @ xx. The first part of the email - 123 - is your username, or the so- called username on the site where you registered your mail. The second part - xx - directly the address of the site on which your mailbox is registered. And the @ symbol, popularly known as the โ€œdogโ€, means that this line is just the mailing address.

create email

As you can see, everything is quite simple and clear. Of course, another question may arise: "How to create an email address?".

In order to do this, you must, firstly, select the site where you will get this mail. This may be Mail.ru, Yandex, Meta.ua, Google and other sites that provide free services of this kind. The main thing is that you like the site, and it was convenient for you to work with it.

Then you should choose a login, that is, the first part of your address. It can be your initials and surname, first name, nickname, yes, anything. If only you liked and easily remembered. In addition, you need to determine the password. It is desirable that it be reliable, but at the same time you did not forget it. Typically, sites are advised to use not only words or letters in the password, but numbers. We do not recommend coming up with a password that is too long; this poses constant problems when entering it. Then you should register on the site under the selected login. Immediately after registration, you will be prompted to activate your mailbox. As you can see, there is nothing complicated about this.

what is an email address

Why might I need an email address? For communication with friends, registration on other sites, in online stores, social networks.

Quite often, an e-mail address is required to be indicated in the resume, it is also needed when applying for a job. And if it is connected to the Internet, then you should definitely get an email, or even not one.

Well, now you know what an email address is, and also what it is for. We hope that after reading our article, you will not have difficulties with the answer to the question about what is email.

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